Spontaneous Erotic Hypnotic Adventure

by Joseph Crown 7 months ago in fetishes

Tao of The Crown

Spontaneous Erotic Hypnotic Adventure
It’s about what the submissive needs to feel controlled, to let go of his/her inhibitions, or to develop their sexual potential.

The following is an excerpt from my book Instruction of the Hypno Dom. Relax, enjoy, get inspired, and pack a lunch. This is a long one to show you what is ahead. One of the most frequent questions I get is how to use hypnosis and power exchange together. My answer is a simple one. Present the activity in a story and connect the activities you want in a context that communicates goals and consequences. That story may be how the slave recognizes she is there to kneel and serve again. It could be how a sub’s workday thoughts were filled with numbers and logistics, but her body never stopped responding to her Master’s control. All of this is about communicating and consenting in the engagement of power exchange. Your message, your conversation, your story, it’s an invitation to explore what’s on the surface or go deeper with you. You are inviting someone to interact with you along these provocative themes and maybe take a leap with you into something more. This is what this chapter will demonstrate for you.

What you are about to read is how events unfolded on this day. It wasn’t planned in advance, but it is a testament to being prepared. This experience worked because I know what I like, was prepared to share an experience like this, and I asked permission along the way as I communicated those desires. In communicating this story about power exchange with you, I’m also inviting you to explore what you like, and how you might respond in either role. Damion Atropa and I were at a bar close to home. The bar is stylish and self-described as bordello-inspired. We are both erotic hypnotists and today we were prepping for an Erotic Hypnotic Horror Adventure event.

This event invites twisted and tempting tales that playoff power exchange, presented in everyday situations, often invites the supernatural to have a drink, and nothing is as it seems. Since this is a cheesy horror event nothing has to have a happy ending, but every undesirable hypnotic command imparted ends at the end of each story. We always insist that all commands accepted this day fall away as soon as the subject walks out the door. This time and geographic limit allow everyone to process their experience as part of the story and reflecting back upon it is part of the fun. If someone wants a hypnotic effect back, or they want to go farther with an experience, they have to talk with us about exploring another story or session similar to the one they heard.

Damion and I are sitting somewhat close to the bar in a large wrap around seat as we plan taking over the world thematically. I'm drinking my whiskey and he is drinking his root beer. We are both laughing, moving our hands around describing inductions that lead into hypnotic stories and describing story-based effects along with backstory. MC worthy geeky fun. We were loud and making one of the bartenders laugh, and enjoying that too. When Damion got up to get the next round, I was scribbling notes to make changes in my story. At that moment I become aware of new voices from people I didn’t notice come into the bar. Its two women at the bar and I hear Damion talking to them. And within 30 seconds I can tell they are attractive. How do I know this? Well, Damion is chatting them up in a special way. I call this vocal signature of his an announcement of interest.

He says I also have a come-hither announcement that he perks up to and looks at who I’m talking with. These vocal announcements communicate to all who understand that there is at least one attractive person we'd like to do things with right there in front of us. I'm smiling to myself about all this, as I hear heels clip, clop, clip, clop coming from behind me and heading towards the bar. As I turn my head to look towards the assets of the sound one woman at the bar points at me.

"Are you two writers?" The woman asks still pointing at me.

Damion gestures to me and tells her, “I am and much more. Ask him about it and I'll get you a drink."

So, this solid 7 in a polka dot dress walks over to me and asks again. I don't hold back because I'm feeling in the zone. "I’m a master mind controller, erotic hypnotist, and guru. I write, yes. What is it you desire?"

This woman laughs and tells me she'll play along. That attitude of play is something I find quite desirable, and having a playful attitude is step one to having them imagine us cuddling without clothes. Try it now and smile broader than before.

I tell this woman which I'll call 7, there are thousands of us MCs around the world. We begin chatting and I say, “let’s try this and see what happens” to a few suggestibility tests. Many erotic hypnotists start out meeting online to discuss the boundaries of consciousness, sex, methods of influence attempts, strategies of persuasion, and of course hypnotic communication. As a hypnotist, we learn how the subconscious is aware and active every moment we are alive. As a Mind Controller, we learn about the social constructs in the world around us, and those inside us, that allow us to recognize what we believe is a fluid reality. As a Guru, I’ve learned about awakening, the attunement of energy, and grounding myself in the harmony of the Tao. Peace begins from within. If you are not peaceful, the world will feel chaotic. In essence, words are important, but they do not always come easy. The best of us are able to seduce with words, to capture imaginations, and control sexual energy.

My work has brought me to a place where I can share my experiences of living a poly M/s relationship as a Hypno Dom. I invite, challenge, test, tease, and above all, I ask for consent when playing with my kinks and taking control of someone. Much like I am doing here, we talked about familiar topics, and then I brought up a topic with a desirable theme to touch upon. Just as the conversation was becoming fun it was time for engagement with a suggestibility test. I called them gateway assessments to ensure she was ready and right to discover more through this fractionated secret. I had two hypnotic adventures I was wanting to try out if this woman was responsive and up for it. She tells me if those secrets do not involve ghosts, demons, or aliens because that is too scary, and she's probably going to bed alone tonight. I roll with this and noting the inclusion of the word probably in that sentence.

I begin getting into a routine by telling her that she should play along if she wants to know my secrets. I tell her that these words are important, because they affect us all. Our words represent our backstory and what we emphasize in those communicated bundles of meaning send signals to the world about the stories we are part of. I asked 7 about her reading habits and if the themes she reads about were just as active and attractive in her life. 7 tells me she reads romance, has read the 50 Shades series (blah!), has been to a few munches back in Detroit, and is ‘reasonably kinky.’ 7 seems to leave out attraction and how responding to someone makes her feel. I ask her about it. As I do, I’m keenly aware that I’ve become a focal point of that awareness for her at this moment. She thinks she’s mostly submissive because she has never really explored or been drawn to anything more.

I tell 7 that makes sense to me because much of her exploration has been through books and other media. Reading is a lot like hearing someone’s voice explaining how things are and should be. It challenges your response to see how they align with the story. In many ways, this experience can be very similar to the hypnotic tests (book and bucket, magnet hands, eyes closure from fixation) we did just a few moments before. They were after all gateway experiences inviting you to take the first steps towards accepting an invitation to be a part of an adventure. Being open to someone's story of the world necessitates that you let that other person have brief control over the direction and boundaries of your thoughts. This is how you’d move forward in such a story. It begins by asking yourself what you would do if...

Damion comes over giving me a nod, thumbs up, and a smile as he hands us both drinks. He's setting up his hypnotic adventure for a threesome probably. There’s that word again. Smile. What most of our potential subjects never realize is we tend to pick drinks for subjects without any alcohol in them if there’s a potential to begin a public scene or hypnotic demonstration. Since Damion doesn't drink, he finds the drinks that taste good and work well with this mutual agreement. We like to joke that this is a pseudo bonus to ethical trancing. The reason why we do this is alcohol impairs frontal lobe executive function such as attention, but it also increases hypnotic responsiveness. Thus, if the executive function is impaired to the degree that the instructed hypnotic action could not be performed by executive control, then hypnotic compliance would be impaired. Sharing an experience is fine while having a drink, but choosing to play beyond that should be done while sober. We prefer not to play around with anyone that may be drunk. This is a common stage hypnotist rule and best practice guideline for anyone. Yet, a dancing alchemist recently explained to me that beer is a solution. I completely agree. Let's get back to the action.

“I’m still trying to decide if you might be my nemesis or my sidekick here. I hope you do you mind if the leading character in my story has a drink with you?” 7 says raising her glass to me in a salute, and then looking over to see that her friends were actively engaged with Damion.

“No, be my guest. We are on the verge of putting this story time magic to the test.”

“Does this mean my hands will simply float up into another story?” 7 asked inquisitively.

I was loving how quick and wonderfully at ease she was. Best of all, I knew she was a responsive subject and intended to play with that.

I smiled and replied, “Well, sort of. At times like this, I just need to listen. The best ideas and temptations always come from the subject. That would be you, and as we interact together, a story forms around us. So, I guess I’m sort of brainstorming what you really, really want, but I’ll help guide it to where it’s going to go. That make sense?”

7 smiled as she swished her drink around. “Yes, but I hope this isn’t too forward, to say to my potential narrator, but, can I make a request for a story?”

I almost laughed. I was surprised at the request and wanted to encourage her participation. “Go for it, but go big or go home. There are unicorns I could be tickling sweetie.”

“Well, I read a lot of fanfiction stories, like, a lot. I spend most of my time reading Harry Potter, and I like it when he's dark and often into BDSM. So, my request is something like that with magic." 7 said looking a bit embarrassed and shy now.

"Well, I feel safe with you, but I'm going to ask you to tell me how you know you're really going to enjoy a story like that?" I ask observing her reciprocity response to see if she chooses to emphasize safety or the focus on enjoyment.

"I really like the stories where the reader knows what's coming, but, the characters, often a woman doesn’t know she is being lured and charmed by magic until it’s too late. I don’t even know if that sort of thing is possible with you, but I love the way the psychological drama plays out. Stories like that have even made me want to be hypnotized sometimes and taken like that. It’s so hot and I..." 7 blushes and quickly brings her hand to her mouth as if saying too much. "Is that what you wanted to know?” She asks quickly as if grasping her courage back from the momentary doubts a moment before.

Answers like this are exactly why I like to start out a conversation with being an erotic hypnotist, hypno dom, and kinky guru. The people that continue talking with me are those that are interested, and those that leave are filtering themselves out because they are not interested. Being calm, confident, and interested in the world around us, tends to inspire the same in those who talk with me.

It was at this exact moment I decided I wanted 7 to feel the magic she hoped was out there. She had already shown me she was willing. We went over what consent is in BDSM and the hypnotic world. She was told she would be giving her consent over and over by asking for more. She kept saying she agreed to explore topics here, and having an introductory experience. I knew she was a good subject already from the testing we did. It was agreed that we would do something here, but she may not see it coming until she was immersed in it. Getting her focused on my words, bringing her to the point where she was repeating my words in her head, and letting these words become her own thoughts, and we would begin to explore that essential reality. I told her we would return to the tests again as they are gateway experiences. This time these experiences would be done in such a way that emphasized my control, her reactions to it, and I’d be connecting it to the magic she had always hoped would take her. To believe is sometimes to surrender.

“People often associate with the main character in any given story. Being drawn to the themes and challenges the characters go through are part of the fun of these stories. It allows us to try on and try out new behaviors, all without ever having such an experience ourselves, at first... As you really think about this..." My hand comes up to gently tap myself on the chest as I lean forward. "You get to be someone else for a bit, and taking on the experience. Makes you think. What would I do? That's part of the magic here. When you’ve read these stories, you got to understand some things, even before the characters did. When you read an erotic story, you get to have sex in a way you may never have imagined you could do. So, it’s perfectly natural for you to associate with the character of such a story. If you are positive, you’ll see opportunities instead of obstacles, get closer... (I lean in a bit closer) Just stop… Relax into the what’s happening… feeling the excitement, because that's how these stories begin."

I take a sip of my drink, nodding at her and I observe her giving me a slight nod back. “As I mentioned earlier, even reading this you give up some control to the author, to the person guiding you… you know, the characters don't fully know what's ahead… It’s like you said… you might think it’s just a story, but damn… my emotions are real. Somehow the character doesn't even realize the story they are part of. Isn't that right?”

“God yes. I love that feeling. I lose myself, and I'm really turned on being so completely focused on what’s happening. It’s like you think you know what to expect and you don’t. That’s why I like these stories so much. I get into them pretty easily. How does this story of yours start?" 7 asks leaning in closer to me.

"Scoot closer and I'll tell you." I put my hand to my mouth as if ready to whisper a secret. She moves closer and I lean in. "It already has."

7 blushed and smiled. She looked happy and she took a moment to respond.

"I don’t know if it’s possible to be controlled or hypnotized without knowing it. Yes, I admit I love the moment where the character realizes she isn’t in control anymore, but I'm not convinced that's possible. Are you going to tell me that’s really possible to hypnotize someone without them knowing?” 7 asked hopefully, in my opinion.

This is the point that increased social proof is needed. Ideally, that proof needs to be the transition that moves the subject deeper into the affects of the story.

“Oh, yes. It's possible, but it's a process that must be subtle enough to involve someone without them consciously noticing they’ve crossed the threshold. If I were to put you in such a hypnotic story, I’d probably begin with anchoring a little bit. . . but I'm not sure you'd really be interested in that, just yet." I said turning my body a bit and taking a drink.

"No, I am. Tell me please." 7 said moving a touch closer.

That is the response I was looking for. I wanted her to chase me and focus more intensely on the hypnotic interplay.

"Well in this story, I’d want to anchor a specific response to something a character is doing." I pick up my glass again and tap it to with index finger. “Let's say, this story has the man take a drink from his glass every time the subject answers a question with a yes. The subject's subconscious begins to anchor her affirmative responding, saying "yes", to the man's action of taking a drink. In doing this, he knows that when this response is developed intensely enough, it’ll happen automatically, without thought. He'll ask her if she wants to take all her clothes off for him.” I watch 7 blush as I say this. “When she answers yes, he'll take a drink. This subject only knows she wants to answer yes, without knowing why. To get this exact response started, all this man would have to do is ask something simple like. . . do you like your drink?"

"Yes, I do. Thanks." 7 quickly replied and I took a small sip from my glass of whiskey.

"Oh, do you like dark chocolate?"

“Yes, I love all chocolate, except for white chocolate. That's not chocolate anyway really." 7 said and I took a sip of my drink.

“That's very true about white chocolate, isn't it?”

7 smiled and said "Yes. I'm catching on here." She said with a smile.

“Good, and you see...” I nodded and pointed to my eye. She gave me a slight nod so I took a sip. “After a while, this connective action would anchor that yes response. Understand how that works?” I asked, wondering if she really caught on.

“Yes, that makes sense.” 7 said taking a sip from her drink as I took another sip of my drink seemingly absentmindedly.

“Perfect, now you're getting it. As that’s done long enough, it can have a powerfully strong effect. Anything like that happened in your stories?" I ask already prepping the glass to take the sip.

"Yes, though it usually happens with the character knowing something is different. It's always like magic when it happens." 7 replies taking sips on her glass of nonalcoholic hooch too.

"Good! At least, you can make the connection that is possible from that anchor. Although, developing a stronger response takes only a bit more work. In this brief example, I want you to appreciate the beginnings of this process here. After all, you have given me a wonderful idea. I think I might write about this 7. Can I use your first name if I wrote this story 7?”

“Yes, totally. That would be awesome.” I took another drink and smiled at 7. “I’d love to have a story about me. Would you share it with me?” 7 asked.

“Yes, of course. It would make you a main character, and you like the idea of the main character suddenly discovering that she is hypnotized?”

“Yes, very much... It's just like..." (Too much Potter fanfiction info to include) Just know I asked a few more questions and took several more sips of my drink.

“If I were to write this story, is there a specific place you’d really like the subject to realize she was already under a Master's control? It would have to be a place someone like you, reading this, would think that this is going to be really hot?”

Here I want to intensify the subconscious awareness and the subject’s imagination by encouraging her to link into those pleasurable literary settings. All this leads her into a conscious/subconscious preparation for the potential realization that she’s being enjoyably controlled.

"I like Bourbon Street, the mountains, sailing, on an island..."

I interrupt "Perfect, let's pick one that's the most significant to you, right now. Did you pick the one you could easily lose yourself in?" I asked sloshing my drink about and staring into the melting ice cubes. Whiskey is best with just one or two cubes but naked it's pretty good too. I was wishing for more than soda and tonic in a whiskey glass at the moment.

“I really like the beach. All the beaches of Mexico are amazing. I have a lot of great memories on the beach." 7 said with a wistful tone of reminiscing in her voice.

I really wanted her to choose a bar or setting more similar to here, but we must use what the subject offers. Then we guide those offerings closer towards the goals.

"Can you tell me about the beach in one of those amazing memories?" I ask wanting to get at something worth revivifying with sensual qualities and emotions. My drink is posed for her answer and I am barely taking a sip now.

“Yes, sure. I love watching sunsets with a drink. The sound of the waves crashing all around me, and my feet dug into the sand as I wiggle my toes. I love the way my skin holds onto the heat from the sun as I tan.” 7 covers her mouth again and looks away a moment as she laughs. “It doesn't hurt that there are always some really good looking half naked guys all around me.” 7 said grinning at me and I smiled back at her.

"Do you like the thought of these half naked men looking at you in just that same way?" I ask and have my drink ready for my sip.

"Yes, I do. It totally makes sense why there is so much sex in places like this. I can just listen to the waves and my mind starts thinking about fantasies and wild ideas." 7 says with excitement in her voice.

I was tempted to go right for the fantasies and wild ideas, but instead, I took the focus back to the waves to further intensify those associations of fantasies and wild ideas. Ideally, I want 7 to bring them up to me and I want her tempting me, even more, to ask more about them. I’m a conversational guru that encourages others to lead us both into temptation.

“The sound of the waves just lets us be creative, energized, and our thoughts flow… moving to where we really want them to go. The ocean really is a great place, isn’t it?" I say watching her happily comfortably responding.

"Yes, it’s one of those places that makes you just feel at ease. It's still wild and fierce but there is just something about being there. It's like the pulse of the world connecting all of us by its primal force. The ocean has always been part of how most of us live, you know?" 7 said being a bit too subtle for my tastes.

I considered for a few seconds on the question of which was worse, to lead a life so routine that you’re effortlessly enchanted, or a life so full of stimulus that you are easily uninterested and tired of meaningless interaction. I wanted to intensify this significantly.

"If you were to picture yourself at the beach right now, the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, and the sand between your toes..." I close my eyes and take a deep breath. "Just completely relax, dig those toes in the sand, and delight in what’s there for you… Let all those emotions fill you up, you know. Can you get into that space?"

"Yes, I totally get that. I can imagine very well. It’s such a great place for a story.” I took a sip of my drink as she spoke, I noticed her drink was almost finished too. I decided to test and intensify my control over 7.

“You are starting to feel the alcohol a bit, aren't you? I can tell.” I took a sip and watched her answering “Yes, I guess so.” Her immediate reply happened seemingly without really thinking about her answer. That’s perfect.

I felt the yes set anchor was established well enough by this response. Her answer and tipsy response from the nonalcoholic drink was all brought on by suggestion. There was no alcohol in her drink at all and I was certain she was sober when she sat down.

“It normally doesn’t hit you this fast does it?”

“No, it’s a little surprising actually. This is my first one and they probably just made it stronger than usual. This is *********. ‘joie de vivre.’” 7 said lifting her glass to me and taking a sip with a smile.

“That’s perfect, take a sip. It’s like the beach... It makes you warm, and even more relaxed, just sharing in that comfort with me.” We both smiled and she took a sip of her drink.

“Is the super strong drink very tasty and good?” I had my drink ready for her answer.

“Yes, very.” 7 said nodding her head up and down in a way that reminded me of a little kid.

“So is mine, but I think you’re right. In ******** they mix it strong. You won't need a couple more drinks to catch a good glow with me.” I took a sip right as she was going to answer and she took another.

“Yes, I think you’re right. I'm so close to the bottom anyway.” 7 gave me this wide drunken grin.

Sometimes, just being the way I am is perfect. It’s all that’s needed. I returned her smile and meeting her eyes.

“That’s okay, nothing wrong with a warm and fuzzy glow. You know, I read somewhere that alcohol makes you more hypnotizable, and it only takes a little bit of it. Perhaps, when I write this story, I should include that drink you said you liked, but I don’t know if this is true or not for you. Do you think you're more responsive to hypnosis now that you feel tipsy?” I ask taking a sip of my drink looking off into the distance as if I was contemplating that possibility myself.

“Yes. I'm turning into a lightweight, because I never get tipsy off half a drink.” 7 tells me as she shrugs with a happy laugh.

“Really? They did mix them really strong then. I think you’ll be drunk by the time you finish that one drink!” I laughed and she laughed as I squinted at her with one eye like a drunken pirate.

“You know, alcohol always makes me want to cuddle when I get that relaxed. Are you a cuddler?" 7 asks leaning a bit to the side now.

"I like a bit more than cuddles when I am feeling cozy. Something closer to worship.” I meet her eyes. “That doesn't matter anyway, because I realize something now." I stare into 7's eyes as I raise my glass close to my lips and watch her eyes focus on it.

"What do you realize?" 7 asks inching closer.

"That you must be the little spoon." I say taking a sip of my drink.

“Yes, I am. I feel like I'm going to lean on your shoulder right now.” 7 scooted right up beside me now and leaned her head on my shoulder.

I had no doubt that I had her responding perfectly. I needed to turn her passivity into engagement and so I returned to the vehicle of the story. My goal at this moment is to make her reach for more, even as I offer a bit. Time for the push and pull to begin.

“Now, do you think I should tell you what's really going on?" I took a sip and she lifted her head and looked at me quickly.

"Umm, yeah. I don't know what you mean." 7 looked me right in the eyes and then looked down and then over to her friends quickly.

They were still there and one of them had her eyes closed as she was touching her nose. She turned back to me with a bit of confusion on her face.

“Right now, you are hypnotized and completely under my control. To prove it, I want you to take a sip of that drink and keep eye contact with me. That sip will make you even more drunk and horny. That heat in your stomach, that you thought was from the alcohol, will move between your legs. It’s about to get so much more incredible over here. I'm only telling you this because I already have you.” I said keeping my eyes locked on her face and 7 blushed a rosy red down her neck and chest.

7 looked at me shocked. Some people get lost for so long they forget what it was like to be themselves. Sometimes, it’s the direction of a consequential stranger that will help you find yourself again. 7 stared down at her glass for a long moment and slowly took a sip while bringing her eyes back onto mine. I raised my glass and asked, “You feel it. Don’t you?” while I took a drink with her.

7's eyes widened, her legs pressed together, and she stared into me as she softly bites her bottom lip. 7's blinks. Her eyes closed and she whispered, “Crazy, yes...”

“I have control of your pussy, and I want you to feel it throb...As you pay attention to that… it becomes so difficult not to touch it… I want you to feel that horny, thirsty ache… feel it, so intensely that you can hardly sit still... Can you feel it throb for me?” I asked taking a drink as she looked at me in the most fuckable expression.

“Yes. . . oh. . . yeah... You are doing it.” 7 stared at me in disbelief. "I can't believe you are doing it."

“Yes, I am. Now that I have you, I can make you think, feel, experience, or do almost anything right now. I can even have you answer yes automatically to any question. Right now, just feel your body responding. Are you discovering how you want to answer my next question with a yes? You want to, don’t you?”

“Yes, I really do.” 7 says.

“You can feel how amazing it is being under my control now?" I take a sip from my drink, and appreciate how 7 looks at me longingly with her lips slightly parted.

"Yes, it is. I can feel it." 7 says looking at me with awe.

"Do you want to have an orgasm?” I asked taking a sip of my drink.

“Yes. . . I do. I can't believe I just told you that.” 7 said staring into my eyes.

“I have already explained this already. I have anchored you to me and because of this, I can make you say yes to anything. Desire fills your body, and your arousal directs your thinking. Your brain can’t stop thinking about what’s going on between your legs. You’re dripping wet. Your mind is in a rose-colored fog of sexual control. I’ve made you a more willing submissive… Now, I have a rule that I must share with you. I never completely take control of someone unless they consent to me, and they tell me it's what they want. If you consent, you will have an orgasm before you get up from this seat. If you say no, you'll be released, and I will let you go. I promise, you have free will to answer this question. Should you consent to my control you won’t be outed, or do anything that would damage your reputation. Our time together will be adventure… You are in your own story now, and this is a decision point. If you continue on, you are agreeing that I have complete control over you. You will not be able to resist, and you’ll feel that throbbing heat reminding you this is true... When I am done, I’ll release you. Do you consent to this?"

7 seemed to hesitate as she squeezed her legs together more tightly. "Yes, I want this." 7 said and I think I saw her tremble.

"Will you obey me? I want to hear you say it aloud and increasing that excitement as you do. I want to recognize my responsive control in you.”

“Oh, Yes... I will obey you.” 7 said breathing faster and staring intensely.

"Say it again. Use your words and bring your passion. Your energy introduces you before you’ll ever say a word."

"Yes... I will obey you.” 7 replied and I noticed her nostrils were flaring.

"One more time. Say it, feeling the excitement growing each time… Utterly under my control from that responsive consent."

"God, yes. I'll obey you." 7 said without hesitation.

"That's right... you can no longer resist anything I say to you... You are under my control and no matter what you do now… you cannot resist this control… you have agreed to it. That's what you want isn't it?"

"Yes. I always wanted this. I always wondered if it could be real." 7 said and no longer showed any sign of the tipsy woman from before.

"You can no longer form any thoughts to resist, and you feel an intense sexual desire, each time you obey my commands it builds... Feel your body obey me now... Ten times hornier just from feeling yourself obey... you'll be ten times more sexual, as you hear yourself uncontrollably say, “I will obey... Do that now. Tell me, “I will obey.”

“I will obey.” 7 says and this is meant to intensify the state and build the motivational desire.

“Look into my eyes, and listen carefully to my words. You can no longer take your eyes away from mine... this intense sexual desire burns brighter as I look through you... It makes you hotter… my words stick in your mind, as if they've always existed to be there… my words, makes you uncontrollably hornier… Feel my control spreading through you... for you, there is nothing more important than my words… Energy, feelings, and impossible moments of epiphany lead people to change… Go ahead… try to think about anything else... but your focus entirely comes back here... on my words.... one my control… on this pleasure… It’s a Master’s energy… close your eyes... now open them... soaking wet, how horny this makes you… I put that improved responsiveness there, and I'm building it up… I’ve put unrelenting pleasure inside you... Close your eyes.... open your eyes... You’re mine... Hear it inside your mind, and say aloud.”

"I'm yours." 7 said as she began to rock back and forth a little.

“Close your eyes, and that sexual need grows…. Open your eyes, and go blank… I turn up this pleasurable intensity… This is a need… it’s like a growing thirst… once you’ve drunk this desire… you know what you thirst for… Listen closely… focus in… Every cell, and every atom of you, is soaking this in… You know this, because you're soaking wet, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I’m yours… I’m soaking wet.” 7 almost whimpered this as her hips were rocking back and forth.

This motion communicates she is feeling this and I want her to focus on it more. The pleasure is too comfortable and nowhere close to the extent she’s capable of generating yet. One of the most significant drivers of behavioral transformation is feedback, and this experience is established by intensifying those bodily signals of feedback and expectation. It’s time to use magical expectation as an intensifier to take this control toward what she’s imagined.

“Yes, as I push that thirsty desire deeper inside you… you thirst to drink deeply of this control… feel it and your body moves… your body aches, as this sexual intensity keeps increasing… that body moves, and respond for me… I’m pushing these pleasurable sensations, and pulling the intensity up farther…. Ten times more intense now… and each movement makes you want more…”

“Ohhh! Yes…” 7 looked at me with awe and desire. It was like she had trouble vocalizing anything else. That is what I am looking for.

For a moment I just watch 7 and not a word passes between us. Not because we have nothing to say, but because we don’t have to say anything. This is a peak experience that will not be easily forgotten or matched.

“That motion is your body communicating with your sex… I’m building that throbbing wetness deeper… I enjoy making you squirm… making you drink in this thirst… It’s taking you… becoming you.” 7 clenched her fists and grasped the fabric of her polka dot dress. I want to use that detail to immediately intensify this state further. “I’m claiming you…You feel that already… Your hands have begun to wander uncontrollably down your body… your hands want to lift that skirt… your hands want to offer up my pussy there… You barely noticed how thirsty that need for sensation has become…You aren’t aware of it all yet… that thirsty need grows… that arousal intensifies… drink it in… bring it in deep… you can’t seem to move those hands… they are held there … locked… frozen… incredibly heavy... They remain immovable, and all you can really move is your fingers… You, have to thirst so much more than this… you can’t yet reach where they really want to go… But my pussy is there… begging to be touched… it's throbbing so much, you’re not even thinking how you’re your rocking… you are gyrating uncontrollably, hoping to satisfy yourself with some sensation… this tells me you need more… you have to earn your pleasure with me… And you can’t stop can you rubbing against it, can you?”

“No, I don’t want too…” 7 says as I snap my fingers cutting her words off, and her eyes stay locked on mine as she lets out a moan.

I surprised her and I enjoyed the response I got with this action.

“You’re focused on my commands now… you couldn’t control yourself even if I released you at this moment. If I were to let you go right now you would begin masturbating uncontrollably, not caring where you are. You’d feel my pussy throbbing in agreement, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do… I really want you to touch me.” I put my finger on 7’s lips and whispered “sshhh” as her whole body inched closer to me.

7 was beginning to sweat. I gave her another long “sshhhh” as I ran my fingers tips across her cheek and trailed off down her shoulder blades. I watched the goose bumps rise along her neck, shoulders, and arm. I couldn’t stop smiling as she whispered “please.” 7 kept her legs pressed together and they were beginning to tremble. Every moment I toyed with her just made her more turned on because she couldn’t control it. We’re all touched by different dreams. We’re all drawn to particular paths, and it’s our calling to share those dreams with others. I notice 7’s hands give a slight tremble but remain locked. She’s grasping that dress. My trembling observation becomes the next direction in expanding this circular feedback to intensify arousal further.

“Those hands, soaking in this erotic energy… they want to touch, but can’t… Not yet… Not till you have my permission… you will be trained with this thirsty pleasure… now, the same thing is happening to your nipples… they’re getting so hard… every breath teasing them… every sensation, magnifying this thirst, and expanding pleasuring sensations… drinking it in… you’re going to want to beg... reminding you who has control… Your way past how incredible you thought you could ever feel… this is my magic… these are my rules… my control is intoxicating with desire… isn’t it?”

“Yes, I’m yours. Take me please.” 7 said quickly. Sometimes there is no next time, no timeouts, and no second chance. Sometimes it’s now or never. We’ve moved past obedience and into the anticipatory performance phase. My needs and desire become hers.

“Your obedient brain is just learning how to behave with my pleasure… It’s not about you anymore… you can feel so much more than this… now, there’s the pleasure of an invisible tongue and mouth, circling around your nipples… this is what you are being trained for… all that thirsty pleasure grows… it’s really happening… drink it in… soaking…” 7 started moaning and she’s breathing out her mouth and I’m meeting her eyes. “Even more intense, now…” I snap my fingers and watch the surprise quickly fade away. She seems lost in my gaze. “It’s like you’re being fucked by a living dream… can’t think of anything else… this is really happening…. This is how it works…. This is what it means to be mine... You already know how much you enjoy the feelings of control… You already know how horny you became reading that… I’m hypnotizing you, but I've already hypnotized you… These magical mouths lick around your thighs… they drink in that pussy and ass... it’s happening, and you’re the fuckable thirsty center of it all… it’s all about my control… Drink it in… intensifying…. Deeper…” 7 was moaning so loud that I actually put my finger to her lips again and gave her a “shhh” as the bartender looked over and smiled. “Your drinking this in… you are being filled up… I’ve changed you… you are being programmed with sexual energy… My energy… These mouths make you want to tear off those clothes… but I won’t let you… it would be so easy… think about how that naked skin would feel against me… think about how good it would feel responding to my touch… making you thirstier… turning this energy and desire up… drink it in… all those sensations, get stronger… I’ve got you… pumping into every pleasure center… now, your body is so sensitive, you could have an orgasm… not yet… I won’t let you… that feeling is accompanied by thoughts, the thoughts feed the feeling, and the feeling feeds the thoughts…

There is no limit to where the thoughts can go… They can go far into the past, and off into the future… it all brings you back here… you will have an orgasm at my command… giving these feelings attention is simple… I’m fucking you, with a cock of energy… You are being trained with pleasure… you are being taken by pleasure… the hypnotic mouths taste you… drinking this in… my cocks fuck you… there’s this thirsty need for cock in your mouth… feel your mouth salivate at the very thought, isn’t it?”

“Yes, fuck please... make me.” 7 replied breathlessly between moans and whimpers.

“Feel my hypnotic hands sliding slowly towards your pussy… so many hands… so many mouths… so many cocks taking you now… embrace the thirst… it makes you stronger… this experience won't last forever… And I won’t stop until I get what I want… you’re being trained to take it… trained with pleasure to take so much more… you’re so fucking horny, that you don’t care where you are… you’re so fucking horny you just want to come…”

7 was getting so loud with the moans that I leaned back away from her. I kept noticing the bartender looking our way, probably because it sounded like I was fucking her right there. Then it happened. Someone turned the music up and I knew no one was going to say anything. We are regulars here and they didn’t mind the show. Smile. I continued on.

“You’ll dream about my fingers, sliding up your dress… about how my control makes you orgasmic… you will crave with this thirsty… needing me inside you... Feel your legs spread uncontrollably, inviting my hypnotic hands in... Obeying this pleasure makes it even stronger… drink it in… this is what you are being trained for… You want to cum so badly… you don’t care where you are, or how it happens… but you can’t yet… not without permission… you will obey… that only makes the pleasure stronger… feeling my strength is obeying… that makes this thirst increase even more…”

“Yes, please, please…” 7 begged with her legs open wide and she was humping the cushion and the air.

7 was breathing so fast and deep that it was everything she could to do not moan with every breath. 7’s expectations of being out of control were met. She felt this control become reality, and she was being hypno fucked as she humped the seat in front of me. I would say mission accomplished. I was thinking about all this as I happily watched her moan from getting hypno fucked when 7 begged again.

“Please! I want to come so bad I don’t care... I’m yours please just let me come.”

“It’s not enough… you can take more than that… This is how it works… Feel yourself hornier from having said that… you can’t come till I let you… You won’t cum until you have gone so far passed any pleasure you thought you could feel… Feel my hands, feel my mouths, feel my cock fucking you… You thirst for that orgasm… thirst for this pleasure… that pleasure is being turned up… way up… until all you know is this thirst… drink it in… You’re mine. You can try to get those fingers to touch where you want them to go… it’s not going to be easy… turning everything way up… It may feel like you are being punished with pleasure… but you’re being transformed in my pleasure… that pleasure is being turned up… way up… until all you know is this thirst… drink it in.”

7’s hips began to pump as she moans. I could smell her soaking musky wetness now. The intense frustration in her eyes was a mix of pleasurable frenzy. The intensity of her need to release that pleasure could be seen on her face. This is the ideal intensity of state to condition a subject with and for someone like 7 with no experiential reference she now believes anything is possible. That just leaves us with limitless potential and a choice of where to go next. Now it is just framing the memory to take home.

“Please… please.” 7 repeated a few times as I watched her.

(Right here I thought about including some transformation play. I do enjoy that mixed with a playful corruption scene like this. Not sure what I mean? I could tell her to close her eyes and imagine her clit is swelling with pleasure. Bigger and larger than ever before. Until it resembles a cock in size and sensation. The subject can be told to close their eyes and gently find the cock with their hand. Reach out and pump it. As they do this, they feel it in their pussy. This can be how you tease them to know the best of both genders. Have the subject reach out and touch it, stroke it all the way back down to the base of the clit. That makes it all feel so good. Intensifies everything with each stroke. Instruct them to pump that clit cock until they are so close to cumming. Then command them to cum. I like to give this clit cock intelligence. Telling the subject, it wants to make them cum over and over. It transformed again into a tail. This tail is connected to the deepest parts of their sex. It thirsts for this stimulation and insistently reminds the subject what it craves. The tail comes out and any touch, or breath makes the arousal grow in strength. The subject can’t stop responding to the tail. That tail reminds them that they are a pet slave. Kneeling lets them take the time to contemplate a place by their Master. As you put your feet in the sand, the entire Earth becomes your shoes. Not your kink? No problem. Don’t use it in this way.)

“Feel my hypnotic fingers, feel my mouths, and hypnotic cocks… they do not let up… this is what you’re meant for… this is how you learn what it means to obey… this fucking is going to give you the strongest orgasm you’ve ever had in your life... Fuck my cocks... I have control… You’re so close… you can almost believe you’ll be allowed to cum any second… keeping that pleasure high… building that energy and sensation… drink it in… you can’t cum till I tell you to… obeying makes that pleasurable intensity even stronger.”

7 was getting louder and her eyes went wide as she hovered on the brink of orgasm. I’ve learned much from my time spent with Bacchus. There is ecstasy in service. Those that follow me further are freed from narrow-minded selfconsciousness and the limiting confines of judgmental eyes. They are encouraged to express that passion and lose oneself within the flow of it. Bacchus was often called Eleutherios, meaning “the liberator” as those that served him experienced that. Your work as a Hypno Dom follows in the ancient ways of experiential liberation and offering peak experiences that cross the boundaries of the known and unknown. To those I teach, and those I inspire. I share Bacchus’s divine gift that has earned him the title of liberator. The gift of Bacchus loosens the tongues of those who partake of wine and meaningful conversation. It encourages people with the freedom to speak, love, and live in ways that inspire us all to fully live. As we hone this art to ultimately become Enshrouded, we’ll begin to attract those that do not quite fit in, and those seeking a space that celebrates who they can be. This is the gift that allows expectation to be directed into a responsive reality. To be fucked by invisible lovers at the command of Master is a story to be told. Over and Over…

“You’re so close… you can take more… You will not cum until I allow it. You can feel so much more… I never said this would be easy. Turn this need way up… (I saw a tear roll down 7’s check.) This is the start of teaching you to obey… to recognize this power, and my control can move with you… You are being conditioned to please me… you are being transformed with this intensity and desire… I’m moving you to experience one far greater… this is just a portion of what you are conditioned for… this is what you must make it through to earn that orgasm… Respond and obey!”

“Yes, please… please, please.” 7 growing increasingly desperate and that just made me want to intensify this even more.

I could have snapped my fingers and told her to cum here. If this is your first time and someone is responding this way, totally do it. Then keep building them up for another orgasm and layer in your commands. This is the phase of conditioning for automatic obedience and starts also getting into state proofing should you be keeping the subject. The word please has been spoken so much it contains a lot of energy and meaning for her right now. It is this word I will use as a sliding anchor to increase this sexual energy and emotion more. Spend too much time with energy at its peak and the biology of the body will seek ways to turn that intensity down reactively. Be aware of this and fractionate it up and down to develop the individual’s capacity to sense, feel, and communicate through the activities you’re engaged in. Each intensification gets easier. When I snap my fingers again 7 goes quiet and her legs spread wider.

“Listen well, my words focus those feelings… pointing your pleasure filled obedience towards a word… Please… Please… is repeating now… repeating like an echo in your mind… Please… No other thoughts… no other thoughts… Please, echoes in your mind… over and over, please… You know that you will please me… you please me with this intensity… you please me with this thirsty desire, or one far greater… you please me with this responsiveness… because this is just what you're conditioned for… This sexual energy is increasing… taking you farther than ever before… Echoing, please… over and over… please… You will please me with this intensity of desire or one far greater… this is what your being trained for… Your mine… Hear these words… energy echoing… so when I say, Please or Pleasing… what happens?” I wait for just a second or two as 7 opens her mouth like she was going to talk but nothing comes out. I use that response. “You can’t think clearly enough to answer. You can’t think when your pussy is so hungry… needing to be filled… and you can't think so good when your mind is so thirsty… you just needed someone like me to shut off your brain, and turn on your heart… I’m fucking you with pleasure… and I’m transforming you with this rising thirst.

Your thirsty desire is so intense… you can get lost in it… but you know me… and I am the person you need to please… pleasing me brings you pleasure… pleasing is about feeling this pleasure… Each time you say please, out loud or in your mind, you feel my control asserting itself… You’ll be reminded with this pleasure… Each time you hear me say please, you thirst for this pleasure… drink it in… every cell memorizing how good this feels… please me at this responsive intensity or one far greater… say please… you’re locking into this pleasurable baseline… Thinking back to this, you cannot resist my words, you cannot resist this desire… your body responds to my expectations. You ache for this touch… You thirst for my direction and my control… and you’ll feel this desire seeking out this pleasure... It takes you over…That’s how this work… It’s what your being conditioned to do… you’ll be an ideal slut to own… You were once a wandering soul filled with longing and love… you were constantly looking for someone worthy to give it to… Here we are… Freedom comes in many forms.

When you say please, your body instantly responds… when you say please, or hear please, you respond perfectly… you’ll please me… driving this thirsty desire higher, into more… say please… and very soon you will cum… every please, drives that pleasure up further… stronger… more intense… My words, my control, my presence, causes you to become uncontrollably horny… automatically aroused… you can’t resist… this is how you earn this orgasm… this is how you earn this pleasure… This is how it works now… My words, my control, my presence allow you to become completely submissive to me… Say please and feel good perfect pleasure, knowing anything I tell you in response is exactly what you were asking for… Now, what do you say to me?”

“Please.” 7 moaned slow and long.

“That’s my girl… taking that thirsty sexual energy deep inside… drink it in… it’s now part of you… In a moment, I’m going to touch you… drink in that sensation… memorize the sensation of my touch... how good it feels… what this does to you… become the pleasure…” I touched 7 on the top of her hand and her legs began to shake… “Stronger, deeper, becoming more complete… more intense… Drink me in… You can’t forget the way I’m making you feel… and you carry this pleasure with you now… taking you farther beyond any familiar bliss you knew… you are being taught what it means to be owned, and conditioned to be mine… I can fuck you anywhere… any time, and no one but us would know… These dicks slide into you… these dicks do not tire… these dicks are not satisfied until I’m pleased… Fucking you harder… knowing you could cum if I commanded you too… and no one else would know… We are completely free to enjoy this orgasmic leash anywhere… When I move my hand next, you will cum… feel your whole body responding to my command… When I move my hand, you will cum and cum hard…”

7’s whole body was visibly shaking and I was worried she might have a screaming orgasm. She met my eyes intensely, and I was thinking that if she could move, she would have stripped naked and pounced. My gaze moved from her eyes down her trembling body and I readied myself to back away a bit. I did not want to refuse this woman grinding in front of my dick. An experience like this often mellows out someone who identifies as having a high sex drive. I teased and fractionated one more time with a question.

“You would do anything for me right now, wouldn’t you?” I asked watching the fixated frenzy of energy 7 barely contained.

“Please. Yes. Please.” 7 moaned out and I moved my hand to caress her face and ensured she looked in my eyes as I spoke.

“Cum like a good girl.” At that moment there was a gush like I was standing next to a breaking wave. I pat 7 on one leg and say, “Cum for me… keep cumming… more and more.” I stand up and notice Damion standing between these two women who are seated at the bar with glassy eyes and mouths open. He is having them look into each other’s eyes like an erotic mirror that amplifies everything they feel. He’s not done yet so I go in for another round.

“Go right back to that pre-orgasmic feeling… feel your body responding to my command… you will cum again when I command you… Already ready to cum from the penetration of my dicks… Every breath in, they slide pumping into you… you’re already rising into bliss… every breath out, aches for me inside you… You are really being fucked right now… All you can do is respond… Feel yourself rocking back and forth… you’re breathing faster and faster, as my dicks pump in and out… faster and faster, harder and harder. Every time you move, you feel that you’re about to cum… You’re so close… feeling this sexual energy building inside you even more… You are secretly having sex right now… anyone could come in and see you… no one would ever know… you don’t even care where you are… you obey, and the pleasure multiples… It’s so easy, you get completely lost in your arousal.

You are attracted by this freedom to enjoy bliss in any circumstance… It’s easy to get completely lost in these feeling… You are horny as fuck, being filled with need and cock… It’s so easy to get completely lost in this thirsty need… you’ll have the freedom to enjoy sex anywhere… Feel every movement bringing you to the edge of cumming… dizzy with pleasure… and loving this… you’ll ache for this… you’ll want to beg to experience it again… You are being fucked like an engine taking in multiple pistons… there is no other thought’s that matter, but please… you will obey… you're unable to escape the sensation of my dicks inside you… Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, please. Yes.” 7 begs.

“Tell me you’re mine.”

“Please, I’m yours. I’m yours.” 7 moans louder and squeezing her thighs together.

“Perfect, that’s right… feel how good it is to be helplessly under my control… COME NOW! Unable to stop the orgasm until I command it so! Cum. Cum. Cum like a good girl.”

7 is so loud that the bartender is staring and smiling. She is a sight to watch pumping away and squirming. I notice Damion has turned the two women at the bar and they are watching this. They start cumming, squirming, and moaning on their barstool. I notice two people I don’t know standing up and watching from the corner of the bar with drinks in their hand. At this point I know we weren’t contributing to a troublesome noise complaint in the bar. We had become the entertainment. 7 was a screamer that you wouldn’t be totally thrilled to take home to sleep in your old room across the hall from your folks on the holidays. I could have stopped here but I was told this is where she can let loose without anyone knowing her. Having an audience, I went back to work.

“Your pussy tightens around each dick… feel it… there’s so many of them now… They hold back the volume of your moaning… the more you hold that pleasure back the greater that pleasure expands…. It builds like an orgasm about to explode… incredible sensations pump into you… the convulsing, tingling, pumping cocks, reaching deep into who you are… your clit is throbbing uncontrollably… feeling so incredible, so many sensations… you’ve become a giant pussy... so good, beyond words… this is what you’re made for…” 7 is now constantly gasping and moaning just slightly louder than before. I’m feeling like I must limit the volume more for my comfort more than anything else, and wondering if she’s ever going to tire out. “Now I’m taking the volume knob for your voice and turning it way down… that pleasure expands with the knob turned… feel how that intensity fucks you more…”

Initially, the moaning goes down but in five seconds I can already hear it rising again. This is something I would want to train with her. I would probably install a mute button if we weren’t almost done here. “That sexual energy of obedience pumps through every beat of your heart… take a long, slow, deep breath in… breath it in through every inhale… my dicks pressing into those tight, sensitive, spaces inside you… this is just what you trained for… this is what pushes that cunt to explode with new, and bigger orgasms… This is the control I have… drink it in… You can’t cum until I believe you’ve transformed under this control… full of intensity… fully soaking in my energy… you are being tuned.”

7 was getting louder fast and the onlookers, yep more than 3 now are enjoying her demonstration.

“Now, your hands are freed, but they are drawn to your mouth… covering your mouth now… closing your mouth, completely… Enjoy having that control move you... I’m developing the strength you need to fully live your life… You’re being transformed… enjoy the ride! … It feels good when I’m in control… my control sets free the best of you, that has held back, inside… drink deeply of how good this feels… this is my magic… I’ll make you cum on command, any time I wish… Your orgasm reminds you how completely you thirst for this control… moan out loud… that hand won’t let your mouth open… moan, and hear the excitement… Cum! Cum like my good girl! Cum with my control… Cum and drink this control into every cell… Cum harder… Keep cumming knowing you’ve accepted this thirst.” I was watching 7 droop a bit even as her hands stuck fiercely onto her mouth. Time to transition again for the audience and ensure 7 does not hyperventilate on me.

“Stop cumming…. You are dizzy with pleasure, and still full of desire… lean back now… body so relaxed… arms relaxed, only able to speak in whispers… this may be the happiest you’ve been in a long time… perhaps it’s the happiest you’ve ever been… there’s no holding anything back with me… You’re unable to escape the feeling that my dicks are still inside of you… starting up again… building up that energy inside you… they do not tire… this is about earning the pleasure… You will cum anytime I say, please aloud now… You will cum anytime I say or you say please… You will cum, even if you think the word, please… No one else has this power over you… This will happen anytime I give the command to please… Any time I say please, you get this intense sexual desire, or a greater desire… (7’s arm, hands, and leg twitch as I’m speaking.) you’ll know you are meant to please… you have been transformed… and if unsure, you will ask by saying, “Please, may I obey?” (7’s breathing is rapid and it appears like she is tensing and relaxing her stomach.) … every orgasm confirms the agreement… this thirst sets you free… This is just how it is now… you a meant to please… Now, I only promised one orgasm, but I’ve given you more. Do you want more?” I ask and don’t hear 7 now she is so quiet. Her hand has returned to her mouth.

“Perhaps I should take them all back. Make them go away and have you forget… Should I?”

7 shakes her head back and forth and her eyes showed intensity.

“No. please, no…” 7 made me believe she would take a stand for this.

“Those hands relax again. You want this. Say it again please, and louder.” I lean closer to her and hear her say “Please, yes, please…please…”

I’m happy to find someone so orgasmically insatiable, but it’s time to bring this to a close. Then I’ll give her time so she can clean up before any debrief. I looked at Damion and held up three fingers to indicate 3 minutes and I’m done. He held up five fingers as the four onlookers and the bar staff was watching him work. He always had a love of threesomes and more some’s, but that’s his story to tell.

I instructed 7 to close her eyes, to say please over and over in her mind for one minute, and that each orgasm would become progressively stronger and more intense. At that one-minute mark, she would open her eyes feeling fucking amazing, she would walk through that doorway heading back to her room to clean up and then come back. Once she walked through the doorway all hypnotic instruction and commands, she did not want to keep to better her life would simply disappear. All control over her would fall away. She could come back here to talk about the experience and would have amazingly incredible memories of this fantasy for the rest of her life. I told her that I would remain nearby for a short time and stated again that only the best of this experience would stay with her as she walked through that door. Everything else falls away. I said, “Please, begin.” I got up and ordered another whiskey and watched Damion move towards his close.

In just a minute I watched 7 open her eyes and stand up almost mechanically. She did not make eyes contact immediately before she walked out the door. In a few minutes Damion’s women hopped off their stools and walked out the door too. At that point, the bartender told us that those women didn’t pay for their drinks and he still had their credit cards with an open status on their bill. I said if they didn’t come back soon, we would take care of it. Damion laughed and pointed to where 7 was seated.

“They will be back. She left her purse over there and there’s one purse on this chair here too.” Damion said right before the onlookers came our way and started talking to him immediately.

All subjects mentioned here were followed up with, debriefed, and excited to have had this experience. All three stated they would be looking to explore experiences like this in the future and they were encouraged to be naughty tourists.

Using These Skills to Stand Out Every one of us has had the experience of going to a party or social event and trying to capture someone’s attention and interest with good conversation. If you are serious about practicing these skills you will have to find likeminded subjects to do so. Conversation is always the first step to meeting someone new and it doesn’t matter whether you are seeking to network professionally or attract a prospective partner. So, let this chapter prepare you to utilize this information in your routines. I recommend brainstorming common and interesting themes you care about and can flow into by applying your art. Let’s begin generating ideas of where to start playing in the conversations and interactions of life.

Confusion inductions are used everywhere and they are one of the subtlest ways to do trance hijacking and street hypnosis. Applying this technique goes like this.

1. Identify a dominant pattern in the subject's behavior through observation and linguistic harvesting. When preparing this technique before an event select people or person that you know will be at the event if possible.

2. Pace the pattern until you can lead with it. You practice this before the event and engage in linguistic harvesting and do mental rehearsal also.

3. Interrupt or overload the pattern in a way which confuses the subject. This is a skill you can practice through mental rehearsal, but to get good you need to have a partner to work with preferably. Have a few redirects for attention here as it may seem like a momentary awkward moment.

4. Amplify the confusion a bit. If you don’t have a mentor to guide you in redirecting attention and using confusion look to YouTube. There are many examples of people doing these techniques as part of their street hypnosis routines. Redirection of attention within context is important.

5. Utilize the confusion by interjecting a command statement “Forget your name. What's your name? Where do you live?" "Drop down into a deep hypnotic sleep." Use what makes sense or aligns with your goal. Test it out and be playful.

The technique above takes time, but with practice, it can also be used conversationally. Imagine handing someone your business card and having a phrase printed on it simply to induce confusion and curiosity. You might get a card like this card at a party, speed dating event, business meeting, or from a friend that completely forget my name at the moment. What they will remember is the question that leads them back to me to get my name. This technique is used by corporations every day. We’ve all gone shopping and had store staff say things like this. “Ask me about our bear high life collection for a higher sexual drive."

We are going to apply this technique conversationally here. This technique is a great one to use as you publicly mingle with others. It stops your train of thought in its tracks and makes you pause. It makes you focus on ME. Once you stop and interrupt someone's thoughts you can embed a hypnotic command right after it. For instance, if I write “Home to the Crown’s hypnotic dreaming bears.” Then follow the statement quickly with, "Read my book, The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers" the chances are good that you are going to check it out, or at the very least it will prime awareness. Perhaps, you’ll become more interested in what I’m about to say. It's best when the command phrase is a shorter though.

The name of the book and the mention of the bears should make you curious to know more. And if you don't check it out it doesn't matter, because I never really told you to go buy it anyway. See? The same process can happen with your new redesigned business cards. This phenomenon can work for you even if the person does not have time to chat. Just hand them your card, point to the bears and repeat the message, “follow the bears back, when getting in touch with me later.” That statement will stick in their mind and will pop up again when they see this card later. It has the potential to be a launching point that leads attention and opens up the conversation. To influence, we must communicate.

What happens if you do this in a loud and crowded event? The focus on you is a moment of opportunity because you are offering something different and unexpected. So, make the best out of capturing attention in a busy environment. If you are describing yourself as a hypnotist, MC, Guru, or offering an experience of any sort, you must speak to your audience. Figure out if you need to describe in great detail for the person in front of you. Can you include elements that may be vague, mystical, teachable, or confusing? A person can read the words, read in between the words, skip over the words, get beyond the words, or even engage with the words. Where will you be headed next? Is it interesting? Are you describing a new topic or experience in such a way that I want to explore this with you? If you’re not getting indicators of interest with the topics or ideas your sharing start going in a completely new direction. We all have our own personalities and styles and this is simply a guide. Use what you find here to explore what’s possible. There’s more freedom in the interactions that you routinely move through.

I find more and more that many people want someone where they can be themselves. They are seeking a connection that they can share what they feel they are holding back from the work a day world. Be that person who holds space for others to express more of themselves. This is a gift that we share with others. Happy trancing. Seek to live the poetry you cannot put into words.

Joseph Crown
Joseph Crown
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