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Sex Exercises

Sex exercises can help you in your training to be a champion lover.

By Filthy StaffPublished 7 years ago 7 min read

In the way that an athlete is taught and conditioned in their expertise, the same discipline should be taught to those who are sexually active. I don't mean to suggest that sex is just another form of athletic contest. On the contrary, sex can be—and should be—the physical expression of genuine love. The postures of love-making may seem bizarre, but if we had been meant to procreate by spitting over our left shoulders or by gazing into our partner's eyes soulfully, that's what we'd be doing. We're lucky that sex is no more bizarre than it is.

To enjoy sex fully, and to bring the most to our partners, we need good-looking, strong, flexible bodies. And if they can't be all of those things, they should at least know what they are doing during sex. There is no question that the best lover is the one we are in love with. But how much better if this partner has a highly trained body! A Beethoven sonata will always sound better on a concert piano than on a kazoo.

If I'm correct in my conviction that these “sex exercises” can add new joy to relationships, then it's high time we took off our moral blinders and looked at ourselves (and our bodies) as nature made us (and them). In love-making, dancing and eating, stamina is key, as well as knowing the right moves. Further, one essential of a satisfactory sex life is self-confidence, pride in your body.

Once you set out to develop your sex muscles through exercise, you can probably keep them in shape by playing golf, tennis, basketball, and so on. If you don't care for sports but do like to make love, then practice the sex exercises ten minutes a day... for the rest of your life.

Even the most beautiful body, though, is limited as far as sex is concerned if its owner doesn't take time to enjoy the act of making love. Too much of our love-making is done after long, grueling workdays. The husband is too tired to respond; one gloomy glance and the wife knows it's going to be a night like most nights, so she gives up any eagerness for love.

Leave your work at the office. You can't plan a merger with Consolidated and with a woman at the same time. Sex isn't just getting into bed and getting together. Good sex should have as many facets as a diamond to make it sparkle, and each facet is important to the total effect.

It's important to remember that what you don't use, you lose. That includes your ability to make love. If you've gone off the beam, you can certainly get back on again. All it takes is time and patience. And effort.

Gluteal Exercises

This first exercise trains you to pull your back in against your front, the motion basic to sex. In the beginning, practice this exercise lying on your stomach on the floor. Later you can do it standing or sitting. Then you can and should practice it anywhere: on trains, waiting for a light to change, in elevators.

Lie on your stomach, your head resting on bent elbows. Tighten your seat by pinching the buttocks together. Hold for a slow count of five, then relax. After a few practice runs, add the abdominal muscles. First tighten the buttocks, then pull in the abdominal muscles. As you pull in one against the other, your pelvis will tuck under, as it does during sex. Start with three and work up to a minimum of 10 repetitions. Try to find time for two sets daily.

After the gluteal (buttock) and abdominal sets have become routine, add a second step: the tightening of the inner muscles. This is primarily for women. A levator is a muscle that raises a limb or other part of the body, and the one we are concerned with might be described as lying along the floor of the pelvis. The only way to teach you to make it function at your conscious command, is to say that if you had to go to the bathroom and didn't have a dime, you'd tighten whatever muscles would be involved to prevent a leakage.

Other civilizations know more about the refinements of love-making than we do. They have learned that the woman, to be exciting to her partner, need not always move her body visibly. It is the alternate tightening and relaxing of her interior muscles that heightens enjoyment for both partners.

Now hold all three: gluteals, abdominals, and levator—then relax. You'll find it's much easier to tighten than to relax at first, and therefore doing a set of 20 will take some time. As you gradually step up the rhythm, though, it needn't take more than 20 seconds to do 20. You should try for, at least, 100 a day.

Prone Leg Lift

To assure the male has the abundance of lower back strength he needed for sex, we have to start easy and work up. Lie on your stomach on the floor and raise first the right leg, then the left. Keep the legs straight. Start with eight to each side. Then roll over on your back and rest, with bent knees on your chest, for five seconds. This stretches the back muscles and relieves tension. Return to the prone position and repeat the set of leg lifts. Do this three times.

Pelvic Tilt Supine

The pelvic tilt is the natural forward and backward motion used instinctively in during sex. The longer you can maintain it and the more you can control it, the better the quality of your love-making.

Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your feet about 18 inches apart. Keeping your seat and shoulders glued to the floor, arch your back slightly. Then force your spine down flat to the floor. While in this position, use the techniques you learned in the foregoing exercises, and tighten the gluteals, abdominals, and levator. Hold for a count of three, then relax. Do 10 times.

Seat Lift

This is an exercise for people who have backs that behave. If you have one of those “sacroiliacs,” wait until the other exercises have cured you. The value of this lesson for the male is to endow him with the back strength he needs for sex in the traditional position. If the female can become proficient at this exercise, she can reverse positions with her partner, adding variety and sparing his strength for later. She will also benefit from the increased strength of her back and will tire less easily.

We teach this exercise to youngsters (in a nonsexual context) by telling them to paint the floor in front of their chests with glue, place their chests in the glue, and stay stuck. Then raise the seats in the air. Alternate with abdominal and gluteal set for six repetitions.

Pelvic Tilt Walk

If you can't see why you should be doing this sort of thing while walking around, I can understand your puzzlement. But you should do it anyway. Pelvic action has to be so much a part of you that you no more need think about it while you are having sex than you do about breathing.

Start the pelvic walk in the corner of the room. As with all other exercises, it is much better if you use music. Keep your knees together, and get your seat out as you tilt the pelvis backward.

Go all the way across the floor in rhythm, with your seat so far out you could hang a hat on it. Any rhythm is good, but a rhumba is best. When you get to the opposite corner, turn around. For the return trip, tilt the pelvis under. Keep the pelvis under all the way.

Follow these trips with a four-and-four series: pelvis under for four steps and out back for four. You should practice this series for at least a week, doing about two minutes each day.

For Women Only

The pelvic tilt has a use for women that is not widely known, and it is a pity that more attention has not been given to what may seem a small, unimportant fact. The most sensitive point of stimulation in the woman's genitals is the clitoris, rather than inside the vagina proper. During sex, the clit may not be stimulated, and the woman may take overlong to reach orgasm, or worse, enjoy none at all. By learning to tilt the pelvis backward and holding this position, the woman can be assured of far more contact with her point of greatest sensitivity.

Women who have developed their muscles to a high level will find that, instead of being merely the passive recipient, they can contribute far more to sex than they ever dreamed was possible. And they will discover that the more they have sex, the better their figures will be. Seems like as great a reason as any to hit the sheets with a partner.

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