The Art of Selling Sex

by Rowen Motley 6 months ago in humanity

(Body shaming & self-love)

The Art of Selling Sex
Diesel campaign

Is it prostitution or self-worth?

As a society we’ve voted to sell sex unwillingly and the people are yet to stand against this abuse and speak out; though some may argue that their identity is found in so called outrages outfits raging from the thrift, punk, classic and many more worlds we have forgotten to outline the difference between sexual appearances for approval and sexual appearances for affirmation; there is no subtle way to present or read this article as there are issues we need to address and this seem to be just the right time to lay in the beds we’ve made and discuss these issues.

You may still be wondering what the difference is between sexual appearance for approval or affirmation and it is unpleasant to say this but the reality is that men don’t face any of these issues when it comes to sexual appearance for either approval or affirmation but it has become a serious issue that needs to be address; with half of all most all media content being broadcasted promotes sex, sexual behaviour and so forth. We don’t however have the right to play the role of the boy who cried wolf because at the end of the day we are part of this so called society we cry wolf to but forget to look at our own reflection or understand that we are both the wolf and boy.

Which given the current results we are all to blame for accepting the mass injustice we’ve created making women feel less than they are worth by creating a pool that solely focuses on the existence of a nearly perfect woman. To answer your question on what the difference is between sexual appearance for approval and sexual appearance for affirmation even though they may sound like the same thing we can still differentiate them by observing them as separate entities where:

Sexual appearance for approval can and could be seen as one that seeks out approval from others to help build their self-esteem due to a lack confidence even though they may find it displeasing when getting complemented because they have no sense of self-worth due to the mass production of sexual content being released subliminally in the media telling young women and women alike that they’ll never be good enough if they don’t show a little more skin or buy the latest range in beauty cosmetics.

Where as in when we take a look at sexual appearance for affirmation; which this was stated in the article that it may be similar to sexual appearance for approval we can however draw an extremely fine line when saying that the difference between both of them is that:

Sexual appearance for affirmation can and could be seen as one that dresses in a sexual nature for their own self-love and approval which may seem strange for the outside viewer but then again this may also be seen as the strongest form of self-approval and confidence in one’s self.

While it may be disappointing to see the lack of self-love within this generations women caused by negative media the time shall come when young individuals stand up against all the body shaming and colourism. The time is nearing a new revolution that shall be birthed by women that want to make a positive change not only in life style but in culture as well. Even though this revolution may take time; it will be up to both men and women to place aside this civil war based on gender and the appropriation of to fight against this in equality of sex appeal and self-love.

Rowen Motley
Rowen Motley
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