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Satisfy Her Every Time: 5 Tips to Pleasing Your Partner in Bed

Make Her Happy In Bed

By Jolayemi O. Joseph Published 17 days ago 3 min read

If you have trouble pleasing your woman in bed, then you’re not alone! It’s hard to satisfy every woman, and it can be even harder when she’s being vocal about what she likes in bed. Satisfying your partner in bed can be a delicate process that involves taking your cues from her body language as well as knowing what she likes and doesn’t like. In this article, we’ll go over five simple tips that can help you please her every time you get into bed with her. If you follow these tips, both of you will be more satisfied than ever before!

1) Kissing

Kissing is the perfect way to get started and set the mood. If you're going to be kissing your partner on the mouth, make sure your breath is fresh. Brush your teeth or use a mouthwash before getting into bed. It's also important not to have bad breath because it will often turn off partners who enjoy kissing a lot. Also, don't forget about their tongue! Make sure you don't lick their tongue with yours as if it were an ice cream cone. Instead, flick your tongue against theirs like a lizard or snake would do.

2) Touch her with intention

Touch her with intention. Touching her skin is an intimate way to connect with your partner. It doesn't have to be sexual, but it should feel like you're connecting on a deeper level. When she's ready for the next step, offer her oral sex. Or ask what she wants and then give that to her. The key is knowing when she's ready for the next step so that you can satisfy each other every time.

Tell her jokes

One of the most important aspects of sex is that you need to make your partner feel comfortable and wanted. If she's not into it, then it can be a very rough time. One way to do this is by telling her jokes before, during, or after sex. It breaks the ice and makes things seem less awkward for both parties. There are a few ways to start one off: Did you hear the one about... or Can I tell you my favorite joke? The great thing about these kinds of jokes is that they're usually funny and won't offend anyone.

4) Learn what she wants

She wants you to take the time and be attentive. She wants you to listen, and she wants you to focus. She wants you to pay attention to her cues, because they will tell you what she needs most. She needs for you not only be present in the moment, but also want her. And don't forget about foreplay!

She'll appreciate it if you're willing to spend some time touching other parts of her body besides just the private parts. Start by kissing and caressing your way down from her neck, across her chest (and breasts), then finally moving down past her stomach.

Another great thing is anal play! In a lot of ways, this feels like any other sexual act between partners-except that one partner is inserting an object into their partner's anus.

5) Enjoy foreplay

Foreplay can be a great way to get your partner warmed up and ready for sex. Start with some kissing, then work your way down their body. You could try stroking or licking their vagina or nipple, or rubbing their clitoris. If you're both into it, use your fingers or tongue on them until they come. It's important not to focus too much on yourself when pleasing your partner—think about what makes her feel good. Don't hesitate to ask! Communication is key to being successful in bed. Whether you're unsure of what feels good or are unsure of how to please your partner, just ask them! The worst thing that happens is they say no.


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