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Sharing the Double Bedroom

by Loren Teese about a year ago in erotic
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Sometimes a mistake is just what you need

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The receptionist looks at the monitor, and then at me. She looks like someone who’s going to give me bad news.

“I’m sorry, the reservation in the system is different.”

“How come… it’s not possible, I’ve personally booked two separate rooms three weeks ago. Look here, I have the confirmation e-mail,” I complain, showing her my mobile phone screen.

“We had to modify some reservations, due to the exhibition. We’ve sent you a mail two weeks ago, requesting you to contact us if you didn’t agree with the change.”

The fucking company mail system. It isn’t the first time the SPAM detector deletes an important mail.

“Agree… with what?”

“Instead of two single rooms, we’ve changed your reservation to a double bedroom.”

I look at the girl, flabbergasted.

Have I just heard her well?

Yes, I did, and there’s no way to change the dire situation I’m in. The hotel has no free rooms, and I’m sure the other hotels in the city are full as well. It’s always like this, in exhibition days.

From his armchair in the lobby, Kayne must have seen my agitated exchange with the receptionist.

“What’s the matter?” He asks, frowning.

“We’ve got a… situation,” I say. “I’ve booked two rooms but… they change the reservation and… the company SPAM mail system must have deleted their mail and…”

My voice is broken by gasps, though. I’m too upset to speak, right now.

“Calm down, Lauren,” he tells me, holding my shoulders. “There is no reason to be this upset.”

“There is.” My voice is just a whisper, now. “I’m sorry, it’s not your fault,” I add, fighting back the tears which I know could soon fill my eyes.

“Sit down and don’t worry.”

Kayne is always so considerate. I can’t deny I have a soft spot for him, and his manners. If only we weren’t both married, I’m sure something could happen between us.

“We have a double bedroom,” I finally blurt out.

Kayne bursts in a loud laugh.

“I thought we were going to sleep in the lobby,” he says. “For real… I was worried.”

I pretend to ignore his laugh. I know he is doing this to ease the tension but… at this moment, it’s like putting oil on the fire burning inside me.

“I booked two single rooms but-”

“Come on,” he hushes me. “This is standard practice during exhibition days. We’ll manage it.”

I know it happens, but I feel stupid for having forgotten about it. I would have checked properly, I would have called yesterday…

Kayne doesn’t seem distraught, but my stomach feels upset. I’m disappointed in myself.

The room is tight, and apart from the bed and a drawer chest — which may double as a desk — it seems empty. Not even a TV, or a mirror.

Not that we have anything to do more than having a shower and a good sleep, anyway.

“I’ll take a quick shower first, so you’ll have time to get ready, OK?”

He says, walking into the bathroom. I open my luggage and only then realize what I’ve brought with me, for the night: a scantly satin pajama set.

“The shower is all yours,” he says when he comes back, after a couple of minutes.

Kayne is wearing only boxers and a black t-shirt. I divert my eyes from him, even if I would love to see more.

I grab all I need and disappear into the bathroom. When I open the bathroom door to enter the room, my heart is beating so loud in my chest I fear he’ll hear it.

Is this pajama too revealing?

Yes — it fucking is, I think.

Will he comment on me or avoid to look at me, like I did?

I wish he’ll tell me how sexy I look, in this.

Entering the room, I’m disappointed. He seems asleep already.

I slide under the sheets and try to calm down. My colleague’s body is so close to me, I could easily touch him.

It’s normal. It happens. I’ve slept with so many friends, before.

I keep on repeating it like a mantra, but the truth is… I am nervous. And tired. And upset. And sad.

The emotions escalate so quickly inside me. I remember the way the receptionist looked at me. I’m sure she was thinking I’ve messed up big time. I remember Kayne’s laugh.

I am an idiot.

The tears I couldn’t cry before start flowing, and I began to sob. I turn to the other side, to

Please, don’t wake up.

But it’s too late.

“Is it that bad to share a bed with me?”

I titter, but I don’t answer.

Kayne rolls towards me, but I’m turned the other way. When his hand begin caressing my shoulder, I don’t retract. That’s exactly what I need, now.

“I… I can’t do anything right,” I blurt out.

“Not true. You’ve organized this entire trip by yourself, I think it’s a huge feat, already.”

“And then I’ve ruined it, too.”

“Bullshit,” Kayne says, stroking my body.

His hand slides down my side, to my hip. The shivers pervading my upper body have nothing in common with my previous feelings. I’m getting instantly horny.

“I’m getting old,” I say.

I don’t really believe that. I don’t feel old, at all. I just want a little more of his sympathy.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispers into my ear.

Then, the room falls into silence.

Kayne comes closer to me. His body adheres to mine, his crotch meets the shape of my butt, as his lips touch the back of my neck.

Goosebumps runs through my back, and pleasure makes me arch my body, my butt rubs onto his hardness.

My tears have long gone. I’m getting wet. I want more of his touch, regardless of the consequences.

I tilt my head to give him better access to my naked neck. His kisses and bites turn me on so much, that I want to beg him to fuck me, already. But I linger for a moment, enjoying his fingers wrapping around my hardening nipples through the satin, and his hand fondling my breast.

I moan, freely. I want to show him the pleasure he’s giving me. But I won’t speak. Not yet. I won’t risk ruining the magic of this moment.

There’s no need to tell him what I want. We both want it.

Kayne crawls over me and pushes away the sheets still covering us.

I spread my legs, inviting him in but instead, he kisses my lips. Just gentle, little pecks adding the tip of his tongue just to tease me. I smile, letting him play with me. His hardness is pushing on my crotch, ready to take me, and my hips are rocking back and forth. I want him inside me, so much…

But his kisses move down my neck. On my tits, on my hard, sensitive nipples. On my stomach, on my mound.

I shiver, realizing what he’s going to do. I’ve not been licked by my husband for years. And I’ve never been unfaithful to him.

Kayne’s tongue feels like heaven. He flicks it on my clit, slides it up and down my slit. He sucks my lips inside his mouth, does the same with my clit. I grab his head and push it towards me. I want more of this pleasure, more of this uncontrollable trembling, more of his passion.

Kayne doesn’t stop. He seems insatiable, and I don’t feel like putting an end to this. An orgasm is growing inside me. I can’t even recall the last time a man has made me cum, but Kayne is getting me closer and closer.

I feel like the most wanted woman in the world, right now. I focus on my pleasure. I accept it.

My legs tremble, my abdomen contracts… I moan louder, muttering words I know he can’t hear, clenched into my grasp.

Suck my clit more, like this. Slide your tongue deeper inside my pussy. Spread my lips more with your fingers. Look at me. Taste me. Smell me. Expose me.

But he seems to know exactly what to do, what gets me off.

I suddenly cum. A silent, long orgasm that seems to have waited inside me for years.

I pull him up and kiss him. My taste on his lips makes him feel mine. I’m all but satisfied, though.

“I want you inside me, Kayne.”

I turn around, lay on my stomach, then lift my butt to invite him in. This is the position I like the most… and makes me feel at ease, now, because I’ll not have to look at him.

Sounds strange, but I’m still embarrassed by what I’m doing.

Kayne’s cock is wonderful. Thick, long. He slides in and out of me, making me shiver in pleasure all the time. My cunt and his shaft are made for each other. So perfectly compatible.

He thrusts his dick in my pussy for a couple of seconds, then pushes his swollen tip all the way inside me and let it pulsate there for some time. Then out again, slowly in, letting my muscles adapt to the foreign presence, letting me twitch on his cock, until he’s completely in, again.

The potent thrusts of a man crushing me on the bed.

Am I a slut, to desire this?

Am I a bad wife, to look for pleasure I can’t get home?

I let him use me because that’s exactly what I want, what I need.

I let him pound my pussy until he groans, tenses and explodes inside me. I can feel each of his cock’s spurts. I can feel it unloading its balls inside me, filling my womb with warm juice.

“This is more than I had expected from this trip,” he says, as he rolls back to his side of the bed.

I don’t answer. I’m thinking about what they had taught me at university: turn every problem into an opportunity.

Only now, I think I grasp the concept.

Sometimes, it’s not that bad to make mistakes.

If you liked this tale, you can read my other naughty shorts on my Vocal page, or find my longer, professionally edited books on Amazon 📚


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