Some Of The Best Selling Condoms In India From Different Manufacturers

Best Selling Condoms In India Price

Some Of The Best Selling Condoms In India From Different Manufacturers
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Condoms were once regarded as a safety tool to protect the partners from sexually transmitted diseases and from unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. But in modern times, condoms are used to satisfy and escalate one’s sexual desire and no wonder there are a number of brands and flavors that have come to play to influence the sexual life of modern day men and women. When it comes to choosing a condom, apart from safety a number of factors come to play such as color, flavor, texture, price, etc. Let us discuss the best selling condoms in India price here along with their brand names.

Some people feel shy to approach a store and purchase a condom. But with a little embarrassment your health is also important. First of all purchasing condoms should not be a cause of embarrassment in the first place. It points to the fact that you are responsible and protecting yourself and even your partner.

If at any cost you feel that you cannot proceed on to a store and purchase a condom then ask someone for help. It is better to visit a community centre and seek their help.

Bestselling condoms in India:

1. Kohinoor Xtra time condom: This is one of the best extra time condom brand in India that features a snug fit and anatomical shaping. It uses a blend of ribs and dots to provoke additional sensation to give more pleasure and excitement for both the partners. It is dermatologically tested and is proven to be safe to use.

2. Durex Extended pleasure condoms: Durex is the bestselling condom brand that has been in business for more than 80 years and all of its products are been thoroughly tested for competency. There are a number of variations available with these condoms such as ribbed, dotted, flavored, extra thin, etc. Their special benzocaine lubricant is liked the most by its users.

3. Kamasutra SKYN non latex condoms: Kamasutra started making condoms in Richmond, Australia in 1905 and has grown to be a global leader in the sexual wellness domain. They are made of non-latex soft material to give the same effect as skin and are lubricated with an ultra-smooth lubricant, ideal for those who are allergic and sensitive for latex.

4. Moods dotted condoms: This is a high quality condom brand that is trusted by many people all over the world. It is manufactured by HLL, the largest manufacturers of condoms in India and their high quality units are molded with super dots on the outside to enhance one’s desires and stimulation. These latex units are available in different flavors such as fruit, aloe flavor, chocolate, coffee, etc.

5. Skore climax delay condoms: These condoms are made of the finest natural rubber latex and they contain climax delay lubricants along with 1500 raised dots. It also contains a special lubricant that helps men delay orgasm.

6. Manforce Chocolate flavor dotted condoms: Manforce has years of experience in manufacturing condoms and they use a tested method to manufacture an exciting range of products. They are available in a range of varieties, flavors and textures as well.

7. Playgard super dotted condoms: This feature unique super sixed dots that are 50% bigger than the normal dotted condoms. They contain benzocaine lubricant that helps in stimulating and delaying orgasm. They are available in super rich chocolate flavor.

Wrapping up:

Though many people know the importance and need of using condoms, most of them shy away to buy them in a store. There are a number of online shopping stores available to solve such issues and it is possible to buy the best selling condoms in India, by price at zotezo.

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