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Sultry Dream

by M Kier Murdock 4 years ago in erotic / fiction / nsfw

By: M. Kier Murdock

The calming snowstorm pressed its wintry paws against the glass, steam formed to greet it, fogging the windowpane. It was a peculiar night, thunder rumbled off in the distance, whilst snowflakes serenely fell, the silent precipitation made the night ever more intimate. Marek planted himself in front of the computer, another night in the cold where darkness, loneliness, and ennui were his only company. The white glow of his monitor illuminated his chiseled features: a strong jaw, aquiline nose, heavily lidded hazel eyes that gazed tiredly at the menagerie of carnal images on display. He huffed out a sigh, swallowing hard as he faced another night anxious and sexually frustrated, looking for internet porn that hardly satisfied him. He navigated the amateur acts of everyday people, watched their most intimate, their most primal acts... and felt nothing. No stir in his loins, no heat, no sudden urge to reach into the front flap of his boxer briefs and retrieve the waiting flesh for satiation; he felt that maybe he had come to the point where he just didn't want to be satisfied by watching anymore. Disgusted, Marek closed the tab for, knowing he would go to bed. He had the urge but not the stimulation.

He yawned, rubbing his eyes with the heel of his palm to get the sleep out of them. Maybe a live cam might work, he suggested to himself, hoping that might be motivation to look, but he knew it wouldn't quench his sexual thirst.

Face it; you're not getting laid anytime soon, you're just not ready to go out there, yet. The little voice in his head commented and, as usual, it was correct. He swiveled around in his chair, spinning in circles, closing his eyes as he felt the rush of being helplessly moved. His body felt sluggish; maybe it was the Excedrin PM he had taken about a half an hour ago, maybe because it was 2 A.M. and he had been awake since 5 A.M. yesterday, but he felt as if he were being pulled under a blanket of lethargy, lulled into a tranquility that drew him inescapably to a land where—

He snapped out of it, breathing in hard through his nose, his eyelids were heavy but he was awake. Marek licked his chapped lips and slid off the computer chair, staggering slightly as he made his way towards the bathroom. Fumbling around the walls, the half-asleep man found the light switch, the piercing luminescence made him shade his eyes. He peeked through fingers to hear a sound he wasn't sure he comprehended.

Why, it's a running shower, he thought as the water battered the glass sliding door, a silhouette stood under it, head tilted back, body under the steaming hot water. Wait, I live alone. And, I don't remember turning the shower on...or having company over. Drawing closer, he padded cautiously towards the shower, certain that there was someone in there. His meaty hand clutched the handle; his other hand rubbed the slightly hairy flesh of his chest absentmindedly. As soon as he touched the handle, the figure turned to look right at him, through obscured glass and fog. The door slid open, and there was a woman, but not just any woman: a knockout, a bombshell. She looked like someone who needed to do adult videos. His already dry mouth became even drier, as his mind suddenly realized she was naked in there. She didn't yell, didn't scream, "Get out!" or "YOU FUCKIN' PERVERT!"

No, she wore a knowing smile (that was the only thing she wore), a Cheshire grin that was mischievous, sultry, naughty even. She swept back the wet cascade of raven-black bangs from her eyes, smoothing the sudsy foam down the length as the ebony tresses rolled down to about her shoulders. She batted her long eyelashes at him, her faded denim blue eyes scanned his boxer-clad form hungrily, as if he was a piece of meat and she was starving. Her tawny skin was slick wet from the warm drizzle; some semblance of her soap still clung to her, giving off the most heavenly aroma of honeysuckle. She smoothed her petite hands over her hourglass shape, and his eyes couldn't help but follow the sensual movements. They started at her arms, working their way to her shoulders, then down to the swell of her ample bosom. Her hands smoothed down the line of her flat stomach, down to-

"I was wondering when you were going to come and join me." She remarked snapping him out of his flesh-induced trance.

Before he knew it, she reached out to grab hold of his boxer brief's waistband and yanked him into the shower with her without further ado.

"Wait, whoa! Who are? How'd you get in here?" he asked as the seething hot water stung his flesh (not in an altogether bad way, though), darkening the only piece of modesty he still had to him. Soon the water made the cotton underwear cling to his flesh, giving the faintest peek of his manhood underneath.

"Roa." She said simply as if that was enough; her hand slid to the outside of his boxers where the lump was slowly growing larger behind its cotton prison.

He bit his lip; fought back a moan and a string of swear words that fought to escape his mouth. He was finding it more and more difficult to think as she worked her hand expertly up and down the nearly erect shaft that was fighting against the front flap of his boxers.

"So you just find your way into my apartment, undress and get into my shower, hoping I'd get in so you could handle my man-parts. Is that it?"

"No," she answered, still rubbing his, now, steel-hardened flesh, "I don't intend on stopping at just handling it."

Her eyes were cobalt tunnels, voids where passion was abound, where he could see himself staring into endlessly as they both sighed and moaned in a sweat-drenched waltz.

(Dear god, who the hell is this woman?)

He found himself wondering, but that thought process was cut short as she giggled softly, dropping to her knees. Before he could even ask the stupid question, she answered by grabbing hold of the sides of his boxers and pulling it down. And out sprung his solid virility; a thick shaft tipped with a ruby red helmet that twitched as the balmy water tapped against it ever so lightly. She grabbed hold of it with one hand at first, admiring it as it throbbed in her grasp, then wrapped her other hand around it, sliding her hands up and down its length unhurriedly. He looked down, saw that she wasn't even focused on his staff now, but was gazing up at him, those electric blue eyes so beautiful. She parted her full lips, let her tongue slide out and she jabbed the underside of his manhood playfully, making him start a little. It felt as if someone jammed his rod into an electrical socket, the pain and pleasure melding together to create an indescribable feeling. He clenched his fists, steadied himself on the glass door as she flicked her tongue around the underside of the head, tasting him. She licked her lips and made an "Mmm" sound as if she just tried a tasty treat. With his free hand, he placed it on the top of her head, taking a handful of her hair in his strong fingers.

"You want this, don't you? You want my mouth wrapped around your hard cock, don't you?" She taunted, she knew she had him, knew he was wrapped around her little finger even before she had begun.

He need only to say yes.

Wordlessly, he nodded, not trusting his voice. That was all she needed, she stroked his cock, opened her mouth wider, and took him in. His synapses crackled with serotonin, waves of euphoria crashed over him as she went to work with her oral presentation. He fought to steady himself, to keep himself on his feet while this mysterious beauty, this silver-tongued goddess imbibed his flesh as if it were Holy Bread. His hand slid from the top of her head, to the back of her head, urging her to go deeper, and she obliged without protest, her mouth engulfing more of his rod, her gifted throat working over him as she deep throat him.

"OH FFFFFUCK!" He finally managed to sputter out, feeling himself close to climax.

Roa took hold of his quickly ascending berries, pulling them down gently, alleviating him of an early climax just like that. He looked down, breathing hard as the shower water poured down over his head into his mouth.

She drew back, licking her lips voraciously like some wolf that tasted fresh meat. Her hand was busy working over the shaft as she got to her feet, pressing herself against him, so that his rock-hard instrument was pressed along the dripping folds of her sex.

"Not yet. I'm only just beginning." She worked her hips up and down so that his drenched rod rubbed fantastically against her pulsing core. "Get down there, it's my turn." She pressed his shoulder down, and he obeyed.

He had always liked 'going South of the border' for some reason, he never understood why men had such an aversion to it. He stopped below the twin peaks of her breasts kissing a line down towards her ready temple. His meaty hands gripped her hips as she leaned against the wall, watching him with a hungry grin on her face; he kissed around her navel, making her skin crawl with a fresh wave of gooseflesh. He licked around her belly button, watching her watch him; she bit her lip much in the way he had earlier. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her thighs rubbed together anxiously as his mouth reached the outer sanctum, to the neatly trimmed mound of her Mons Pubis. But as her breathing became heavier, and her body twitched as he drew closer, he bypassed the burning button; she yearned for him to give ample attention to and licked a sloppy design around the pouting lips of her labia. She cupped his cheek, rubbing the clean shaving jaw, urging him on mutely. With his thumbs, he parted the full nether-lips, to reveal the rosetta flower within; he planted a kiss on the inside, flicking his tongue along the outlines of her oozing orifice. She threw a leg onto his shoulder, then the other, and he gripped her thighs, and stood up, hoisting her with him and pinning her against the wall. She grabbed a handful of his hair, stroking through the sopping curls as his mouth conducted the symphony orchestra on her intimate amphitheatre.

"Someone's showing their A-game," she commented finally, her voice was quivery, thick with sex.

"You ain't seen nothin' yet," he replied, freeing one of his hands when he was sure she was steady on his shoulders.

He pressed his hand onto her stomach flat, leaving his thumb to dangle below. His mouth dove back in, darting his tongue in and out of her moist folds whilst his thumb swiped her unattended clitoris from side to side. Her body went crazy; mechanically her hips bucked, grinding her temple into his mouth, her thighs began to tremor and clench around his head. He drove his tongue inside her, rolling it around, probing the walls of the inner-sanctum. She moaned shamelessly, threw her head back as her breached her core and touched her soul with his tongue. A long, cooing sound came then, and she tightened up, as her hands freed themselves of his hair and clutched and kneaded her breasts.

"I'm GONNA...I'mmmm-" She couldn't get the words out, she moaned long, and loud. So loud, even the neighbors were going to hear (not that he cared, he hoped they did!). "FUCK ME!" She exclaimed as her body ejected liquid satisfaction into his waiting mouth.

Greedily he drank down the love-tonic, lapping it up as her lady-bits quaked in the aftermath of his cunning linguistics.

"Bed. NOW," she managed to grunt out the command between heaving breaths, clearly she was still trying to catch her breath.

"As you wish," he said suavely, setting her down onto her feet.

But her legs wobbled, buckled and he caught her in his arms.

"You're gonna have to carry me, handsome." She breathed, smiling wistfully.

He gave her a wry grin, and promptly scooped her into his arms, sliding the glass curtain aside with his toe and stepping out of the shower, the draft of steam slapping him on the back like a humid blanket. He didn't bother to turn the shower off, he just kicked the glass curtain closed again, making his way out of the bathroom. His bed was messy, the sheets were all over the place. It didn't matter though, they're gonna be soaked and balled up on the floor by the night's end, he thought suggestively. He approached the edge of the bed and placed her gingerly on the edge. Immediately, she rolled onto her hands and knees, turning around to watch him, sliding her hand between her legs, and toying with the now calm pink flesh.

"Well, what're you waiting for? An invitation?" Her fingers rolled around the sopping petals, fresh milk leaked over her fingers as her eyes were dead set on the pulsing spear standing at attention between his legs.

His hand roved over his engorged instrument, he drew closer kneeling at the bed's edge. She scooted up a little to give him room, pointed her bottom up higher, spreading her knees apart to anticipate his entrance.

"Ready?" He asked, groping her butt, his fingers kneaded into the firm flesh, as his cock was just inches from her drenched temple.

She nodded, her eyes pleading, she grabbed a handful of his sheets. He took hold of the base and flipped it up, rubbing the length of him along the hungry slit, slathering it in her sweet juices, toying with her.

"Please...I need it. I need you inside me. Please, fuck me!" she begged.

That was all he needed.

He placed his left on the small of her back, making the gentle roll of her butt rise up as high as it could. Her knees spread out more, full abandonment in her posture; she was completely submissive to his carnal whims now. With his right hand, he grasped his throbbing tool at the base, its helmet was ruby red now all his blood collected at its tip, made each touch, every sensation amplified by a thousand fold. He tilted it up, taking the length of it and slipping it up and down her swollen ravine. He could see her clutch the sheets, biting the mattress as his pelvic motions drove her insane, made her hips gyrate against him.

"Please...please...please." she whispered over and over again desperately, her tone filled dripping with need, her eyes were electric blue orbs of desire pleading for him to end his torture of her quiver loins.

It was slick, his organ, soaked in her desire's sap. He couldn't hold back the urge anymore, Marek guided his inflamed rod-head past her hungry folds, and they sucked him in, possessed him as he eased himself inside her. He threw his head back as he felt the walls close around his organ, clutching and rolling it around, as he built a steady rhythm inward, then out. Wetness dotted his loins; the jostle of her juices as he advanced and withdrew from her inner-sanctum compelled him to go faster. She thrashed, her own body was completely out of her control, instinct set in, and she went with his crescendo of thrusts, pressing her cheek onto the mattress and holding on for dear life.

"Mmm, that's it...deeper! HARDER! I wanna feel this in the morning. FUCK ME! OH GOD, FUCK ME!" she cried out whipping her still soaked hair onto her shoulder so she could watch as he plowed into her with reckless need.

He said nothing to this; he let his piston do the talking instead. He grasped the sweat soaked swell of her bottom, and he pulled her into his savage thrusts, the sound of their wet flesh slapping together grew louder as their passions ascended to heights of Olympian proportions.

Then abruptly, he pulled his sword from her greedy sheath, much to her dismay, his hand stroked up and down its length as he circled around her. He plopped down on the bed, lying on his back, rubbing his upright cane.

"All aboard." He wagged his pole invitingly at her, patting his lap.

She needed no more encouragement than that. The raven-haired Roa reached between her legs to her dripping flower, taking some dew on her fingertips. She got up off her hands and knees and knee-walked to him, straddling his lap, the hot press of his pounding sex was undeniable against her core. The mysterious seductress plugged her inundated fingers into her mouth, the elixir from her loins coating her lips as she bore down and pressed them against his lips. He could taste the intoxicating concoction, driving him into frenzy. Hurriedly he grinded his cock against her dripping quim, making her bite his lip, letting slip another heavenly whimper from her throat. She reached between them, took hold of his solid virility, and raised some so he could impale her from the bottom. A moan ripped itself past her delicious tasting lips, she drew back, riding him like he was a saddle, and she let it sink deeper inside of her. Her pouting lips were against his loins, she planted her hands on his chest for balance, folded her legs back so that they rested onto his thighs and slowly she rocked atop him. Swaying back and forth, he felt himself stirring inside of her frothing cauldron, touching her very soul. Her nails dug into his flesh, he didn't mind. She rocked back and forth, her hips working furiously, chasing after that fast approaching climax they both sought so ardently.

He felt her clench around him, her mouth went agape, her eyes went wide while she wordlessly begged him to keep going, to never stop. She collapsed against him, her diamond hard nipples poking into his chest as she fought to keep going but couldn't. He bent his knees some more, and began feverishly plunging inside her, hard enough to bruise. Nevertheless, she didn't complain, she urged him on, biting the meat of his shoulder softly to stem the tide of swearing and blasphemies she spoke to her sexual Messiah.

Her orgasm was earth shattering, she could feel it rising like a grand overture, taking her higher and higher, and releasing her into a chasm of numbness and fulfilled repletion.

"Oh my...oh my god. Oh my god," she disbelievingly murmured, quaking helplessly in his arms.

"I'm not done yet," he professed, scooping her up into his arms, still inside her, and brought onto her back, switching to Missionary position. He spread her thighs into a split, she did her best to hold onto her own ankles, as he barreled into her clutching her jiggling breast in one hand, and palming her rubbed raw clitoris in the other; his thumb rotated in rapid circles as he mercilessly slammed as deep inside of her as possible. She went crazy, she cried out wordlessly, told him "Right there!" or "Don't stop!" and he obliged her. The third orgasm came at the tail end of the second, ravishing her; she arched her back, reached up and cupped his cheek and smiled uncontrollably. He felt his own nerve endings crackle, felt lightheaded, but he pushed onward, spreading her syrupy folds and watched as his staff disappeared and reappeared in her Garden of Earthly Delights.

"Come for me...please Marek, I want it on me I want it in me." She commanded, stroking his sweat-drenched chest. "I just want it! Give it to me, give it to me, baby."

He swallowed hard, his throat was so dry from the panting, the low moaning. The once lonely Marek took in the sights of his night-born lover, hoping he'd never forget this night, this moment, this enigmatic woman beneath him. His blood boiled, his eyes slammed shut as he felt his own climax coming like waiting down a dark tunnel as a freight train careened unstoppably towards him. He didn't fight it, he didn't resist, he let it sweep him up and carry him off like a leaf in the wind. When it came, it felt as if someone replaced his blood with an electric current; each part of his body was simultaneously energized and enervated. A supernova went off that began at the tip of his staff and spider-webbed outward to his extremities, and rushed to his head.

Marek drew himself out of her, kneeling before her winded and milking his serpent before her. She watched reverently, licking her lips for her treat, her milky prize as he seized up. Hot, thick jets of his baby broth splashed along her thighs, her flat stomach and filled her navel. He drew closer as it continued to shoot out of him, dappling her breasts and throat.

"Shitttttt," was all he could manage, as thick droplets oozed out of the tip.

She mopped up the mess with her fingers, tasting him shamelessly. He let out a breath of relief, and collapsed to his side beside her, chuckling weakly as he shivered from the after tremors of his mind-blowing climax.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked breathily, motionlessly staring at the ceiling, with a sated smile that mimicked his.

"Can't you tell?" he said touching her semen-caked thighs, which shuddered at that briefest indulgence of contact.

"Yeah, I guess that was pretty obvious," she remarked, managing to turn her head to look at him with that twin sapphire gaze.

She stirred from her spot, rising slowly to a sitting position, tracing her fingers through the white droplets he shared with her, dotting it with the tip of her middle finger and slipping it in her mouth, sucking it clean.

"Wait...where are you going?" he asked, yawning, feeling sleep drape over him already from that exhausting performance.

"Isn't it've spent your load and I...well, I've got a home I need to be in," she spoke softly, her words were soft comforts to his ear, but her leaving unnerved him for some reason.

"Do you wanna, ya know, stay?" he asked fighting to get up but couldn't. He was more tired than he realized.

"Why? When all you're gonna do is—" She was cut off.

He woke up in his bed, disoriented; rubbing his swollen eyes with hands that felt as though they were made of lead. The sheets were jumbled up around him. No, he thought as he forced himself up, looking around. He threw off the sheets, and padded barefoot and naked to the shower, finding the light off. He flicked it on and stared at an immaculate bathroom: the glass curtain was closed, bone dry, as was the white and black tiled floor, and the bath mat over top of it. He made his way to the mirror where he eyes squinted from the amber light pouring from the vanity.

The image was one of a groggy Marek, lips red, skin pale and-wait. He looked down at his chest; let his fingers feel the "V" of hair over it... and the line red welts that seemed to be fading fast. He looked back into the mirror, gazed hard and tried to remember the events of earlier, but couldn't. All he could remember was the feeling of a release and happiness finally falling over his repressed body.

Did it really happen?


M Kier Murdock

Level 29, writer/photographer trying to carve out my place in this crazy little literary word.

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M Kier Murdock
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