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Sex by the Fire

by Moonlit Sky. 8 months ago in taboo
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M/M kink, erotica.

I hadn't thought of myself as a city guy until the prospect of going out in the middle of nowhere, sleeping on an air mattress at best, and being away from most amenities and civilization itself, was presented to me and I had zero interest.

Everyone else wanted to go, and at first, I told Kyte that I would prefer to stay behind. Until he reminded me that we would spend several hours in front of a fire and be able to cuddle as much as we wanted. Then he added that we'd have our own tent and I agreed.

Dinner had been good, we ate early because we had enough food to snack on for later. Basic pasta, sauce, and the things that make the pasta taste good.

A couple of hours later, the others make themselves scarce, leaving only Kyte and I cuddled together by the fire. Watching the flames dance in such a peaceful environment. The warmth is heating every nerve it reaches.

After maybe a few minutes of silence, he turns to me, "now we can have some real fun."

He kisses me. Slowly, deeply, and with such passion that a fire is instantly lit below. He grins at me for a moment and produces leather cuffs from his bag, "what do you think?" he eyes intently.

I grin back, a little nervous but far more excited. When they're fastened around my wrists, my hands can't do anything. He kisses me again.

His mouth moves to my neck in one smooth motion, and he plies kiss after kiss to some of the more sensitive areas. A soft moan escapes and he pulls back a bit, gently cupping my face he grins, "try not to make a sound."

Then his hand reaches down and cups my dick . When he feels that it's hard and wants more, he kneels down in front of me and suddenly I'm glad the portable couch has a back. He unzips my jeans, and when he pulls my clothes away from my body, my dick damn near springs into action.

Someone coughs around us, and the reminder that other people can both hear us and see us at any time...makes me even harder. For a moment I want someone to join us, but the thought disappears when his tongue flicks oh so teasingly along the tip.

I bite my lip once or twice and clench my fists to not make noise, though it's more for the moment, I don't really care if anyone hears us.

He slows and pulls off of me, kissing me as he lifts my shirt up, his lips touching me every few inches and making me pull at the restraints with some genuine effort.

When he reaches my neck again, he kisses every inch until I gasp out, "touch me again!" in the softest voice I can.

He grins and takes me in his mouth again, and I hold my tongue so hard to not make a sound. Up and down his head bobs. And there are rustling sounds around us like someone is about to emerge from their tent and see us. The pleasure builds, and builds, until-

He pulls back about 3 seconds before I was ready to go, and he has to cover my mouth to stop the moan that escapes. It feels so good...

Being denied was almost as good as an orgasm for me, the pleasure didn't leave, but instead remained...waiting to be finished.

He sits beside me now, smiling like the demon as he strokes my dick ever so gently. Using barely two fingers and making me want to cum so badly. I hear a tent zipper pull down, and the realization that someone is about to see us. Kyte lets go of me so I don't cum purely from the situation and his light touches. I don't have to look to know he loves watching my insanely hard dick bounce and jerk.

To my mild disappointment, the tent zipper goes again and the person has gone back inside. Kyte holds my dick again, and this time he grips it firmly and starts pumping his hand. It doesn't take long.

His fingers work me over and then in the last 10 seconds of my intense pleasure, he uses both hands around the head and shaft. Rubbing and teasing with every finger.

I come with so much pleasure, only practice and experience keep me from moaning loud enough to alert everyone within 5 miles.

"You hit the fire," he chuckles into my ear and points at the broken white line trailing from the fire to about a foot in front of us. He leans down to clean me up and his head reaching for my dick is the last thing I see before passing out.


About the author

Moonlit Sky.

I'm a writer. Often with a dirty mind. I love animals, movies, TV shows and books.

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