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Ravaged By The Vampire

by Jezebel Rose 9 months ago in erotic

Romantic Vampiric Love

Brownsville was a small sleepy town. That made it the perfect target for Victor and his band of vampires. The plan was laid out and ready to be executed: they would wait until midnight to strike the houses on the edge of the town at the same time. By turning the inhabitants of those scattered houses, they would have a more significant force to assault the city’s center the next night.

Victor went by himself, and the other ones went in pairs. They all quickly converted the townsfolk into mindless vampires, bloodthirsty and vicious. Victor got to his last house of the night. Inside, the lights were still on, and a man hit a young woman in the face.

He knocked on the front door.

“I swear if it’s that motherfucker asking to borrow something again, I’ll beat his ass,” said the man.

The man opened the door and found Victor, a robust man that towered over him. He had short black hair and black eyes, which contrasted nicely against his pale skin. He was wearing a black jacket.

“Huh? Who are you?” he asked.

“That doesn’t matter.”

The vampire struck the man on the jaw and sent him flying back into the house. Another woman, the wife, let out a high-pitched scream. The daughter was still on the floor, rubbing her cheek. The man stood up and reached for a shotgun hanging on the wall, but Victor stopped him by looking at him. His eyes glowed red, and the man’s eyes faded into a deep black. He did the same to the woman to get the screaming to stop.

The daughter looked at her parents and then at the intruder.

“What did you do to them?” she asked.

“I hypnotized them.”

“Who are you?”

“My name is Victor.”

The young girl noticed his fangs.

“I’m Ashley. Are you a vampire?”

“I am.”

“Are you here to kill us?”

“It’s not as simple as that. I’ll turn you into a lesser type of vampires so that you can turn the rest of the town for me.”

“I’m sick of them. They always hit me and mistreat me; I guess I could be a vampire and forget about everything.”

Victor kneeled in front of the girl. She was beautiful, her black hair reached the middle of her back, and her eyes as black as night reminded the vampire of his own. Her facial features were soft, and her curves were noticeable even with that ugly nightgown covering them.

“I have a different proposal for you,” he said.

“What is it?”

“I’ll turn you into one of us, instead of turning you into a mindless, lesser vampire. You can become someone like me.”

“As long as you take me away from this horrible house.”

Victor helped Ashley up, and he kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back, but she backed off right away. She wasn’t used to this kind of thing. The attention, affection, and this attractive man holding her were all strange things to her.

“What’s wrong?”

“No, it’s nothing. Why are you kissing me? Why do you want to spare me?”

“You’re gorgeous; I want you to be my partner instead of my minion.”

Her deep black eyes were filled with tears. She had known nothing but pain and neglect.


She kissed him again. He took off her nightgown, and she was completely naked under it. He sent her parents to sleep with a wave of his hand without taking the attention off of her. His hands explored her curves, never before touched. She trembled as he touched her, but she didn’t back away. It was something new for her, but she loved his hot breath on her face, his smell, his rugged fingers, everything.

“Do you need to do this to convert me?”

“No. This is just for our enjoyment.”

They went to her bed, and he got on top of her there. She spread her legs, and he slowly went in. She was too tight, but Victor, who was known for being ruthless and cold, took his time to make sure that Ashley was enjoying herself too. Her story and living situation reminded him of his childhood, which was a long time ago.

She moaned and squealed as his cock penetrated her inch by inch. She bit her lip when his entire cock was inside. She started to move around as if by instinct, squeezing the vampire’s cock with her walls. He put his hands on her inner thighs; they were soft as snow. He squeezed them and gave them a red tone. He thrusted once she was wet enough, and he showed her pleasure that she had only dreamed of.

“I was saving the best for last.”

Victor licked the side of her neck clean, and then he licked his lips. He buried his fangs in her flesh, sucking some of her blood. This was the only way for him to be able to convert her to his equal. The ancient magic had to be applied while he fucked her, while both of their souls melted in a single one. Her eyes turned back, and her whole body shivered in uncontrollable spasms. Her first orgasm was hitting her like a ton of bricks to the face, and the magic twisted her very core. She was a creature of the night now, and her days of being Ashley, the girl from that sleepy town, were over.

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