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Silent's 4th of July Party pt.2

In a mood

By Silent ScarlettPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Silent's 4th of July Party pt.2
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The twenty people Silent invited have now each called twenty of their own guests as permitted by Silent. As the sun goes down, she stands up at the microphone on the pool.

"Excuse me, excuse me! Hello. I've written something I need to express. Think of this as a free verse, even though it's not a poem:

So here's the deal, you guys. I'm gonna tell it to you straight, how I feel about dating right now: I don't like you. It's not me- it is you. It is one-hundred percent your fault. And you have a lot of work to do. You're not going to 'take me' anywhere. Your job is to come over here and impress me by how hard you can chill out. If you can't relax, you're stressful. Play it cool. Act natural. Be nervous. Thank you."

The audience snaps in applause for Silent as she exits stage right and sinks into the hot tub with her dark sparkly sunglasses on.

Phil shows up.

By Murat Demircan on Unsplash

"Yes, Phil?"

"That speech was hot. I know I'm a-"

"No. Stop. I don't wish to discuss it again. I don't like your dick anymore."

"You did once?"

"I really never did. I thought you were a jerk. You'd never talk to me."

"You just said you didn't want to talk."

"All I wanted was to talk to you and you wanted one thing only. You told me you were 'strictly business.' Well why does no one want to modify that order slightly so that I'm not uncomfortable? I'm furious at everyone right now. I never want to date again." Silent looks away and Phil gets out of the hot tub feeling like a coward.

He runs into Sonnie, a beautiful stripper with a similar build to Silent. "What's the matter, handsome? Silent being mean? Give her some space. She'll come out of it."

"I wanted to watch her look for her tip. I said hide and seek!"

"You wanted it to be for her?"


"Why do you keep coming back when you reject her and she rejects you?"

"I know I'm a jerk."

"You're dirty-looking."

"That's what she likes. I'm young, blonde , scruffy, energetic" he starts looking at Sonnie with interest.

"Well naughty blonde-boy, you seem like a handful. What if I helped you look?"

"I would be fine with that. She wants the tips to go to you anyway. For someone who claims to have so many adult thoughts, she's..."

"I know what you mean. Come on, handsome. Let's go upstairs and I can give you everything you want that Silent refuses to do."

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Meanwhile, Silent is out of the hot tub and changed into a dry, sheer, long-lingerie gown to use as a coverup. The loud music angered her, and the management would do nothing about it.

Her Waterford Lismore Black set took her on a tour of beauty as though it were a night sky in her office waiting to be the subject of a telescope.

The Crystal Brandy Balloon glass sparkles in the nightlife lights floating through the window she stares down from.

[aromas] build slowly in the bowl, ready to be nosed without overpowering the senses.

She has been feeling unlistened to and small. She prints up an oversized t-shirt of a story she wrote. The shirt clings to her nakedness as she knots it to be shorter. With her freed straight hair, she adds in dark, dramatic, sparkly eye makeup. This is how she wants to present. This is how she is feeling. And if she wants to go back in the water, it'll be a whole new look.

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