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Flipping the script on male pleasure

By Jay TaylorPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The longer I do this, the more that authentic pleasure and arousal is of utmost importance to me, and the more I want to make porn that I'd like to watch... Pornography has forever been geared toward a predominantly male audience, and because of that, particularly in straight porn my male counterparts are often relegated to being props and stunt cocks, and I've never found that to be very fair. I personally find male pleasure to be incredibly sexy, but it's very hard to find in straight porn because men tend to be so stoic or focused entirely on the penis. Penis is cool, but when I'm watching men solo or with partners, that's not where I'm looking. I wanna see the micro expressions on your face change, sweat bead down your skin, your torso hitch with your breathing, your toes curling... That's fascinatingly erotic to me. There's a huge amount of porn focusing on this beauty with females, but a lot of it has a bdsm tilt, adding in power dynamics, bondage, and forced orgasms, and that's not what I'm into.

There are two gay content creators I've taken a lot of inspiration from, Coach Dom and Powers of Man. PoM in particular has these beautifully soft and intimate scenes, but they both are focused on giving intense selfless pleasure. When I masturbate, I wanna tease and edge and goon myself to the highest peaks possible for as long as I can, so that's why I started this series. So I can tease and please and worship my favorite male costars, my friends. Service top and make them the central focus. Boiled down, it's basically a cock worship scene, but as you can see, my vision is far loftier. 😂

I asked Ruckus to be a part of this series because he is beautiful, sensual, and I thought he'd understand what I was going for. We started with a chat about my intentions with this project, and though I gave him the opportunity to spell out exactly what he liked he thought it'd be more fun for me to feel him out... Our first "position" was us both fully clothed, him in my lap and wrapped in my arms, making out and kissing his neck while stroking his body, teasing him. We didn't move on until he was raring to go. The main portion of this scene was me just working his cock with my mouth and hands, drawing out his pleasure as much as possible, but it was very intimate. We were very connected. Always close, always touching. Leading up to the end, he actually wrapped his legs around me and squeezed every time it got intense, which I adored. Feeling his strong body react to my touch like that was exactly what I wanted.

I wrote a piece of prose once that I turned into an audio, an Ode to the Male Orgasm (, and one of the earliest comments I received on it was that he never thought that his pleasure "...could be a spiritual experience for a woman. That's mindblowing." That's what I'm looking to capture here. My appreciation of the sensuality and beauty of the male form. I think we did... and I think the more of them I shoot the better they'll get. I am very excited to continue this series, not only because being the conduit for as much pleasure as I'm trying to inflict is so powerfully arousing to me, but because I think holding up a mirror to men and allowing them to see another person's view on their sexual expression could be a very positive thing. I hope you stay tuned.

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