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Sex Aids Are for Experts Too

Good vibrations and other artificially induced sex aids can substantially spark up the experience even for the expert lover.

By Lenny LegmanPublished 8 years ago 5 min read

In the course of sexual events, it often becomes necessary or more so desirable for individuals—male and female, of both greater and lesser erotic aptitude—to enhance their sex lives with battery operated devices, sensitizing creams, or erogenous potions, commonly referred to as sex aids.

However, it would be just as well to call them "accessories,” such as we deem men's colognes or women's jewelry, since they are often not merely crutches for the sexually less agile, as they are consciousness-expanding implements for people who are used–and perhaps inured—to "normal" lovemaking. These accessories include the so-called “French tickers" and Cordless, battery-powered vibrators, the various aphrodisiac vice spices," and skin-sensitizing lotions, all of which are conceived to augment physical pleasure and intensify the sensual experience of both sexes. I would also classify sex manuals as sex aids when they teach lovemaking techniques prior unknown to their readers. These manuals, if properly used, cannot fail to provide new sexual experiences. Thus, although these items are usually designed and marketed as sexual aids for the lovelorn, contemporary sexologists agree that good vibrations and other artificially induced humors can substantially spark up the trysts of even the most artful, knowledgeable, and vigorous lovers.


Indeed, the efficacy of man made sex stimuli was well known to the ancients, and highly thought of by them. Every period of civilization since the neolithic age has known a widespread proliferation of phallic utilities. In the classical period, a dildo, was sufficiently common among the Greeks of Periclean Athens for Aristophanes, the comic playwright, to indite the following lines in his Lysistrata:

Lampite: As for [my husband] if he ever does return from service, he's no sooner back than he takes down his Shield again and flies to the wars. [The Peloponnesian War, 431–404 B.C.]

Lysistrata: And not so much as the shadow of a lover! Since the Milesians betrayed us, I have never once seen an eight-inch olisbos (Dildo) even, to be a leathern consolation to us widows!

Later, in Roman times, Juvenal speaks of glass phalluses used in the rites of the Baptes, or priests, of Cottyto (the Thracian goddess of lewdness), whose midnight orgies were so obscene that they disgusted even the goddess herself. These Thracian glass dildos were probably not unlike the ones sold on Amazon. Many other historical sex devices are discussed in Evelyn Rainbird's definitive study, The Illustrated Guide to Sexual Aids. It is interesting that the earliest known penis-shaped sex aids were apparently for the use of women, although of course by Juvenal's day, the emperors like Tiberius and Caligula had created new uses for them.

Today, there is a huge range of technologically perfected sex aids available to mature adults. There are contraptions that sync with your iPhone. I'd like to say that I'd never recommend anything that I have not tested myself or had tested for me under controlled conditions. To this end, I have a number of friends that collaborate with me. Unfortunately, I have yet to attach my dick to my phone.

Everyone is entitled to as much sexual experience as he or she requires, as long as no second person is hurt by it. If anyone needs, or simply wishes, to experiment with sex aids, it is their right and privilege. Sex aids relieve emotional and physical tensions through orgasm. If technology helps, that's fine.

In fact, some of these aids are nothing less than God's own natural aphrodisiacs, as it happens. For example, the ginseng extract distilled for centuries by the Chinese, in whose land it grows wild, has attracted many a believer. However, medical science believes that there is no real effect from any aphrodisiac (other than psychological illusions). There is also the possibility that perception leads to reality, science still cant explain how hypnotism really works either, but it does. People have to be receptive to hypnotism for the mind to allow it to work, so too aphrodisiacs.

However, the Masters and Johnson treatment is preferable for the classic believer in sex therapy. The treatment consists of discussions between both sex partners with a therapist. The couple then moves on to "sensate focus" sessions and finally to full sexual intercourse as directed by the therapist.

The Blakoe Energizing Ring is made of a light material and is more comfortable than the original which had electro galvanic plates. It is placed over the penis and behind the scrotum, where the natural secretions of the skin set up a mild electric current that increases the blood supply to the penis. My group was unanimously enthusiastic about its efficacy.

Best accompanied by the Blakoe Ring, the Energizing Lotion is designed to enhance male sexual performance using magnetic therapy. Additionally, the lotion can help to increases sperm production and fertility and help prevent premature ejaculation. The ingredients, such as wheatgerm, siberian ginseng, selenium, and zinc, as well as other ingredients, can help to naturally increase sex drive and performance.


To overcome this reticence, devices have been designed to rub against the clitoris and stimulate it to orgasm as the penis moves in the vagina. There is a ring that at the base is a molded tip. This is slipped over the penis, and slid down to the base, where the tip will tickle the clitoris during intercourse. Some of us find it works, while others don't. The labial threshold of the vaginal cavity is really sensitive. There are many variations on this product, it is a matter of finding the right fit for you.

Couples might also want to try some of the new organic body lotions. They can rub these on one another before they begin making love, or make rubbing-on the beginning of the love play itself. These lotions are not greasy, and they greatly increase the sensitivity of the skin. The effect of bodies thus anointed and writhing around can be electric.

For men who have, or think they have, need for a little extra girth at the tip, there are a number of "extension" condoms. They have solid ends that effectively extend the penis.

Let's look at some of the aids and toys with which lovers can please one another during the act of sex. When a man considers using a sex aid to help his beloved, it is often because she has some difficulty reaching orgasm.

Every man should see that his girl has a vibrator. If they both have vibrators, and any sexual imagination to speak of, they can cook up some fascinating simultaneous and mutual vibrator stimuli. The modern vibrator (unlike its Athenian ancestor, which could merely emulate male penetration) oscillates at a number of speeds that, when applied to the several erogenous zones of the human body, bring forth sensations of the utmost ecstasy, not to be attained in any other fashion.

Duo Balls were believed to have been invented in Japan. The balls are inserted in the vagina, as a preliminary to copulation—or at any time—and the rotation of her pelvic bones as she moves around will cause the Duo Balls to move within her, with highly pleasurable results. My female colleagues tell me that they would not be without theirs.

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