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Sometimes Less is More

by Everything Exclusive 4 days ago in erotic

Mouthful and hands full

My roomates and I threw a party for the Rival home game at our apartment, which started out with a small get together for about 20-25 ppl which quickly swelled to 80-100 was packed wall to wall and thr liqour and beer was flowing like crazy and I was partaking in it all! Enjoying the night making my rounds and just having a blast! Maybe a little too much! The noise levels were getting louder than what it needed to be and before we knew it, Campus Police came and quickly broke things up ending our shindig abruptly, causing all of our party goers to leave and head out! My two roomates followed suit heading out to another party but I was not feeling the greatest so I stayed back to try to sober up a bit, heading to the shower figuring letting the water and steam hit me followed by laying down would help me come back down to earth, because I was floating at this point!

A few moments had passed when I heard a knock on the door , quickly rinsing off and drying off and throwing a towel around my waist , I rushed to the door yelling one minute and when I opened up the door it was Mona and Renee standing there holding two bottles of liquor each, smiling and both yelled" Party time!" Then noticing I had on just a towel, Renee blushed and said," We didnt know it was that kind of party!" I laughed and told them that it wasn't explaining that the party got out of hand and got broken up and unfortunately it was over! Mona pushed by me asking if I was the only one there or were my roomates there as well, suggesting that we could drink the bottles that they brought and play some cards like we usually do! Mona, Renee and their Roomate Tina would come over every now and then, drink and just hang out from time to time and they were really cool, Nothing sexual had ever happened between any of us, but I had always thought that all of them were very sexy! Renee stood about 5'9 thick and curvy and very pretty! Mona stood about 5'1 or 2 and very petite but curvy as well. They were both wearing form fitting jeans and fitting tees up top! I asked where Tina was which they replied that she had gone out with some guy she met! I laughed as they headed to the kitchen opening the bottles and pouring up drinks. Realizing that I was still damn near naked and that you could see all of my business through the towel, since they were clearly turning me on, Mona, always very outspoken joked and said with a smirk on her face, " seems like you are very happy to see us", as she looked down below my waist! Without saying a word, I covered the front of myself and headed into my room, closing the door behind me quickly finding some shorts and a tshirt to throw on as I could hear them giggling and glasses clanging together! I shook my head and headed out into the living room, joining them and grabbing a mixed drink some concontion that they put toghether! It tasted amazing and strong and I probably shouldnt have consumed it, but I did anyway! We were in the living room laughing and joking and about 3 or 4 drinks in, Mona suggested that we played truth or dare, and against my better judgement, I agreed! There we were divulging secrets to each other, when I decided to switch it up and take a Dare instead of Truth! Why did I do that, because Renee, yes Renee and not Mona, put on some music and dared me to strip to the music, completely Nude! I tried to change it to truth and Mona was not hearing it! She turned off the music in the living room, grabbed my hand leading me into my own bedroom, turned on the music and patted the bed for Renee to sit by her, then told me to close the door and strip! I was nervous, I had never done this before, put on a strip show for a girl, let alone two?! I had my drink in my had still and gulped it completely down, as I watched then make themselves more comfy on my bed! I had taken the dare so it was time to deliver, I began to feel the music, I took off my shirt slowly, making eye contact as I was pulling it up from the bottom, pulled it over my head and threw it at them! They were smiling as I moved even closer to them! I was enjoying the attention of thier eyes on me as I could see that they were enjoying what they were seeing! The fact that I could see them getting turned on, turned me on causing the buldge in my shorts to become more noticeable than before! I moved to right in front of them, grabbing onto each other their shoulder and grind right in front of thier eyes! To my suprise they both reached out and started feeling on me, Mona even reached into the left leg of my shorts and began to stroke my dick! This was getting crazy as hell! I backed up and slid my shorts down to the ground and stepped out of them leaving me completly exposed! Completely naked from head to toe! I continued to dance with my throbbing manhood was standing at full attention out in front of me, I could see them licking their lips when I told them I wanted them out of those jeans and tshirts! I expected them to laugh it off and say no, but before I knew it, their jeans were dropped to the floor and their shirts were thrown at me like I had done to them moments earlier! Mona had on a matching see through black bra and panties set and Renee was standing there in a yellow and blue matching bra and thong set! They were looking lucious as hell! I wanted them but I knew that that wasnt going to happen! But little did I know how wrong I was! I jokingly told them that they needed to lose their bras and panties and Mona told me that if I wanted the naked that I would have to take them off of them, in which Renee nodded concured! There I was standing directly in front of them, with in arms reach of them, and they took clear advantage of it, both grabbing my thickness below my waist, taking turns stroking it slowly over and over as I stood there with my mouth gapped wide open, but in my mind it was go time! They had given me the green light! I reached out to them and began to undress them.....sliding off Renee's bra off first then moved over to do the same to Mona. exposing both of their beautiful perky breast, nipples standing at attention staring straight at me! Shit this could not be happening, I didnt know that they looked at me like this, was this a set up? What in the hell? To add to this, Renee cupped her breast, grabs the back of my head and places her left breast into my mouth, I begin to suck on her breast while massaging her breast with my hands, while Mona continues to stroke my dick! I then moved my hands away from her breast and slid my hands down in between both of their legs, feeling their juices flowing! It was time for those panties to go! I slid down, grabbing Renee's waist and slid her panties down around her ankles, as she stepped out of them, Mona reached for my hands and placed them on her hips and looked down at me as she bit her lip.......I knew what she wanted so I slowly slid her panties down as she slowly sat down on the bed laying back on the bed spreading her legs wide grabbing me and pulling my head in between her legs! My mouth couldnt wait to taste her! I went in for the kill, my tongue circling her clit, sliding two fingers deep up inside of her, causing her back to arch, as she gasp for air! Renee was laying on the bed watching and playing with herself when she said, " yall are leaving me out of all the fun! Mona pushed my head from in between her legs, stood up and instructed me to lay in the middle of the bed on my back! I did as I was told and before I knew it, she straddled my face, lowering her wetness onto my mouth and as my mouth went back into action she instructed Renee to straddle my waist! She didnt hesistate, she climbed up the bed and lowered her hips onto me, sliding her dripping tight wet pussy onto my mandhood slowly one inch at a time until I was completly buried deep inside of her goodness! Both women rotating their hips, Mona soaking my lips and Renee soaking my dick with their wetness! We were all moaning and groaning as our motions intensified with every passing moment! My lips became too much for Mona as I could feel her body tightning up and then as she let a loud moan her body began to jerk as her juices flooded my face as I reached up to hold her hips down on my face as I continued to ravish her lips below her waist! My hips along with Renee's sped up as Mona slowly escaped my grasp sliding off of my face! Mona screamed out fuck me , make me cum as she placed her hands on my chest pressing them firmly against me, as she grinded and grinded on my dick until her walls began to tighten more and more, and she let out a moan sped up even more, grabbed my throat and told me I better not cum amd then she began to cum as her hips rolled on my dick, it took everything in me to hold as her body jerked and creamed! She eventually rolled off of me to the side, breathing hard as she attempted to catch her breath! Mona smirked as she had already caught her breath and began to climb on top of me , which I let her know that I needed a quick minute, because I knew that if she slid that wetness onto me at that moment it would be all over just that quick! She laughed but waitied as instructed rubbing on my legs gently while she patiently waited! Renee on the other hand had plans of her own, still somewhat recovering from her release, slowly climbed onto my face, grabbed my head as I began to feast on her tasty lower lips and clit! As I moved my tongue up and down her slit slowly while massaaging her ass gently, Mona saw her opprotunity and mounted me slowly! Her thickness on me felt amazing as she plopped her juicy ass onto me as my manhood dissapeared into her wet tight canal. She rode me nice, hard and slow keeping me nice and hard as I went in and out of her keeping stimulated just enough to pleasure her and myself without taking me over the edge. Renee matched our rhythm of her hips on my face! This round was different, it wasnt hard and fast like before, intead it was slow and sensual but before I knew it we were all cumming hard, right behind one another , their juices all over me and mine being released deep inside of Mona! We were all exhausted and I dont remember what happened next, we must have all fell asleep in each others juices because the next morning when my roomates knocked on the door to wake me to get ready for the football game, Renee was cuddled up on me on one side and Mona the same on the other, all of us completely naked! These two that I had always seen as just my older friends that would come and chill with us gave me a night I would not forget, and I think I did the same for them! The campus police came in handy after all for once by shutting down one party of many , which allowed me to have a much better private party for 3! Sometimes Less is More! In this case for sure!


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