She Knew She Loved Him

So she thought...

She Knew She Loved Him

Love at first sight seems so cliche, but in her mind, in her heart it felt right. Sharon often fell for men quickly, mistaking lust for love, never realizing she was confused. See, Sharon was so used to men feeding her lines, making her feel like she was the only one. At that moment, she believed every line that a man—that present man—said to her. Let's fast forward a bit, and take you into Sharon's current situation. It has been a wild ride. Let's take you into her world.

Her Story Begins

Sharon, a New York City girl, born and raised, decided a change of scenery was best for her. The city life was a bit overwhelming for her, and a change is just what she needed and wanted. The decision to move to the south, specifically Georgia, was no easy decision, nevertheless, the move was made. The year was 2004, and Sharon was southern bound. She made her way to a city called Augusta. The home of the godfather of soul, James Brown. Historical, is this wonderful place, and the hospitality is beyond great.

Sharon settled into a newly built apartment complex on the west side of Augusta. Knowing no one, and being far from home frightened her, but she slowly began to make it feel like home. Sharon had started a new job at a hospital downtown, and had been working there for quite some time. On her down time, she loved the nightlife, and often frequented clubs and restaurants. Soon, she grew tired of the nightlife, and became a homebody. The time she spent when not working, was time spent thinking. Thinking about how she felt all alone; no family, no love life, no anything.

One day Sharon was walking to the mailbox, as she did everyday, and as she walked she came upon a group of guys. This made her quite uneasy, but she knew if she made a complete u-turn, it would make it obvious that she was nervous to walk past them. As she walked by, the chatter turned into complete silence. All eyes were on her, and all she could do was smile nervously. Her eyes locked on one particular guy and he gave her the most seductive look, that completely made her knees buckle. Even though her knees buckled a bit, she never lost her sexy stride.

As she checked her mail, she glanced over to see Mr. Seductive Look still gazing at her. She started to walk back and had a feeling someone would speak. Indeed she was right, because Mr. Seductive Look stepped up to the plate.

He stood up from the chair he was sitting in and said: "Hey, there sweetheart, can I walk you to your building?"

In shock that he spoke, Sharon replied seductively, "You sure can."

They begin to walk and soon exchanged numbers. Said their goodbyes and soon it begins.

Trevor Calls

The next morning, Trevor calls Sharon at the crack of dawn. Sharon had been on his mind all night, and he couldn't bear the thought of not calling her. It was at that very moment he needed to hear her voice. Confused as to why someone would be calling her phone at that time, she ignored the call. Not even glancing at her phone, she went back to sleep.

Half an hour had passed, and Trevor began to call Sharon's phone yet again. By this time, Sharon had awakened already and decided to answer. Trevor was elated by the sound of her voice, forgetting about the numerous times he tried to reach her, he was just excited she finally answered. They talked for about an hour and decided to meet up.

Meetups became an ongoing thing for several weeks. Never had Trevor stepped one foot into Sharon's apartment. However, the day had finally come, where he was invited in. The mood was set; nice music, a dinner, and candlelight. Trevor was quite impressed. They talked, laughed, and flirted throughout the night. The time was around 11:30 PM as they sat and stared in each other's eyes. The moment of Sharon's confused state had surfaced again.

Sexual Encounters

Their eyes have locked, both have a deep attraction to one another, neither can deny it. Trevor slowly caresses Sharon's long flowing hair and places his hand on the back of her neck. He brings her in closer and gently kisses her lips. This kiss sent a shockwave throughout her body. From this kiss, she was in a different world, mesmerized by the taste of his lips. Things begin to get hot and heavy, and soon clothes hit the floor and bodies lay across the bed. Trevor traces Sharon's body with his warm tongue, getting every inch of her. Sharon quivers, her body is ready for it all. He begins to slowly trace her inner thighs. He slowly comes up and kisses on her neck, which turned into nibbling. Pure bliss is what she felt, and she couldn't wait to feel his manhood inside of her. As she laid on her back, Trevor slowly entered her, with protection on of course. Sharon let out a subtle gasp, feeling every inch of him. Moaning filled the bedroom atmosphere, and it got hot and heavy. Trevor's strokes become deeper, harder, and Sharon cannot hold it any longer. Both are reaching their peaks, and in a matter of minutes, they climax together.

Wrapped in each other's arms, Sharon begins to utter the words, "I love you," and this catches Trevor off guard. He quickly dismisses her statement. He begins to tell her that it is too soon, and that he thinks they are better off friends, nothing more. Quickly, Trevor gets dressed and kisses her goodnight. Ironically, Trevor and Sharon never saw each other again.

Sometimes we tend to think we love someone because the sex is amazing. However, lust and love are two different things. It's up to us to decipher the difference, and learn to love ourselves.

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