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How to Shop for Holiday Gifts at Your Local Adult Store

By Laura BrunsPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

The holidays have arrived, just as they do every year. And yet again, you're probably unprepared and scrambling to find gifts for everyone on your list. It's hard to find the perfect present sometimes, whether you've just made a friend or known someone for years. It can be even harder if you're on a budget. Not many people think to go to the sex shop to do their shopping, but you can find something for family, friends, and coworkers. Gifts that are funny, personal, thoughtful, or just a little random. Even the perfect white elephant gift! So here are some ideas you can check out next time you're at the sex store.


We all have a bookworm in our lives, and many sex shops have an awesome variety of books from which to choose. Books about the penis, female body, sex positions, bondage, quickie sex, sex after 40, general sex education, and everything in between. Some of them are cheap little paperbacks, and others are beautifully illustrated hardbacks. I recommend "Sex With The Lights On" by Ducky DooLittle, "She-Ology" by Sherry A. Ross, or "Curvy Girl Sex" by Elle Chase.


You can never go wrong with lubricant. It's a phenomenal gift for singles and couples. Just to be safe, try finding a water based lubricant, because that will be compatible with just about everything the lucky lube receiver may have. If you really know this person, then you probably know what flavors they'd like. Get them a flavored lubricant! Expect to spend around $10 for a bottle of quality lubricant. Some great brands include Wicked, Sliquid, and System Jo.


Many sex shops have a multitude of lotions and massage oils. You can often buy small gift sets or travel sizes if you're not wanting to spend a ton of money. Buying lotion from a sex shop is no different than buying lotion from Bath and Body Works or Target. It's something we all end up getting every year from someone. Check out what Earthly Body and Sensuva have to offer for scents!


Sex shops have tons of games. Drinking games, bachelorette party games, sex games, you name it. Pick up "Behind Closed Doors" for your lover or maybe "Potheads Against Humanity" for the weed lover in your life. You can find fun adult games to play on Christmas after everyone opens up their presents! Spice up game night with "What The F*ck?!" or "Boobs and Boners." Maybe even just a deck of nude male/female playing cards will make a game of hearts more fun!


Bullets are super simple, super small sex toys that are usually the size of your index finger. You can buy a bullet for $10 or for $50, so price really won't be an issue. Bullets are a fun addition to anyone's sex life, whether they're single or in a relationship. You can find one in the shape of lipstick, even! Whether you need a gag gift or a last minute addition to someone's goodie bag, a bullet is a great way to go! Check out Blush's eco-friendly Gaia bullet, Maia's Jessi bullet, or any bullet from Calexotics.

Various Novelties:

Sex shops are known for their novelties. They've got just about everything you can think of. Flasks, shot glasses, penis ice cube trays, pocket pussies, porn, condoms, boobie lollipops, gay pride buttons, paddles, and almost anything else you could want. Whether you're looking for something for your little brother, a coworker, or the best friend who doesn't take anything seriously, you can find something at the sex shop.

Finish up your Christmas shopping at the local sex shop. Don't bump elbows with everyone under the sun at Target and Walmart. Skip the gas stations, the book stores, and the craft stores, and give the sex store a shot this season.

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