Why I Love Oral Sex

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Giving and Receiving

Why I Love Oral Sex

Oral sex can be either controversial or very well received (pun intended), depending on where you live and who you talk to. It's a delicate, intimate subject for some, exciting and arousing for others. Not all of us are satisfied with a few strokes of the tongue; we need more. Not everyone can reach orgasm through penetration, so oral is the way to go. Giving can take practice, but relaxing and enjoying on the receiving end can, as well. Here are my thoughts on oral sex:

It's excellent foreplay.

If you can achieve orgasm through oral sex, you're doing it right, and getting your partner off with a blow job or cunnilingus is a gateway to more fun later. Don't stop halfway through, expecting to finish the orgasm during other sexual activities (penetration, etc). Go for it then and there. Make your lover quiver at the onset, so they will be receptive for more.

Pay attention to your lover.

Not everyone is receptive to the same techniques, and in fact, may not like you going down on them at all. The way you give head or pleasure someone means a lot. Vary those tongue strokes, and gauge your partner's reaction. If he/she isn't receptive, change the way you touch them, tease them, and ask if they enjoy it. If you're on the receiving end, communicate what works for you. Squirm, quiver, moan to show your arousal. Be gentle but honest when it's not working out, until you both know what works. The more communication, the better.

You know your body.

Guide your partner gently, showing them not just where to go, but how. Let them show you too, so you can pleasure them as best possible. Try those techniques on yourself first, using your fingers, hands or sex toys. You can add toys to the fun with your partner too, getting more acquainted with both of your bodies. It's all about feeling comfortable, safe, then aroused, and best of all, achieving orgasm. You know what works.

Open your mind to ass play.

Once you do, you'll be forever grateful how amazing it is. If you're nervous, but willing to experiment, start by incorporating your lover's ass with a few licks during oral sex. Let them know you're going to do this first, so they're good with it. Using your fingers gently, and slowly, is the best way to start, by penetrating slightly. Just make sure your lover is completely ok with it, so that there are no surprises!

Mutual Masturbating

This is another fun way to get more acquainted with your partner's erogenous zones and what gets them hot and ready for more. This can happen anywhere you're ready and willing...under a table in a restaurant (if exhibitionism and public spaces are your kink) or sitting next to each other while watching TV at home. It could lead to more right away, or as in public, whet the appetite for more fun, and give cues on how to indulge orally later on...


This is key, and can make or break your experience. If you're more adventurous, try a position that's a bit different—the 69 (lying down or standing up), against a wall or on a table. A comfortable position in bed works too. The angle, comfort and excitement level relates closely with how your body and your lover's body are situated. If you are outdoors, try a picnic table or soft area in the grass. Against a tree, fence or a hidden spot in between bushes might do the trick. The idea of getting caught and the risk involved may heighten the intensity and the orgasm.

If a person was raised to view oral sex as taboo, this will impact their experience. They may see it as forbidden and exciting, or something to avoid. It's best to find out early in the relationship, to know the expectations and determine sexual compatibility.


Like intimacy in general, letting someone become close to you and developing trust is key, not only to a good relationship, but sex as well. Developing strong bonds can lead to a high degree of satisfaction, and create a curiosity for more adventurous fun, including fetishes and BDSM. Knowing your partner makes the whole journey worthwhile. If one technique isn't turning you or them on, try something new or change up the technique. There is no limit to the fun you can have!

The more trust and communication, the better your experience will be overall.

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