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Sailing into you

No sexual boundaries

By Ashley AnnPublished 2 months ago 7 min read

The smell of sweet almond oil and peppermint oil fills the tent as I rub my hands up and down your body on that hot summer night. The fan blows hard through the tent. I can’t help to stare at your curves. Your golden-brown skin is glowing in the moonlight. What I see to be flawless, you seem to be self-conscious about and want to cover. I love feeling your skin beneath my fingertips, watching your body closely as it responds to my touch. I start with your shoulders and neck, down to your hips. I begin to pull your panties down to rub your ass firmly, and I smile as I feel you poke it out a bit as you begin to squirm. You allow me to slide them off of your hourglass figure. I then pump more mixture into my hands to massage your feet and legs. I feel your back arch a bit as your body is tense. I begin to spread your ass cheeks apart a little to take and peak. I then slide my two fingers into you from behind to feel your wetness. I watch you grip the side of the air mattress with your hands as you arch your back and moan. I kiss your back, then drag my tongue gently following your spine until I reach the back of your neck. I whisper in your ear for you to turn over and face me. I begin to rub you down again with the mixture of almond oil and peppermint oil again. I use my fingertips to gently apply pressure and my hand to squeeze as I massage you. I feel your body responding to every move and every touch. I gently rub around your nipple, watching it and feeling it get hard. I then begin to do the other. I brush my fingers across your nipples and gently rub between your breast, making my way down your stomach. Your back begins to arch. I notice your breathing becomes deeper. I drag my fingertips from hip to hip bone, tickling you a little. I drag my lips across your pelvic area, teasing you. Your legs begin to spread, your back arches, and you look at me and say, “take me” I slide my two fingers into you and thrust my body into yours. You lean up to grab me, and I kiss you passionately. I slide out and then back in, thrusting myself back into you. You moan again, grabbing me. I go in and out faster and harder I feel you starting to tighten around my fingers. I kiss you feeling your lips on mine and feeling your tongue meet mine. your breathing becomes deeper, your body becomes tense, and your back arches as you throw your head back. You tell me, “please don’t stop. I’m going to come, baby” I stopped sliding my fingers out of you, peeling our bodies apart. You look at me with disappointment. I get up and back away, and you sit up quickly with confusion written all over your face. I reach my hand out to yours, and I pull. “do you trust me?” you nod your head and say, “yes,” I pull your bare skin out of the tent. I wrap the top sheet around you and begin leading you down a small train through the woods. We began to hear the waves crashing the closer we got to the water. We came out of the woods to a small beach with a catamaran sailboat pushed ashore. Our eyes meet, our bodies become inseparable, and our lips lock. I place my arm around your waist, pulling you close as our tongues continue to meet. Your lips are soft and tender. I walk you to the edge of the boat, you place your arms around my neck, and you sit on the front. You scoot yourself onto the trampoline. I push us off the beach and hop on the side of the boat. I move the sails as I feel the warm wind blow and catch the sails. The water starts to rise as you lay in the middle. Your sheet is a little wet. I see your body starting to glow under the moonlight. You open your sheet, exposing your body to the moon and stars. You look up at me and ask, “will you join me” I slide down into the small area with you. You begin pealing my clothes off to feel my body next to yours. We begin kissing. I feel my heart flutter. I feel my wetness as you turn me on. I kiss your chest, leaving a trail of kisses on each breast. I feel your breathing change as I nibble on you. I gently bite your nibble feeling you jerk, and let out an even louder moan. Making my way down to your left hip, I kiss it with an open mouth dragging my tongue and making circles on your hip and pelvic bone. You begin to arch your back. I spread your legs, kissing your inner thighs. I cuff the back of your legs right under your knees and push them up, lifting your ass and your pink pussy closer to my face. I lick you from your ass to your clit, feeling your body tense up and you moan loudly. I push your legs forward and begin to lick you again. Once I reached your clit, I started to lick it up and down, putting my mouth on it and doing complete circles with my tongue. You place your hand on the back of my head, thrusting yourself into my face. I love it when you fuck my face begging me not to stop. I pull away. You lean up on your arms, looking down at me, begging me, “please don’t tease me” “fuck me,” you are squirming beneath my hands. I asked, “how badly do you want it “you grabbed me by the hair of my head and hunched my head until I couldn’t help but eat you out, tasting all of your goodness. You say to me, “please don’t stop. “I feel your clit begin to harden. You tell me, “baby, I’m about to cum in your mouth” I peel my head from between your legs and slide my two fingers into your wet tight pussy. I let a moan out because it just feels that good to me. Your head is tilted, and your back is arched. The moonlight is shining down on you as you play with your nipples. I begin to finger you harder, faster, hitting that spot repeatedly. I feel you tighten on my fingers your body begins to tense up. I love pleasing you. I love watching you. I asked, “are you going to cum for me,” you said to me, “yeah, baby, your pussy is going to cum for you” you began to moan louder as you hunched and thrust yourself into my fingers. I know it’s about to happen, so I pull my fingers out and dive in to taste you again. My nipples are hard. I’m so wet. Tasting you makes me wet. My clit is throbbing. I feel like I’m going to cum without you touching me. You grab the back of my head and thrust into my face. I slide my two fingers back into your tight wetness. I finger you in and out hard, hitting that spot as I lick you up and down while gently sucking on your clit. You moan, and you say, “oh fuck “please don’t stop” “I’m going to cum in your mouth” “this is your pussy, baby” as Im aroused, I fuck you harder as you are still pulling my hair, thrusting into my face. We pick up a little speed as the sails whip on the boat. You take one last thrust and scream, “I’m cumming” your hard clit then explodes into my mouth, and your body becomes limp as I taste your sweet cum. I lick up every bit of it. Sliding my fingers out, I place them on the back of your legs and push forward, licking you from your ass to your clit, savoring every drop.


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