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Clone 3

Erotic Audio Roleplay Script

By Jay TaylorPublished 14 days ago 4 min read
Clone 3
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J) Come in. (Lab atmosphere) Ah Doctor hello. I was not expecting you. To what do I owe the pleasure? … Oh you’ve heard of her? Yes I’m sure word has gotten round… Would you like to meet her? … No, it’s no imposition. Darling? Come here please, there’s someone I would like you to meet.

C) Hello

J) Mmm… remarkable isn’t she? I’m so very proud of what she is and who she is becoming. Well, we do both have work to get back to and I’m sure you do as well… hmm? Oh you actually came here for something in particular? Well? What is it? … Ah heh heh heh. Yes, well, I can’t say I didn’t expect this. Once you have the best toy in the neighborhood, everyone wants one. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, I suppose. Alright, I will help you. How far have you gotten in your research so far? … (a little disappointed) Really? Well, no matter. I’ve done it once and know exactly how to do it again. We’ll need to begin with a dna sample. I’m sure you knew that much, correct? Excellent. Did you bring it? … Hair? Well, yes, hair would suffice, but given the… intimate nature of these clones, I would recommend something a bit more… personal. Yes doctor, I am referring to a semen sample. Is that something you are comfortable with? (Softer) Okay… and how would you like to extract said sample? … Well you could go somewhere private and return with it later, but since you are already here, I’m sure we could figure out something more - efficient. What do you think, Darling? Shall we help the good doctor with a pet project of his very own?

C) I think that would be fun.

J) You always knowing exactly what I’m thinking has to be my favorite aspect of you… Well then, doctor, I assume you trust my methods… They are quite thorough… Excellent. Why don’t you relax then. Darling, help make our guest more - comfortable.

C) (giggles) Of course.

J) No no, leave the lab coat on. We enjoy the aesthetic.

(starts undoing pants)

J) Don’t worry doctor, she’s very gentle… if that’s what you like. I hope you don’t mind standing. I, however, am going to sit. Nice cock, doc. Go ahead Darling. However you see fit.

C: (Improvise blowjob 30 secs to start)

J: She’s good isn’t she? As good as me? Well I would hope so, but I’ve certainly had more practice. She is very good at reading your reactions though, so any moans, twitching, putting your hands on her head she’ll be able to - GENTLY. More time, money, and care went into building her than you can possibly imagine. Well, you will be very aware of what sort of commitment something like this takes soon enough, I suspect. Regardless, I require that you be acutely aware that she is MINE and getting to touch her is a privilege. We… are playing with you… my good doctor. That’s right. As pleasant as her mouth feels, I’m sure there’s a thought playing at the back of your mind that this is all… false. You may have come to me hoping to further your own aims, but make no mistake, friend… in the process you have become OUR pet project. Your research IS my research. Mmm she’s working a bit harder at you now, isn’t she? Using her hands to stroke that hard cock while her lips and tongue suck and lick at your dripping head. I can see you trembling. Are you about to cum? Let your semen mix with her saliva… your dna, OUR dna swirling together in her mouth just like they will be in that beaker. (Softer) and do you know what that means? That a part of her, a part of ME, will forever be entwined with your work, doctor. Now, cum for her.

C: (finish)

J: (gentle) Over here darling… in here.

C: (spits)

J: Good girl. You’ve done very well, as always. Are you alright?

C: Yes. He was easy.

J: Mmm that’s my girl. I do love you so. (Kiss, then tonal shift) Pull up your pants, doctor. There is a LOT of work ahead of you.


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