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My First Time with a VA

By Jay TaylorPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

If you follow me at all closely, you'll know just how pumped I am about erotic audio content. I've been listening seriously for two years and creating my own for almost as long ( The ease at which you can fully immerse yourself into an expertly done audio roleplay is completely unmatched by any video content I've ever seen. There are no limits. You can go anywhere. Be and do anything. Handsome strangers, doting boyfriends, friends to lovers, kinky job recruiters ala 2002's Secretary, doctor appointments that get VERY personal, medieval knights, magic wielders, vampires, werewolves, a horde of demons, a ragtag crew of smack talking space aliens... I've loved them all. And since you're using your imagination to fill in the blanks, everything is perfect. The way they look... the way they feel.

Since I'm very aware how powerful mental integration into sex can be, I wanted to fuck a voice artist. I wanted to see if any of that talent translated. The only problem is that so many VA's are not sex workers in any other capacity, and I'm not really interested in sex unless I can film it. Enter Jim Nova.

Jim, or FeelGoodFilth as he is known on the internet is a MASSIVELY popular VA. A prolific creator with a huge following and view count, specializing in daddy, bdsm, kink, and straight for gay audios and videos. Admittedly, not my things... but what put him on my map was his fantastic reputation among other VA's I trusted and adored, and what hooked me was his quirky charm. Jim's twitter feed is filled with videos of him making women cum over and over, or being your unattainable straight friend who'll let you watch him stroke, and also of him making jam, or taking adorable Christmas photos in National parks. Showing that much personality and not taking yourself too seriously is majorly sexy to me.

I reached out to shoot with him quite quickly after following; when I become interested in working with someone I tend to pounce fast. He was the first trade I had booked for AVN, I think two months in advance. And then we kinda just chilled. I kept my eye on his content and interacted with it a bit, but there were a lot of other life things going on then, so the shoot was scheduled and then effectively backburnered.

When it finally came time to shoot, I was a little nervous as I always am pre-pornosex time and I tried to keep my expectations very much in check. He was just a guy, after all, not even a pornstar, and I'd already shot ten scenes in the last four days. I was sure the sex and scene would be serviceable, but that's it. His home was spotless and tastefully decorated, which is a huge green flag for me, and the front was filled with gifts and fanart from his admirers, including dozens upon dozens of squishmallows and pusheens, which was pretty cool to see. He as a person was very polite and earnest with no weird or aloof of skeezy vibes in any direction. I very quickly was at ease as I could be, while also getting more excited by the minute. I sent a last lovey update text to my partner and then it was time to shoot.

We went over my likes and dislikes and he was completely amicable to everything I said. He uses vibrators in a lot of his content, but they are not my preference with partners, so he tossed it aside without a second thought. It was refreshing to feel so heard and like I didn't have to compromise.

The scene itself was... something else. I started wrapped in his arms so he could caress and talk to me and remember how I said earlier audios are perfect cause it's all in your head? That was this except it was really happening. His hands were soft and gentle without being tentative and he did everything like we had all the time in the world. This first section was at least 15 minutes and then he went down on me... and wow.

I consider myself a cunnilingus connoisseur. It's the vast majority of what I watch and fantasize and think about. I'm obsessed, and I'm picky. Jim did things I didn't know, things I'd never felt, and all of it was fantastic. He's exceptionally talented. It never once felt like he was bored, or on autopilot, or focused more on his own pleasure than on mine... with pretty much every scene ever, there's a pussy eating section and then that chapter ends, and we move on to sex. Not here. Jim went back to it multiple times and for like ten minutes at a time. I kind of couldn't believe it. He just didn't stop. This wasn't like any porn scene I've ever done. This was two people having really incredible sex for over an hour and half where I just kept coming. Over and over and over. And I think the most surprising aspect of all of that for me was that I never got sore, or overstimulated... we never fumbled and did something awkward or uncomfortable or painful. It was princess treatment that just kept going. We built to pop because I was dehydrated and hungry and tired, but I don't think Jim was. It was his 4th scene of the day and he popped up like a daisy afterward and made me a sandwich. I don't know what it would take to wear out Jim Nova, but I don't think I could do it on my own. I told all my girlfriends to go see him though. 😏

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Jay Taylor

Hi there, I’m Jay. You may know me from the internet.

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