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Sisters 2

Awkward date and aftermatg

By Forest GreenPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Sisters 2
Photo by matthew reyes on Unsplash

It was Tuesday afternoon and Mike was ready to meet with Charli at her home to discuss a dating proposal. When he arrived that day, what he did not know was that her sister was going to be there to make a video for tiktok. They were on their fifth take since they finished lunch. But what was really the problem was that it was holding up the date Charli arranged with Mike and Dixie needed to be out of the room when the video was finished. Charli was wearing a short purple dress and Dixie had on an orange dress while they were doing dance moves recording on charli's phone. Mike was watching this excited as they were and their tight asses giggling. He started to get an erection upon watching the dancing. When they finished the video they sat on the couch with Mike in the middle, Dixie on the right and Charli on the left. Charli looked at her sister confused as to why she was still in the room. "Please excuse us," Charli said to Dixie. "But I'm older, '' she replied. "and plus I think he's hard for me." "Eww no." Charli replied. "Ladies, let's not fight. we can all do it here together on the couch." Mike said to them. "Okay" they both agreed. They both see his erection and he pulls his gray shorts down with them seeing his huge cock. "I got first dibs," Dixie said, rubbing on Mike's dick. "Of course you do." replied charli. She then put her hand on his dick too. They feel it getting harder as they both are jerking him off together. Dixie then lifts the top of her orange dress down pulling it halfway down above her navel showing Mike her perky tits to Charli's shock. Charli then lifts the top of her purple dress over her head and leaves it halfway on her showing off her titties to mike as well to spite her sister for supposedly ruining her date. Charli moves closer to Mike kissing him passionately since he was her guy to begin with. Dixie gets up from the couch and her dress completely down to the floor just being in a white thong. Charli, not liking this, gets up too and lifts her dress up from over her head and tosses it to the other side of the room. She walks back towards him while in her panties. She goes on top of Mike, pulls her panties aside and inserts his cock inside her. He thrusts inside back and forth with Dixie watching them with disgust. She then slipped her thong off and moved towards the couch. She went to sit on top of Mike's face much to Charli's shock. Dixie then begins to jiggle her tight ass on Mike's face. This only angered charli more and was ready to push Dixie off of him. however she saw how excited he was with both of them. Both sisters climbed off of him and they both began jerking him off again this time more happily. They felt it throbbing more and saw that he was about to cum. Then he stood up and the sisters got up too and he came on them both but mostly on charli. He started to cum again on charli with him cumming on her face and then her titties. The sisters went to get some paper towels to clean themselves up and gave Mike a few too. "We gotta do this again" Dixie said to Charli who shakes her head at the idea. "Hey, maybe we can put this online," Mike said to them. "No," they both shouted at him. "Okay,'' he said calmly. He quickly got dressed and left waving bye to them.


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Forest Green

Hi. I am a writer with some years of experiences, although I am still working out the progress in my work. I make different types of stories that I hope many will enjoy. I also appreciate tips, and would like my stories should be noticed.

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