Sex Around the World

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Thoughts About How the World Views Sex and Intimacy

Sex Around the World

I recently started watching a docuseries about sex and love around the world. Living in a first world country myself, I find it interesting to look at how other cultures live and the way in which they look at sex in particular.

Looking at my own society, sex is everywhere. Sex sells ads, its taught in schools, it's all over the internet, and every television show and song on the radio has sexual aspects in it. Yet somehow our society is still very hidden with sex. Yes, we are more open than other cultures, it's not a cultural norm to have arranged marriage, pre-marital sex is common, and we don't shy away from women in bikini's or short shorts. However, when it comes to actually talking about sex, it is still a taboo subject.

Personally, my parents never had the "sex talk" with me. I learned at a young age from my older sisters and what was taught in school. Then as I got older and my interest in sex grew I took to the internet. Thankfully, we have internet to answer a lot of the questions we have, but on the other hand a lot of the information can be VERY misleading and it takes a lot of research to really ensure you are getting the proper information. In reality the only way to find out information for sure is to talk to a doctor.

Now at 23, I know a decent amount, but that is only because I took an interest in my own body and learning how it works and what happens before, during and after sex... and everything else. But it is shocking daily how many of my peers don't even know the basic information about sex or are so incredibly uncomfortable talking about sex, but continue to do it with everyone they can find.

While watching my docuseries, I found it interesting the preconceived ideas of these societies that not only I had but the woman doing the show. We both also assumed that our society was so much further ahead than that of those countries she visited and yet it was untrue. Yes, our society allows for holding hands and kissing, but a lot of other aspects of intimacy are hidden and pushed down constantly.

It is also a very debated topic of what should be allowed and what shouldn't. Who should teach kids about sex and intimacy or should they be taught at all? Everyone in westernized societies has their own ideas on how children should be raised and what information they are given. A huge contributing factor to this is the mix of cultures and races that live in western countries. There are some families or groups that have been living in the western world for many generations, giving them a more open or liberal mind to sex and the body. However, there are also many families that are brand new to this way of life and are forced into this culture shock. On the one hand for them it can be exciting to have so many choices but it can also be very overwhelming.

There are also some cultures that are more open sexually than we are in the western world. This is something that is actually more normal than we, here in the west think. Looking back into history, the majority of societies were very sexually open. It was not until the English came and started colonizing other land that places started closing up.

Now the west looks at these places are weird for being so hidden and closed as it opens up more and more.

It is an interesting shift in the world that is still constantly changing and hopefully can continue to. Or at the very least stop being so judgemental.

Michaela B
Michaela B
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