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Sex storys #1

Horny Didem

By Yusuf AtakPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Sex storys #1
Photo by We-Vibe Toys on Unsplash

Hello everyone, I'm Didem. Even though I rarely read sex stories, I wanted to share my story with you because I thought you might find it interesting. I have been married for five years. However, no matter what we did, we couldn't have a child. So we decided to try the IVF method. On a friend's recommendation, we made an appointment with a doctor. As soon as my friend mentioned it, I texted my husband and told him to take the day off work for the appointment the next day. Our appointment was the very next day, and we headed to the doctor's office early in the morning. Even though I wondered if it would work or not, I always had a glimmer of hope inside me. When our appointment time came, we went inside. We explained our problem, and the doctor took us for an examination. The doctor was around 40 years old. I was surprised because he looked so young; I thought he was in his thirties and asked how he became a specialist at such a young age. Besides, the doctor was very handsome, very polite, and very friendly.

I started to feel an inexplicable attraction towards him. After a few minutes of conversation, I realized that the outfit he gave me covered everything except my breasts. Although my breasts weren't visible, my vagina and butt were completely exposed. I was finding it hard not to let the doctor have his way with me. Despite all these thoughts, my first examination was quite ordinary, and after the examination, he told us to wait outside for a while and then come back together. Not to prolong this too much, I'd like to skip to the moment we had sex. Exactly a week after the first examination, we went back. My husband came too, though he didn't need to, but he wanted to come. While my husband waited outside, the doctor examined me inside. I had worn a red dress that I sometimes wore as a fantasy while having sex with my husband. I had bought the dress partly to wear occasionally and partly because my husband insisted. After sitting down in front of the doctor, I crossed my legs and lifted my skirt a bit. When I noticed the doctor sneaking glances at my leg, I started moving my hand slowly up and down my leg. I was getting impatient for him to make the first move. But I waited for him to make the first move. Half an hour passed, and he still hadn't made a move. Then he told me to get on the examination table. I sat on it with my dress still on, but he made me get off again because he needed to spread my legs apart and told me to take off my dress. This time he didn't give me anything to wear. Anyway, I got completely undressed and got back on the table. He spread my legs apart and approached my vagina with an instrument. I know the exact name of the instrument, but he slowly started inserting it into my vagina. As he inserted it, he looked into my eyes. By then, my vagina had started to get wet.

The doctor let his fingers wander around my vagina, moistening his hand with my pleasure juices. Then he moved his fingers to my anus. By then, we both knew this was no longer an examination. To show that I had completely surrendered to him, I let out a sigh, letting him know I wanted more. He immediately put his mouth on my vagina and started licking. He licked so beautifully that I couldn't wait for him to enter me. Impatiently, I began pushing myself towards him, trying to get his cock inside me. Seeing me in this state, he suddenly thrust his cock into my vagina. He started slowly, then suddenly sped up, making me so wet that when I lifted my head slightly to watch his cock enter me, I noticed that the area around my vagina was completely covered in white pleasure juices. I had never seen myself like this before. At one point, my moans got so loud that the doctor, seeing that I didn't care, used his hands to tightly cover my mouth and kept fucking me. I feared he would say, "I'm going to cum in your pussy, you slut." And he did; he came inside my vagina. I hope I don't get pregnant from my doctor at the hospital where I went for treatment. Even after we finished having sex, my arousal hadn't subsided. But when the doctor said, "Don't worry, I'll fuck you like this every time you come," I felt a bit relieved. Then I happily went back to my husband.

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