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Strip Club Etiquette - Part 3

The Customer Is Always Right

By Johnny VPublished 4 years ago 5 min read

For what its worth, the life of a strip club customer is a never ending cycle of VIP private room dances, alcohol consumption, gifts and monetary contributions. Every club is unique as well as the customers that enter. Every customer has a certain characteristic. You will see the drunken alcoholic who will roam around the club not having any idea of where they are at. There is the whale who has stacks of 100 singles, gets bottle service and throws stacks of dollar bills at the dancers like there is no tomorrow. The whales are the ones who always have their stacks of in 100 singles in full view for display to gain the attention of the dancers passing by. They demand attention to themselves by being loud and presenting the illusion that they are a big shot by spending money and drinks on the girls. Then there is the barfly who sits quietly at the bar or at a table/booth and always keeps to himself until an entertainer sits next to him and tries to start a conversation with him. Last but not least, there is the old schooler. Their vast knowledge and experience allows them to clearly understand the game of how a strip club works and the ins and outs. They can spot a rookie stripper or an amateur customer. They are considered an expert in the field because they know what to say when an entertainer approaches them and what the conversation will incur. Yet within the different characteristics of customers there are different types that exist.

The first type consists of the following: The Club Daddy and The VIP.

At any time, the stripper will encounter the club daddy or the VIP. There are differences between the club daddy and the VIP. The club daddy has a special girl in which he spends money on and sometimes calls her his club wife, girlfriend, etc. He will usually not allow his girl to spend time with anyone else due to the amount of time and financing he spends on her. He needs to have her attention all the time—for him its an ego boost. He is known on a first name basis by management and the entire floor staff. Other strippers may know and greet him but they may stay away from him due the circumstances that he is with his girl. He comes to the club depending on her schedule. It can be daily, weekly basis or even monthly. He spends most of his time with his exclusive stripper in the Champagne/VIP room for more than an hour and then will spend time with her usually for the rest of the night. Whether it’s receiving a certain number of private lap dances, buying food and drinks, or having an endless conversation that is similar to a therapy session. The amount of money he spends on her is in the $1,000s. Also, he will shower her with gifts on special occasions and continue to support her financially outside of the club. A club daddy normally becomes attached to his girl, he may think he is in love but in reality she is not in love with him. She is in love with his money. This disillusion of love and false reality is set within his mind.

On the other hand, the second type is the VIP. The VIP is usually a VIP cardholder and comes into the club every once in awhile. A VIP has a certain mystique about themselves, he is known throughout the club by the management, bar and floor staff, and strippers. But, he has a reputation of someone that looks important. The VIP may dress in a suit or may even dress casual. When he enters the club he is similar to a politician. He shakes hands and converses with management, floor staff and the other customers. He will usually buy drinks for any stripper or customer he may know on a personal basis. As he works his way around the club, some familiar strippers may smile and stop to say hello and give him a hug as a gesture. A VIP may have a special girl he comes to see but will not usually spend the entire night with her since they have a mutual understanding between the two of them. He understands this is her job and that she needs to make money. VIPs usually tip girls they know or who may be of interest to them.

Regulars are usually seated at the bar having a conversation with the bartender or a stripper that is sitting next to them. Unlike VIPs, regulars usually come to the club on a daily basis. The strip club is considered as a local bar; they can go to enjoy a drink during lunch hours or after work. A regular can be a Club Daddy or a VIP. Regulars spend money usually on drinks for themselves or on strippers they know and they normally tip.

Another type of customer consists of the Amateurs or Out-of-Towners. The amateur walks into a club and does not have the slightest idea of how to tip correctly, club rules, or any understanding of the process when it comes to private lap dances. Out-of-Towners are familiar with strip clubs but they may not be familiar with the local club rules. Amateurs and Out-of-Towners may arrive to the club by themselves or in a group. The best description is that they are similar to kids walking into a candy store. Their eyes light up when they tip the girl on stage while they are seated or standing, staring at the stripper. They are usually the first ones who are approached by the strippers and the first in line to get dances. They are usually the ones who always stop at the ATM for extra cash.

In the end, going to a strip club is to have fun and enjoy. Every strip club operates differently so don’t try to weasel your way into getting laid with a stripper. A strip club is not a whorehouse, it is a place of adult entertainment. Treat the strippers with respect and don’t be an asshole. Don’t get overwhelmed by your surroundings. Be aware of the pricing when it comes to lap dances on floor and in the VIP Private Rooms. You may end up spending more than what you expected.

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