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Sex Board Games That Will Get You Laid

Game night just got erotic. A roll of the dice might get you laid with these adult board games.

By Filthy StaffPublished 8 years ago 6 min read

Go beyond Naked Twister or mind numbing Sex Monopoly; Use these erotic board games to bring new meaning to the phrase "game night." Some games can only have two players, some two couples and some much more. Couples sex games can mean more than one couple, and feel free to mix up the teams. So don't just play with yourself, because playing with someone else can be so much more fun. If you're lucky, you end up choosing an adult sex game where the only rules you need to follow are the ones that cum with the game.

Who doesn't love a good massage? Use this game to bring the art of the sensual massage into your home. It even comes with a sensual candle to help set the mood. The Massages Seductions Game teaches you and your partner 24 ways to seduce each other. Though there are probably more than 24 ways, it is definitely a good start. Set the atmosphere with candles and maybe put on your sex playlist. Start by choosing a card with the massage technique that appeals most to you and your partner and then let the fun begin. You can incorporate the Warming Heart Massager, which heats up to add extra sensations into the rub down. Whether you are trying to trick your partner into giving you a massage or you want to remove the stress from their life, this is the perfect game for a quiet night in with the ultimate relaxation.

Want to explore your love of light bondage but were too afraid to ask? Then Fifty Ways To Tease Your Lover is the game for you. Fully equipped with a satin blindfold, feather tickler, and a rope, the other equipment needed is in your hands. A great icebreaker if you are looking to heat things up with your playmate, all you have to do to start is roll the dice. The first one to a sum of 50 gets to pick a card from the stack of tease cards. You may draw something like: “Tie your lover standing with their hands above them. Blindfold them. Now you’re encouraged to kiss, lick, tickle, and explore every erogenous zone,” or fantasies like mutual masturbation. The possibilities will keep you going for hours. No matter what you draw, this game is sure to subtly and safely bring out the kinky side in you both.

They say they the best way to spice up your marriage is to have an affair. The Fantasy Affair Game by Kheper helps you do just that and each other. Take a heart shaped journey around the board as you and your partner act out different affair scenarios. Things may get too heated and you might not finish this game in the same room that you started in. The Fantasy Affair Game leads you and your partner into an affair without ever leaving the house. It allows you to dive into the realm of erotic fantasy and role play in the safety of your own home. You start each affair by choosing a card, which can include classics like the naughty housewife seducing the handyman or a strip club patron who’s eager for a private dance. Then alternate rolling the die and moving your pieces around the board. Along the way, you will experience creative kisses, naughty instructions, and collect heart tokens. The first to collect five wins! The prize? To live out the best sexual fantasies you’ve ever had.

Rub a dub dub, let's share a nice warm tub. Feel free to pick your location. Hot tubs or swimming pools are also welcomed destinations for this great erotic foreplay game. Relax and unwind while getting turned on with the Bathtub Love Game. Drizzle the fragrant love suds into running water and step on in. Then simply toss the 10 plastic bubbles into the bath. You and your partner will take turns opening them and follow the naughty instructions inside. There are 40 different waterproof messages to choose from to enhance a night of good, clean fun. Rubber duckies and clothing are optional.

If game night doesn't include anything tasty to suck on, you might want to consider playing The Oral Sex Game. Delve into the genre of oral sex and you might just cum out a-head. The first person to reach the tongue on the game board gets oral sex! With five oral sex techniques for him and five for her, you are sure to have an experience like never before. If the wind is blowing outside, you might want to opt for a romantic night in and learn to blow your partner inside. The Oral Sex Game will earn you a degree in the sensual arts.

In this game, everyone wins! Blow job in the kitchen? Roll the dice and your wish could be granted. Anal in the garage? Could be! The Hot and Spicy Dice Game comes with two sets of dice, pink for her and blue for him. Each die depicts a body part, an action, and a location. Rolling the dice has never been so much fun!

Calories don't count when you are eating them off or out of your partner. This chocolate flavored indulgence is guaranteed to offer you and your partner a foray into sweet ecstasy. The Game of Chocolate Decadence allows you to enjoy many nights of seductive, creative play as you paint one another with delicious body syrup. This delicious game comes with a 1 oz. bottle of scrumptious body chocolate and 36 Chocolate Decadence cards guaranteed to make your night totally edible.

Tired of strip poker? Looking to "up" your ante? The Casino Boudoir Game brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "cashing in your chips." Gambling would be illegal if it worked like this intimate game. Add a little fun to the bedroom by turning it into your own private casino. Test the odds as you play Sexy Slots, Couple’s Casino Craps, Roulette Sex, and BJ Blackjack. As you play the games, you earn sexual rewards, then at the end of the night, redeem your chips for favorite sex positions that are printed directly on the chips. This game comes with all the accoutrements of Las Vegas, without having to leave your bed.

Sex is like riding a bike, but if it's been so long that you have forgotten how to do it, Sex! The Board Game will remind you. The sexual position cards get you back in the game. Follow the directions for a night you will never forget. Bring your own bodies, because they are an essential part of the experience. Tease and tantalize your lover as you each try to collect six cards. When you’ve collected all six, you act out the sex fantasy you have created. Every game night is better when there is a happy ending and Sex! Board game guarantees satisfaction every time you play.

If you missed seeing 50 Shades of Gray, act it out in the comfort, privacy, and safety of your own red room with Bondage Seductions. This kinky game comes with two silky ties, a blindfold, and a quality rubber whip, just in case you didn't have those things at home; Then let the S&M fun begin. There are all sorts of erotic goodies in Bondage Seductions. It is a board game that is anything but boring. Don't forget to pick a safe word!

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