Surprise Punishment

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I guess I deserved it.

Surprise Punishment
I should have worn panties

I was looking at the moon and centering myself when he grabbed my hand and yanked me off the rock I was on and down the jetty too fast for me to keep up. I kept slipping on the rocks and even banged my knee... Why is he yanking me and dragging me like this? Damn.

“What the hell?” I finally said and he stopped. We climbed down to a lower rock and he pushed me up against the cold, jagged surface above. Holding me against the boulder, he forced my legs apart with his knee. My foot slipped on the salty surface, wet from the mist of the crashing waves below. My shirt got caught on a crack in the rock and slid up to just below my breasts.

He grabbed ahold of my hips to keep me from falling and kicked my feet apart, pushing me back against the rock for support. The crust grinding into my belly felt rough like sandpaper against my bare skin, so cold and ridged.

I hadn't worn panties tonight under my skirt because it always seems to add a bit of excitement to the night when I didn’t. I was regretting that choice now. With my legs spread and belly grinding into the rock, he lifted me up, pushed me forward, bending me at the waist, and with a hand on my back, he pushed my chest into the rock.

So far, he hadn’t said a word since we got to the jetty... The evening was starting to feel very angry and aggressive. A little part of me was scared but an even bigger part was getting turned on, which really irritated me. It was almost like he was trying to reclaim me — make me surrender, remind me I’m his, that he's in charge... Maybe he was trying to convince himself as much as he was trying to remind me. I guess I do understand with all that's been going on. I mean, he caught me with another woman. Still... I'm not quite sure how I feel about surrendering even though I’m getting wetter by the minute. I'm not quite sure I like the idea, but I'm not sure I have a choice.

As if reading my mind, he flipped up my skirt and I felt the coolness of the ocean air waft against my naked ass, the breeze sending chills up my spine, blowing across my wet pussy. I fought against him, a little... but it was really just for show. The more I fought back, the more excited we both got.

He grabbed both of my hands and held them tightly behind my back. His other hand was still between my shoulder blades, holding me down on the ledge. I'm not sure when he unbuttoned his pants or when he got his dick out and ready, but all of a sudden he was slamming it into me and I was slamming into the rock, painfully.

I cried out and pushed my ass back against him to meet his thrust so I wouldn't keep hitting the rock. We must have had the perfect angle because when his cock thrust into me and I pushed back, his cock came in contact with my g-spot, sending waves of pleasure throughout my body and I finally surrendered to him.

I let him pound his cock into me angrily, over and over until he had calmed down and felt like he had reclaimed me. I felt his legs begin shaking and I knew he was on the verge. He hammered into me, thrusting in quick small strokes, finally collapsing onto my back as he came and an orgasm racked his body. He shivered against me as the cool air hit the sweat on his forehead.

He hugged me for a minute and abruptly stood up, pulled out and started spanking me. “Maybe I wouldn’t catch you in so many compromising positions if you wore panties,” he said as his hand cracked against my bare ass with full force over and over and over again. I cried out and tried to turn around, to wiggle away, but he held me strong and spanked me repeatedly until I was close to tears. I don’t know how many times he swatted me but I know my ass must have been crimson red and covered in welts.

When he finally released enough anger and felt like he had reclaimed what was rightfully his, he stopped. I sobbed. He turned me around, wrapping me up in a loving embrace and said with a smile, “Next time, include me.”

JLM fantasies
JLM fantasies
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