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Sex Positions That Will Give You Multiple Orgasms

If you thought you were the one and done type, think again. These sex positions will give you multiple orgasms, and change your life!

By Caesar FinklePublished 5 years ago 8 min read

One of the best things about being a woman is that we can achieve multiple orgasms. For those who have not yet experienced this wild phenomenon, it’s not typically a case of not being able to as much as it’s a case of not using the right positions. You just have to train your body and your mind to be multi-orgasmic. To do so, check out these 11 sex positions that will give you multiple orgasms.

Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl position is one of the most wildly popular sex positions for many women since you‘ll be hitting your g-spot while giving yourself direct clitoral stimulation. Also, this position gives him access to most of your erogenous zones that he can stimulate with his hand or a toy while you ride your way to multiple orgasms. The reason it works so well is that you can control how fast and how deep he goes, using him as your very own life-size sex toy. The key is to keep going after your first orgasm. While you might be sensitive at first, go slow, but keep up the stimulation and you will start to feel that rise again, resulting in another orgasm.

Doggy Style with a Twist

Including the doggy style position in your sex life is a surefire path to multiple orgasms. With your knees bent, get down on all fours as he enters you from behind. The twist is that he will reach around to your pubic bone and, with a vibrator, stimulate your clitoris. He can do it with his hands or you can even do it yourself. The combination of penetration and direct stimulation to the clitoris will keep those orgasms coming one after another. After the first orgasm, let up on the clitoral stimulation until it is comfortable to go at it again. You might even take a break for some oral sex to catch your breath, and then give him another ride.

The Lotus

The Lotus is a yoga pose that you perform together, making it one of those sex positions that connects you both physically and spiritually. The way it works is that the man sits in the lotus position, sitting with his both his knees bent and his feet wrapped under him. The woman then sits on top of him with her legs wrapped around him as he enters her. If you’re like many women, this position gives you clitoral stimulation while hitting your g-spot. You won’t be able to help but have multiple orgasms when you add this to your sex life, and if he needs a break, he can stimulate you with his hand, a toy, or even oral sex. Who knows? You may even figure out how to have multiple orgasms as a man, too.

The Arm Chair

Like the lotus position, the arm chair requires her to be sitting on him. He is her “arm chair” as he sits on the floor or on a chair, and she sits on top, facing away from him as he penetrates her. Similar to a reverse cowgirl position or doggy style, he is entering you from behind while having access to her pubic bone and erogenous zones. In the arm chair position, she gets direct clitoral stimulation that she can control, giving her the best chance of having multiple orgasms. Both partners may find it strenuous as she uses her thigh muscles to bounce up and down and he uses his back and arms to steady her. In most cases though, she can keep going and going and going.

On the Counter

By placing you on the counter, he can squeeze in between your legs and perform oral sex before penetrating you. This really gets your juices flowing, and positions you at the perfect angle for hitting your g-spot. Being adventurous, like having sex on the kitchen counter, adds a bit of naughtiness to your sex life, which is a big turn on in itself. This sex position gives you multiple orgasms due to his access to clitoral stimulation using his hand or a toy. With your knees bent, place them over his shoulders for deeper penetration and more powerful orgasms. You can use this position anywhere you find a counter, such as the bathroom, kitchen, and even a work space.

The Leg Lift

The leg lift is one of those positions that requires some balance and strength, but if you keep at it, you’ll get it, in more ways than one. As he stands, lift your leg and place it on his shoulder. If you can’t get it that high, place your inner knee over his bent arm. Either way, this aligns your pubic bone, and gives him easy access to your erogenous zones. This position gives many women multiple orgasms because of the direct clitoral stimulation during sex. While the reverse cowgirl and doggy style hit more of the g-spot, this position is made for giving you a double whammy. To keep having orgasms, just adjust the clitoral stimulation as needed.

Tight Squeeze

Just the sound of this position can get you off. Remember when your sex life was new and you would do it anywhere and everywhere, sometimes in the backseat of a car, or in a dorm-room single bed? It was exciting, right? It wasn’t just the naughtiness of it all, but the tight squeeze that made it steamy. Get back in the car or find a closet or balcony, and grind your pubic bone into his, try some oral sex, or get on top for a reverse cowgirl ride. Use your hand or a toy with knees bent while giving him access to all your erogenous zones. You might even throw some doggy style on the man if you can fit together in that space. The tight squeeze position gives you an up-close-and-intimate experience like none other.

Thigh Lock

If you’ve ever ridden the bull at a Texas steer house, or have ridden a horse or motorcycle, you know that it’s all in the thighs. Well those thighs can serve your sex life well, helping to give you multiple orgasms. Have him lay on his back as you straddle him. With knees bent, squeeze your thighs around him as he enters you, and ride him like a wild bronco. You can also perform the thigh lock in the reverse cowgirl position, hitting your g-spot while using your hand or a toy for some clitoral stimulation. Many women feel a rush when they squeeze their thighs together, especially if he is between them. So go ahead and give this a whirl. It might become of your favorite sex positions.

In His Arms

Where else do you want to be but in his arms? This is one of the standing sex positions that requires strength from both partners, but is great for hitting your g-spot. Have him stand up and then lift you in his arms, just like in the movies. He can use a wall for support if needed. Many women experience multiple orgasms through penetration and clitoral stimulation. As your pubic bone rubs up against him, it gives added pleasure to both you and your partner. Go as long as you like, or as long as he can hold you up. If he needs a break, you can engage in some oral sex until you’re ready to go again. There’s something glamorous about being lifted in his arms while climaxing.

In the Tub

The tub is a great place to engage in foreplay. It eliminates hangups about odor, and both partners are more uninhibited. When you’re all soapy and warm, stimulation to your erogenous zones feels extra tingly. You can even try doggy style and add in some anal sex while you’re all soapy and clean. This position gives him access to your pubic bone and clitoris for some added stimulation, making it easy to have multiple orgasms. Add some candle light and music to make it a more sensual experience. Remember that orgasms are not just physical, it can start in the mind and work its way through your entire body. Try the tub for a change of scenery and pair it with your favorite sex positions.

In the Shower

Of the most common thoughts she has during shower sex, wanting more is ensured after your multi-orgasmic shower experience. Shower sex is among those sex positions that will give you multiple orgasms. You can vary your positions and add a twist to your favorites, such as doing it doggy style while bending over and holding onto the side of the tub. He can reach around to provide some clitoral stimulation with his hand or a toy while also stimulating your other erogenous zones. With knees bent, either of you can perform oral sex as the water cascades down upon you both. Many women love having sex in the shower, and use many of the standing sex positions, such having him lift you up, so they can wrap their legs around him. This position gives you the greatest chance of hitting your g-spot over and over again.


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