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Secret Affair

Friends With Benefits

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Secret Affair
Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

The room was completely dark when she entered. She thought that John might not be around just yet. She entered the room to look for something in her bag instead. It made her laugh.

"Why am I lurking in the dark?". She decided to go find the switch to turn on the lights.

As she stood up to go near the door to turn on the light, someone grabbed her. It was John and he was hiding in the bathroom. She giggled. He signaled her to be quiet and lead her inside the bathroom.

Everything seemed to happen so fast and he started kissing her passionately. Jenny responded and they shared the most passionate kiss she had in her life. It seems that the world suddenly stopped and it's just her and John who are living in the moment.

"I want you, Jenny!" She heard John whisper to her ear and his lips started to go down kissing her neck and then went down to her breast.

No words came out to her but she just allowed him to explore her now naked body. She is aching with every touch of his hands and feels how good his lips feel on her skin. Then she felt one of his hands is now touching her in between her legs.

Her mind is now battling with her heart and she can hear it said that this is wrong. They cannot do this and they cannot be together after this moment.

But then, she can't do anything but let him do whatever he wants with her. She became his prisoner the moment that he darted his finger inside of her.

"John…" All she can do is call out his name.

"I want you to open up more for me, Jen! Let's not wait any longer!" John told her.

Jenny feels his finger sliding out from her and she becomes aware that she's already dripping wet. Then he put his middle finger inside his mouth. It's the same finger he used to play with her wetness earlier. That turns her on some more and opens her legs wider for him.

Nothing can stop this from happening and she likes every minute of it. She waited for this to happen for a long time now. John is now admiring her naked body while she's offering everything to him. He takes off his pants and shows her what she will be getting real soon.

"I know that this is what you want!" He said teasingly and rubbed himself to her.

She can stop herself but also move as he rubs himself to her. But she wanted to complain when he didn't enter her right away. Instead, he dived into her deepness and tasted every part of her. She wanted to protest but she also likes how she feels about his tongue playing with her clit. Then he sucked it hard that made her scream.

John stopped and then whispered, "'re so loud, babe! Do you want our friends to hear us?" He asked.

I turn my head left to right to tell him that it's a no. Before I could get ready to go back in action, he pushed himself and got inside her. It feels like she is going up to the heavens now as he goes in and out of her. As their desire intensified, John pushed harder inside of her.

As the moment is nearing its end, her moans are also getting louder. He also seems to be moaning louder as they go through the bliss of ecstasy. No longer aware of what is happening from the outside world.

"Faster...I'm coming…" Jenny informed him.

He doesn't have to be told twice and John makes every thrust harder and faster. He sounds like he's about to come but tries to hide it so they can come at the same time. Jenny can hear the flapping sound in John's every move.

Everything she sees now seems to be a colorful space and time. Then he gave one last thrust as they reached the end of no return. Her ears seem to be ringing from the static sound she is hearing. It's the sound of defeat and how temptation won over them.

Then everything went silent. She nor John uttered anything. He's looking straight deep into her eyes. He is still staring at her with a lustful look. She can't take her eyes away from him. Still waiting for what is about to happen after the other.

He kissed her lips and then she closed her eyes again. She feels like she's under his spell and she's like his slave willing to do anything for him without any questions to ask from her mind. John is still inside her and seems not to want to let go of her warmth.

When both of them came back to their senses, they decided to start dressing up before anyone caught them. John helped her with her clothes as if she's a small child. This is one of the things she loved about him.

He is the most caring guy she ever met. But rumor has it, he's doing it with different girls he knows. What a hot playboy! But she doesn't give a damn anymore. That's why their affair will remain their secret for as long as they can.

"Do you wanna go out first?" John asked her as if he was used to asking that question.

"You go first, then I'll be down thereafter five minutes," she replied.

He kissed her on her forehead before heading out. Jenny felt her heart melted for him once again. But she can't fall hard for him since they're just playing around. She heard him heading down to the stairs and his steps fading as he reached the floor outside.

It's official, he's crazy over this guy! She didn't even want to clarify their status with him. All she cares about is that they are both happy whenever they are together. That's enough for her right now.

It seemed like forever when she decided to go out with her friends again. She doesn't want anyone to suspect anything. For now, she's just happy that they are finally able to experience each other's kisses.

" There she is!" Amie said out loud.

All her friends are already drinking some beers anhaving fun.

"Sorry, I think I fell asleep for a while," she lied to them and avoided looking where John was sitting.

Amie gave her a bottle of beer and said, " Let's get this party started!"

She took the bottle of beer and started drinking it and smiled. She has a lot of things to celebrate tonight and she will party until the break of dawn!


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