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Teacher Punishes Me For Not Doing My Homework

I get a proper spanking for being extra naughty.

By Lola SensePublished 11 months ago 5 min read
Photo by Станислав Чмелев edited in Canva

Disclaimer: All characters are 18+ and consenting.

My innocent little pussy was quivering with delight when Teacher brought her sensuous lips up close and blowed on it gently. I had screwed up my homework and was now paying the sweetest price for it.

With the summer vacation approaching, my mind wasn’t AT ALL on homework on this hot summer day. I was daydreaming of skinny dipping, enjoying virgin cocktails by the beach, traveling, and simply taking a break from school.

So when I headed to my last tutoring class for Physics II with the teacher I had a crush on, I was incredibly scatterbrained.

“How was homework this week? I’m asking because I made it harder than usual.”

“There was homework? Oh, shoot… I forgot about it.”

Her expression changed to a frown. But all I could look at was her beautiful, full lips, which she had painted a bright red, and her long, white neck.

I found my gaze gradually drifting downward until she snapped her fingers to get my attention.

“Uh-uh, you don’t get to get away with those dreamy eyes this time! You need to learn that actions have consequences.”

I blushed realizing that she had caught me staring at her cleavage. She must have been wearing a push-up bra, because her beautiful breasts were snugged together tightly that day, curving like two plump honeydew melons. I felt my wetness gently slide onto my inner thighs.

There had been some chemistry between us ever since we started lessons a few months before. I felt like we had been flirting, so today was the day I was gonna make my move.

“Say, Teach, is there anything I can do to make up for this whoopsie?” I said while I took her by the hand, caressing her delicate skin with my thumb.

She pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and looked at me puzzled for a second.

But then her mischievous smile came back — knowing and provocative.

“Let me clear my calendar for this afternoon and we’ll see what extra work you’re willing to put in.”

She fumbled with her calendar for a hot minute, while I noticed her panties peeking between her legs as she sat in the chair across from me. Were they white?

“Look, you’re right: I think I need you to teach me a lesson I won’t forget so that I’ll really apply myself next time. I’m thinking a nice spanking will do…”

I took a seat next to her and brushed her leg with my fingers. She opened her mouth slightly and let out a quiet, fruity gasp. She was totally into me.

She nodded in agreement about the spanking, so I made everything easy for her and lifted up my skirt. I wasn’t wearing any panties, as I usually don’t during the summer.

I then leaned over and placed myself on my belly over her lap, with my ass up in the air, for her to admire and punish.

She grabbed my cheeks and gave them a little massage.

“You’re a dirty little girl… Is this what you want?” she teased and gave me a timid slap that made me smile. I liked being slapped so much harder.

She then spread my cheeks to admire my tight little holes and suddenly noticed that my inner thighs were streaked with trails of my juices.

“Oh, you’re already wet… that’s how you show up to your lessons?” And another slap followed on the other cheek. This one hurt a little, which I greatly savored.

“I’m sorry, Teach, it’s your tits… they’re just so large and round…”

Another slap landed on my left cheek, and this one stuck! The excitement made me squeeze my pussy in an attempt to stimulate myself even further.

She then opened up her blouse and had me sit next to her. I quickly helped her glorious breasts out of the merciless lacy bra she was wearing and let them free into my eager hands.

I ravaged her nipples with my tongue, lathering them up in saliva and licking and sucking with passion. I could tell she was enjoying it intensely, her head tilted back and mouth open.

But she suddenly regained control and pushed me away.

“Now, the lesson hasn’t even begun! Spread your legs and show me your tiny pussy!”

I loved it when she gave me orders. I immediately submitted and did as she said. I wanted her to punish my slit in every way she could think of.

I leaned back on the couch and lifted my spread legs, stretching out my pussy in all its delight. Teach knelt on the floor and proceeded to move my lips over my clit sideways, spitting on it from time to time.

I was in utter heaven, my mouth open wide and tongue stuck out. She then finally inserted two fingers into me, swirled them around in my abundant cream, and then put them in my mouth.

I sucked on her fingers, taking them all the way into the back of my mouth, gagging on my yummy cream.

She then began tasting me, circling her tongue around my pearl at first, then giving me velvety vertical strokes, which after a while centered on my hole. She then started penetrating me with her tongue, making me completely lose it.

She pulled the fingers out of my mouth and placed them on my clit, massaging it lightning fast.

“Oh yeeeesss, fuuuck… Teach, I’ve been so naughty, punish my pussyyyyy….” I moaned out of control.

“Yeah, that’ll teach you to neglect your homework next time …”

I came violently, dripping all over her couch and her mouth, which she put on mine for me to taste the mess I had made. Her fingers were now buried in my pulsing cunt, feeling my every pump of cream as I kept coming.

Having fantasized about this moment for months — and not to mention all those times I masturbated thinking of her — gave me the most intense orgasm.

And that day, I finally learned my lesson.

. . .

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  • Alex H Mittelman 9 months ago

    Great story! I enjoyed!

  • Agent Ranch Hand11 months ago

    Wow, the ravaging of nipples.... Magical.

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