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Stranger Sex

When your date doesn't show, there is an alternative.

By Vicki CPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

Alina had been dating Brandon for three months, and it was going well, or so she thought. They had a lot of common interests: live music, film festivals, and cycling. It wasn't the most passionate attraction, though Brandon was handsome in a regular, charming way. He dressed well, kept fit, and knew how to socialize. Alina, on the other hand, was more quiet and reserved. She preferred the corner and avoided conversation wherever possible. They complemented each other, in a way, and Brandon seemed like the perfect boyfriend. Alina began contemplating long-term plans to further their relationship.

One evening they were to meet at a small, local pub for drinks and dinner. Alina looked forward to it all week, seeing Brandon. Her fondness for him grew over three months, and she imagined him as a permanent fixture in her life. She wore her long, wavy chestnut hair over one shoulder, augmenting her curvy chest and hips. The dress she wore was deep red, with long sleeves and off the shoulders, hugging her figure graciously. Alina never wore much makeup, with the exception of dark rose tinted lip balm, eyeliner, and mascara.

Alina arrived a bit early, both nervous and excited. She anticipated a big leap from their casual romance to a more defining one. As she waited at the bar, she began with sparkling water to hydrate and stay focused. A few men smiled as they passed by, and one nodded in her direction, seated just several stools away at the bar.

Perverts, she thought. Then Brandon came to mind. She didn't mind his wandering hands and suggestive glances. The very thought of it made her wet just then as she sipped on the water.

"Mind if I join you?" a tall man asked, motioning to sit next to Alina.

"I'm waiting for someone," she replied, almost abruptly.

"No problem... but may I sit one stool over from you instead? Would you mind?" She detected a slight British accent in his voice. His politeness was unexpected, and he didn't appear too forward. He was also very handsome: just about six feet tall with shoulder-length dark blond hair.

"Sure... ok."

He smiled at her acceptance, but knew to keep a fair distance.

"Thank you," he responded, wanting to introduce himself, then noticing Alina was busy texting on her phone. A boyfriend, he assumed. Or a girlfriend. He didn't want to pry, but curiosity was a tendency of his.

Half an hour passed, and no Brandon. Traffic must be tight, she thought, also aware that he was cautious of leaving the office at 4:15, just before the mad commuter rush. What kept him at work? Alina busied her mind with a few online games, and didn't realize an hour had passed until the server asked if she'd like to see a menu.

Alina sighed. "Yeah, ok, I may as well take a look..." Concerns about his safety, accidents, clouded her thoughts. The man two seats over noticed her shift in posture, showing worry and discomfort. He waited a moment...

"I don't mean to pry, but if you feel bored and would like to chat, I can provide some conversation." Alina giggled nervously, welcoming a distraction from her worry.

"I'm not one to talk much. My boyfriend is the loud one."

"Being quiet and reserved is ok, too. My name is Thomas, by the way." He offered his hand. Alina leaned in to accept, and noticed his sparkly green-blue eyes and generous grin. She was immediately aroused, then shocked at her reaction at once.

"A-Alina." She fumbled, then laughed. "See? I'm the awkward one. Can't say my name without stuttering."

"And that's alright. Your pleasantness makes up for it, and then some." They talked a little more, about their preferences in food, drink, and film. Thomas was a pianist, and she noticed his long, slender but strong fingers as he gestured mildly. What those would feel like caressing me, she thought... then her phone buzzed. A text message. From Brandon.

"Hey babe, I'm so sorry I didn't make it. Something happened at work. I have to stay and wrap up a project." Alina's heart sank. She waited all week for this. Thomas waved amicably and turned away, heading for the men's room.

"I understand," she texted in response. Did he not see this possibility? Her mind raced for a solution. "We could meet later," she offered.

"Sorry, baby, but I just can't. By the time I'm done here, it will be too late. Next Friday. I promise."

Alina was going to follow with a response, to accept his proposal and call it a night. Maybe order a small meal and head home for an early night. Then another text came in. Regine from work.

"Call me."

Alina felt a sense of urgency and called right away.

"Hi hon, how is your night?" Regine asked.

"Mellow disappointing. Brandon cancelled on me. Work is keeping him late..."

"Are you sitting down?"

"Yes, why?"

Regine's tone indicates something was terribly wrong.

"Brandon isn't at work. He's with someone else." Tears flowed right away. Silence followed, more tears... "You still there?"

"Y-yes..." Anger was on the cusp of her sadness, but the mere thought of revenge sex with the handsome Thomas flooded her instantly. A wave pushing past the anger just then, like a surge of emotions swelling together. Thomas returned from the washroom and noticed Alina's tear stained face.

"What happened?" He looked genuinely concerned, but he kept a safe distance still.

"My boyfriend... he's cheating."

"Ah, shit."

"Three months. That's all it took. Maybe I should go..."

Thomas nearly lept off the stool.

"I know it's of no comfort, but perhaps, you could stay for a drink..."

Alina considered the offer, and nearly smirked.

"I'm going to be bold," she stated, surprising herself. "As soon as I found out, just now about Brandon..."

"Go on."

"... Well, I immediately thought of you. Of the possibilities..."

"Tell me. About these possibilities..."

Alina shifted towards him now, gently grazing his knee with her hand. This wasn't like her, to become so forward and embracing of her desires. She realized just then what she should have sooner: Brandon was never for her, and this moment was all she needed right then.

"I imagine....," she began, drawing a circle on his knee with a steely silver painted nail. "... that I am angry, but all of my anger quickly dissolves, switching to heavy lust and arousal..."

He sipped his wine and drank in her eyes, now mesmerizing and holding him in place like virtual bondage.

"... And with that power I reach to finger your hair, glide my hands through it until you relax, then grab a handful and pull your face to mine."

"Do you kiss me at this point?" He shifted quickly, attempting to conceal a bulge in his pants.

"Oh, not yet. I lick you first. Tasting you, like a food thing or object to play with."

"Objectifying me, then."

"Hmmm, yes."

"What next?"

"I will command you to disrobe before me, as I remain clothed, and ask you to kneel. Kiss my feet, move up my ankles, knees, thighs, and higher, as I hover, then squat with my mound over you."

"And I make you cum." Thomas licked his lips.

Alina was empowered, senses heightened, as if she was high.

"Yes, you will. Then I will gush all over your face, creaming you with my juices. Holding your hair to keep you from squirming away..."

"And what if I'm a good boy? What will you do to me then?"

"Reward you with kisses, but first treat you to a shower."

Thomas reached to caress Alina's lush manes, only to have his hand caught swiftly by hers.

"A shower of my golden nectar," she continued. "... followed by suds and soapy water and a razor to shave all your body hair..."

"Do I get a treat, if I behave?"

"I will bend you down, over as I grab hold of that hair, the only hair left on your body, to peg you from behind."

"I've never had a woman do that to me before, or anyone actually."

"... Plunging into you with a strap on. Spreading your cheeks, making you beg on all fours. Lubing you and sliding inside... back and forth, slowly, firmly, cupping your balls as I thrust stronger and harder..."

"You're going to make me blow my nut right here..."

"Well, then, we had better finish our drinks and find a way to take care of that."

"Are you always this dirty? And secretive about being dirty?"

"Maybe... or perhaps it's just the unexpected whirlwind of revenge sex that makes me want to rip off your clothes right now..."

Alina would finish her drink, and Thomas his, before embarking on a wild night of sex. Stranger sex...


About the Creator

Vicki C

I began writing erotic fantasy short stories in 2011, which feature BDSM and fetishes. When I'm not writing, I work a regular job, enjoy cycling, travelling, rock concerts and reading.

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