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Series Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips

Book One: Truth or Dare - Chapter One - First 5 Poems

By Denelsia WalkerPublished 3 months ago 14 min read
Accentuating Curves & Assassination Hips Front Cover

"What the World Needs Now is More Cosmis Orgams!"

Quote by Reverand Valerie Love

"Prepare to be swept away by tantalizing poetry and storytelling

that ignites your desires and leaves you craving for more. This book

will set more than your heart racing while leaving your imagination on

fire!" JL King, New York Times BestSeller, Author of On the Down Low

1. Just Another Day

2. Next Level

3. Lyrical Fantasy

4. A Cup of Blues Be Gone

5. Starry Night at Midnight

Chapter One: Grand Entry

Just Another Day


I just woke up.

I'm A little sore from resting on the couch.

I asked sissy to make some coffee.

I removed eggs and veggies with rice for an omelet with vegan

mozzarella cheese from the fridge.

It has been a long five days.

Facebook Messenger just crashed from inboxes from my deadly sins.

I restarted my phone.

Then I posted up to my ONLYFans and POrnHub.

I am thinking of personal space and boundaries.

The limitations that I have set in place for my new page.

I wonder about future days to come.

I keep looking at the sky, stars, moon, and sun.

How did things come to this?

I already have my Amazon wish list for the day it comes; it will be

lovely when I can spend on it.

It is time to face my internal battles; that is when I shall leave

this black hole behind.

I shall be able to fly free.


Until then,

Is this just another day?

Where we say yes, everything is okay?

When it is Monday. Might I ask;

Why are we already wishing it was the weekend?

We can escape a just-over-broken lockdown schedule again.

Be with family.

Check on friends.

Do what matters.

To replenish the soul.

That dies within.

I keep playing Goapele closer to my dreams until that ship sails to shore.


The vehicle needs repairs again.

Every time I think of winning.

I get knocked down on my ass.

Thank you, God, for my present.

Curious why the fuck does this keep happening?

The damn computer I just bought.

It died after just one month.

I am glad Google auto-save is a beast.

I would hate to start from scratch on the journal.

I have already invested so many hours in learning this Tarot.

I would if I could.

Time is valued.

My money is tight.

The air conditioning just went out.

Did well to fix the water heater and furnace.

I keep praying to higher powers for mercy.

Mom just got out of the hospital.

It was a three-day inpatient visit.

She's fine, but the surprise made me think.

What if things had not worked out for the better?

What the future could have possibly been.

I told the plantation master I needed time off for what had happened.

Master said to take as much time as you need.

Let me know if you need anything.

Don't forget to come in to have enough time to fulfill your metrics.

What kind of life is this?


Until then,

Is this just another day?

Where we say yes, everything is okay?

When it is Monday. Might I ask;

Why are we already wishing it was the weekend?

We can escape a just-over-broken lockdown schedule again.

Be with family.

Check on friends.

Do what matters.

To replenish the soul.

That dies within.

I keep playing Goapele closer to my dreams until that ship sails to shore.


I got some patches to quit smoking.

They are in the vehicle that's obtaining services.

Right next to the material for my new life.

I am on my last two rolling papers by zig-zag.

I'm tired of this shit.

I take a deeply inhaled drag to calm my nerves.

I start planning the day that I need to have finished.

Suddenly, I wish I had brought the OG Kush.

Shot of bourbon for the decaf coffee to mix before taking this sip.

I am sitting on my parent's porch.

This Kamala Harris t-shirt is putting in work.

A blanket wrapped around my waist.

Watching the windmill spin and the insects play.

Thoughts on how the week will be?


Until then,

Is this just another day?

Where we say yes, everything is okay?

When it is Monday. Might I ask;

Why are we already wishing it was the weekend?

We can escape a just-over-broken lockdown schedule again.

Be with family.

Check on friends.

Do what matters.

To replenish the soul.

That dies within.

I keep playing Goapele closer to my dreams until that ship sails to shore.


Thankful for the breath I breathe.

We are grateful for the family and friends that check on us.

Overflow from humanity makes me think we may have a chance.

I don't feel like it today.

Regardless, I am going to sing, shout, and dance.

Why? Because I am here.

Today is a new day.

Work on the legacy.

I know what I am doing is not working.


Until then,

Is this just another day?

Where we say yes, everything is okay?

When it is Monday. Might I ask;

Why are we already wishing it was the weekend?

We can escape a just-over-broken lockdown schedule again.

Be with family.

Check on friends.

Do what matters.

To replenish the soul.

That dies within.

I keep playing Goapele closer to my dreams until

that ship sails to shore.

Next Level

God's most incredible creation. This rib was picked from Adam's

design. My life is far from perfect.

I am a single rose that was grown from much trampled-on concrete.

Thankfully all my dark scenes have reached and found light. I had to

make up my mind through blemishes that light would eventually shine

its rays on me.

My parents visualized me in the same angelic mind frame. Both are

proud of the woman I have become. Two degrees, a decent-paying job,

plus an entrepreneurial spirit that continues to flourish as I build

the Queendom.

My father and mother have watched me perform on many occasions. They

may only support some of my work but they are still supportive. My

Facebook status reads I have plenty of friends.

One outside of work with my peers or clientele at my home. That's

funny; I can't remember the last time I had a human conversation. That

would be nice.

Sometimes Southern comfort and the drag of smoke are my found solace.

Perhaps on electronics, my face gleamed as a life lived goldenly.

Truthfully, I miss actual phone calls, hugs, kisses, and quality time.

I have yet to be able to turn that down. This contemporary age doesn't

believe in it.

The star alignment says my life should be full of love. The lies they

tell from my current disposition. Always wanted to carry my crown well

in public. You are never supposed to remember what you are going


Life is a balancing act I have not let it leave me downright better. I

have mustard seen some that I desire to see grow. Each day I left my

eyes to the sky. My hands move above the head, despite obstacles, and

before my warrior pose.

Dear creator, I thank you for your breath of life. One breath, day,

and walk. It is taking a stride at a time. At night I feel tormented

by demons from the day. Sleep robbed.

Once back up, I re-amped my angelic decor. I am picking up my armor.

Yet, the question from Moses twirls in my head. You're willing my life

to be purpose-filled for your glory. When Lord?

At 45 years old my life is not breathtaking me beautiful I desire a

King and to have his heirs. By this time, we should have been building

our kingdom together. I declined with the wind breezes into my


So far, its breeze has whistled me in with jesters. I dream of winning

a war of wolves from foes that suddenly put my spiritual, mental, and

financial demise. Occasional slides from what bricks, which I have

gracefully fallen on.

Yet, I do get back up and dust off parasites. Escapes from the day by

meditating. I called forth and welcomed into its existence A Brighter


My pen strides paper with blood-stained ink. Cries poured on its

pages. Poetic postures from my lips that dance on mic stands.

Rest was found last in the beat of strummed guitars. Hips that dance

synchronously with Shakira to the rhythm of the drums. Live saxophone

echoed euphoria.

Heartbeat racing with time to find music that matches the enemy. My

earlobes are in sync. My wine glass switched around as I sipped my

favorite tea.

Eyes closed. The mantra to end a long day and all my mind schemes.

Dream music and a sleeping pill.

I'm sure to kick it with. Real laid back. I can make a lousy time look

fabulous and a good time rock steady. I know what having nothing is.

If nothing is in the kitchen, then trust we are eating something.

Louisiana Creole pepper and I only have a dash of sweetness. Mean with

an iron skillet, that's where these hips come in. These 40 Double D's

only get Airplay at the pool or beach.

I love water and walking in the park to put my mind at peace. However,

none of what I do fulfills that certain quench. It is what it is until

I get my desired wish list. It is time. Next Level

Lyrical Fantasy

Dear One and Only Lyrical Fantasy,

Where are you tonight? Are you lonely like I am tonight? Eyes closed;

I sway and sing to Aretha's soulful vibe.

What good is love no one wants to share, I'm not too fond of the miles

in between us. The distance is too much.

I need your lips close to mine. No plaything, but welcome the chance

for happiness, love, and pure ecstasy that knowingly contains these

subdued flames. I have never visualized myself as a centerfold. Poetic

wonder that has me feeling the equivalency of Vanessa Del Rio.

I welcome compliments that impact my being. I am going to imagine me

the way you see me. I'll be your analytical mathematical genius,

Catherine Johnson. No longer do I want to hide? Desire to show off

this hidden figure.

It fell; I am putting back on my crown now. I just draped my neck with

your pearls. Call me your gem.

I hear sunshine in your voice. Words appear to save yourself cotton

candy clouds and pretty blue skies. There will be no more lies.

Skylark, please steal away my heart. You imply my patience.

Fiddle with it like freshly chewed strawberry gum. All I want to do is

blow bubbles on your parade. Kiss me passionately in Middle greens

underneath the serenading Moon. Cast your charm.

A crystal ball for seeing my future. This Gypsy dances to the home

melodies of your beat. I accept your proposal.

These branches are back for release. Lay your mysterious midst upon

me. Raindrops fell in fell in the rain of this summertime heat.

Swallow the steak.

Anytime. Any place. When you want to meet. Now cum. Justify my love. Fuck it! Let's do it on the balcony. The world can watch us.

You and I pulled as close as love doves. I have no inhibitions as long

as you are no leech. After the climax, promise not to stop me. We

should be discreet.

Atomic loving, for now in the dark, that sizzles and amazes me. How

pleasant. Please do not rush.

I like it slow. Sipping loves ocean waters. I now need you to locate my cream.

Your hands close my ebony ivory. They equate to a cooling breeze. Be

my John Mayer. Set this forest coochie la la on a flame. Appease me

until you hear my screaming orgasm and you blow wind on this

wonderland. How do you like my peace sign?

Let your hands caress his body. I beg you to find my rhythm. Be that

him in real-life film, the leading man.

I attempt to escape as you pull me close to your lingering heart. Face

twisted from love-making faces. You have had a home run on all three

bases, filled with Glee from your fingers that run their majesty on


Voodoo punani may hypnotize while the symphony and US reach its

climax. Orchestrated chaos Paul says this strange fruit. Dare you

taste it?

Our pleasures are not poisonous. Climaxes found. Falsettos are now

chilled. It is time for round two.

A Cup of Blues Be Gone

The Question She Asked.

" I am in a funky mood; what will you do to cheer me up?"

My Answer:

I'd fix my hair and makeup. I bind and spank you after dressing in

something sexy. Then I slide this pussycat in your face and let you

get lost in its ocean while you are tied up.

I'd then fix you a cup of Witches Brew. This brew is calm. It is

chamomile tea. Perhaps maybe you prefer it spiked with some alcohol?

Will you enjoy your cup best calm or spiked with fire?

That's up to you. I do not want to be intoxicated when I sip from your

cup. I am sober while having my cat's eyes on you.

I read you a story from my newest erotica novel. Accentuating Curves

and Assassination Hips: Truth or Dare. In return, I hope to turn you

on. Spark fye fye in you never before experienced. Remind you with

some follow-up macaroon kisses that I am here for you.

Write you a poem. This chicka would love singing to you a melodic

tune. Gleefully, I learned one of your songs enjoyed per request. I

invite us to spend time together in the Metaverse on Friday starlight


Would you enjoy writing a poem and sharing it with me? Join my

International Poetry Whore Group. Release the other side of your

flamed red digital gal in the matrix masterpiece that awaits within.

We can follow our haikus up with a paint session later. You are my

art. I am your craft. I have never desired to paint the Mona Lisa. You

are my muse to decorate with splendor.

Would you like to go out and get Ben and Jerry's Ice cream later? Oh

My! Such a fun-filled time we can have with ice cream!

I photograph you while it drips soft nibbles and bits from your lips.

I devour everything in your secret garden when drenched from vanilla

flavor down below. I smell your purring kitty reimaging the previous

rendezvous. I showed up to get those lip smacks I gave Ms. KitKat.

Lick cream off one another until we explode in ecstasy. We reach

planet Saturn while visiting Saturn; maybe get lucky; aliens live

there to take a walk in an unimagined park to scope out its foreign

new gorgeous nature development. I hope there are aliens there that

like to shake it up with us to Prince, Michael Jackson, Chris Brown,

Megan Thee Stallion, Mrs. Carter, or Lizzo.

Once we return to the third dimension--we will be hungry for Earthly

pleasures of food substance. Let me treat you to a romantic sunset

picnic dinner from the food I have concocted for your mind. Hopefully,

you aren't allergic to seafood.

It's after dark. Let me know what you would desire to be in or on the

menu. I'll be your personal Universal Studios in California for the


On the new UFO ride to our unknown destination and back. A single

night on this City Walk; fine time in one another's aura. I plead with

you to enjoy this camouflage ever-changing chameleon change in our

prism to have a magnificent day.

Are you ready for your moon ride? Mona Lisa is not the desired outcome

of this story. Dear sweet muse to paint and decorate.

We could go out to get Ben and Jerry's Ice cream later. What delicious

fun we can have with that!!! Photograph you while it melts. Soft

nibbles and bits I leave graced in between your thighs as I devour

your secret garden. Purring Kitten reimagines the previous. I showed

up to get the smacks that I gave Ms. KitKat previously.

Starry Night at Midnight

This starry night. Gaze at the pink cosmos together. Come travel to

other spaces and times as we leave our trace of stardust across the

skylines twilight as I stare into your gorgeous full orange moon eyes.

Melodies of midnight sing to us while Jazzy Lola concocts riddles of

clitoral stimulation on the tip of my apricot. My muscles pulsate with

creamy white, wet, and overflowing juices. My water, let loose, sprung

forth from these springs of nectar each time your fingertip's

vibrations rattle the very depth of my core. Rattled is the opening of

my chakras and digging into my soul with your Pinocchio.

I have been waiting for this moment here with you all my life. Grab

the rechargeable energizer for this, my Sweetheart. Be my Bunny. As

you turn Jazzy off and insert that lovely vibrating purple thunder.

I want all 6.75 inches to peak at my floor. Turn this hot box out as

we explore all ten speeds during the 69 positions. Outside, lay on

black satin sheets in the middle of plush meadows by the wetland.

I give you life's remedy. Put your spirit and mind at ease when

simultaneously hiccupping on your nine. I belch your fullness from

residing joy reflected by remnants in my fruit pit.

I tongue play on your grenade. Sing healing on satisfying sensational

weapon of mass destruction while waving my pretty round brown assets,

the weapon of mass destruction, toward the night sky. Each lashing lick as

you confess your fantasies and deeply hidden secrets.

This mouth is your diary. I dare you to scribe often. Slobber your

glitter-filled apparatus. Hold the vibrating bullet under your balls.

Moan on your scrotum. Hijack your penis.

Stimulation builds up to an avalanche. Do pearl necklaces please me?

Spray all over these 40 DDs. Clean the rest off with my esophagus.

Stick your softie in my cream pie as I climax. Hear my eargasms. Spank

this big chocolate ass while you do.

Be your robust Sasha Grey on speed when this tidal waves tsunami on

you. Bury your beard in these treasures under the sea. Let my gold

find your magnet.

Kiss her better til she clenches, shakes, rattles, rolls, and squirts

down your throat. I take on your smoke. Don't choke on my hydro. As

one, we enjoy the highlights of this Starry Night.

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About the Creator

Denelsia Walker

Poet, Author, Musician, & Adult Enter Model. My Brand is HOEZBWINNING via Amazon Merch on Demand. Plus am an Amazon Influencer. Founder of Delcia Secrets Contoured LLC custom-made lingerie. Creator of International Poetry Whore FB Group.

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