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Stepdad & Stepdaughter Get Freaky on the Sofa

BWWM Age Gap

By Ted's TalesPublished 2 months ago 6 min read

"Oh no," he exclaimed with a grin. "How about we get out of this place?"


"Here we are," Jack said as they stepped into the house through the garage, following Nayah. "Sorry about the smell, my wife loves cooking all sorts of strong smelling foods."

"It's fine."

Taking a moment to appreciate Nayah's curves in a subtle manner, he slid his hand down her jeans, feeling the smooth shape of her behind as she giggled.

"Jack! What do you think you're up to?" she playfully questioned.

"Come on, let's go somewhere else, Nayah."

"But what about your family? Won't they be back soon?"

"Don't worry, we have time."

Leading Nayah into the living room, they sat down and began exploring each other's bodies. Jack wasted no time in touching her chest, sensing the fullness of her youthful breasts.As she undid the button on her jeans, Jack's hands eagerly slid down her warm skin. She let out a delighted gasp when he playfully grabbed one of her buttocks.

"Jack, you're feeling quite frisky," she remarked with a smile, gently moving his hands away from her.

"Join me, Nayah," he said in a husky voice, taking her hand and leading her into the living room.

Upon entering the room, their fingers intertwined like charged currents as his lips met hers in a synchronized dance. His hands lovingly caressed her breasts, reveling in their fullness.

He pressed against her tenderly as she moaned his name. Soon after, she slipped out of her jeans and bra to reveal her full and shapely breasts with perky pink nipples hardened with desire. She removed her panties and playfully kicked them towards where her jeans lay.

"You're stunning," he murmured admiringly as he took in the sight of her naked form.

She gracefully stepped back, turned around and settled onto the couch. The warmth between her thighs was evident as it moistened them slightly.

Jack approached with a grin on his face as he appreciated the beauty of her figure.

He glanced down at his aroused state, noticing a glistening hint of desire. She reached out to touch him tenderly, eliciting a soft response from him.

A playful exchange ensued as she caressed him while he expressed his pleasure. They settled on the sofa, facing each other in a cozy embrace. Their kiss was passionate and intense, igniting a spark between them.

His hands explored her curves, focusing on her chest with care and attention. As she reciprocated with a gentle touch on his manhood, they shared an intimate moment. A tender gesture involved her sucking on his finger delicately, creating a sense of intimacy akin to a fledgling bird taking flight for the first time.

Whispers of endearment filled the air as they continued their sensual exploration. Her body responded to his touch, sending shivers down her spine as he caressed her delicate skin. In return, she held onto him firmly as desire pulsed through their veins.

With a subtle shift in their positions, he lavished more attention on her breasts while she surrendered to the pleasure building within her. Their gazes locked in a silent exchange of longing and anticipation.

He then bent down, lifted her leg gently and brought it closer to him, revealing the tender skin of her inner thighs.

She grinned at him, her tongue peeking out playfully. It was evident what she desired and he was more than willing to fulfill it. Moving down between her legs,

Taking her into his mouth, he began to caress her with his tongue. She let out soft sighs of pleasure, enjoying the way he savored her taste. His hands moved towards her hips, giving a soothing massage while intensifying his oral ministrations. Delving deep inside with his tongue, drawing out more of her essence. Fondling her hips with both hands as she whimpered softly.

“Oh Jack," she whispered as he pleasured her intimately. Feeling completely surrendered and lost in the moment as he teased and tantalized. Her exclamations of pleasure filled the room as she repeated his name like a mantra. A wave of ecstasy building up within her, knowing that the best was yet to come. Jack inserted two fingers gently into her core and started stimulating her sweet spot. Her toes curled in delight, eyes fluttering shut, body writhing with pleasure.

She couldn't hold back any longer. She was on the verge of climax!

"Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!" she cried out as she felt the intense pleasure surge through her. "Oh, dear!" she exclaimed once more as the sensation continued endlessly, causing tears to flow down her cheeks.

She heard the sound of a zipper being pulled down, which prompted her to open her eyes slowly. Jack was looking at her with a wide smile, his attire gone, his member long and firm.

Jack positioned himself over her and gently entered her with the tip of his manhood. Although it initially caused discomfort, it soon transformed into pleasure. A moan escaped her lips as he penetrated her and she clung to his arms as he moved in and out.

“Yes!" she exclaimed. "Make love to me passionately! Oh, my goodness, Jack!”

The sight of Nayah screaming and asking for more turned him on immensely. He quickened his pace, one hand caressing her bosom as she felt herself nearing another climax.

“Oh, right there!" she cried out. "Right there!”

Her mind emptied of all thoughts in no time. Jack was atop her, thrusting faster and faster into her, bringing her closer to climaxing on him.

“Oh, yes! I’m about to reach ecstasy!"

She cried out in pleasure as her body contorted and moved.

Feeling overwhelmed with satisfaction, she savored the moment, not wanting it to end.

Jack sensed his climax approaching, heightening his excitement. With a groan, he thrust deeply into her and released his essence inside her. His moans filled the air as he filled her with warmth.

"Oh, wow!" Jack moaned. "I'm reaching my peak!"

Nayah could sense the warmth spreading inside her as she reached her own climax, gripping him tightly.

As the orgasm continued, Jack groaned until there was nothing left to give. Exhausted, he collapsed on top of her, both struggling to catch their breath.

"You're amazing," he panted.

She blushed and smiled, processing what had just transpired. It was an experience unlike any other for her, leaving her craving more.

"Did you enjoy that?" Jack inquired.

"Yes, I did," she replied as she felt his lips returning to caress her nipple and his fingers exploring within her moistened folds.

"We might want to consider moving from the couch before your family returns, don't you think?"

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