Rachel's Erotic Confession

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Earning a Little Extra

Rachel's Erotic Confession

When I was a student I worked in a bar to earn a little extra spending money. The pay wasn’t great, but I got a share of the tips and it was a fun place to work.

Most nights after we closed we’d all stay behind to drink, and Dave, the manager, usually passed around some coke. Dave was a bit older than the rest of us, and you’d think as the manager he’d be better behaved, but he was wild. He wasn’t my type, I didn’t fancy him, but he was fun.

One night, we were all drinking after work and it must have been around 4 AM, but I felt so awake and happy I didn’t want to go home. But as we drank and talked bullshit, everyone else gradually filtered away, until it was just Dave and me. I still didn’t want to leave, but he told me it was late and that he wanted to go, so it was time for me to sling my hook.

I was almost out of the door when I realised Dave had forgotten to distribute the tips for the night, so I turned around and headed back inside. I found him locking the office door. I reminded him about the tips and he tried to fob me off, but I managed to convince him to open his office up again. We went inside and as Dave unlocked the safe I joked that I'd suck him off if he gave me all the tips.

I still don’t know why I said it, I was giddy and high and it was one of those times you think of something bad and then it’s out of your mouth before you can stop yourself. I honestly meant it as a joke, I think, but Dave turned to me and said something like, “OK, go one then.” He said it like he knew I wouldn't dare. Maybe that’s what made me do it?

I walked over to Dave, I got down on my knees, and I reached up to unbuckle his jeans. I kept expecting that he’d stop me. I pulled his belt open slowly. I peeled his jeans apart. All the time I was waiting for him to laugh and push me away, but he didn’t, so I kept on. It didn’t feel real as I reached inside his jeans and wrapped my hand around his half-hard cock, it still felt like a game.

I pulled Dave's cock out and I squeezed it and started pumping my fist and he got harder. I looked up at him and grinned, and then I kissed the tip of his cock. Dave groaned, and perhaps that encouraged me, as I pulled his underwear and his jeans down to his ankles and then I slid his cock between my lips. It had been a joke, but now I found I wanted it.

I knelt before Dave as he sat in his manager’s chair and I sucked his dick. It was surreal, but a total rush. He had a pleasingly large cock and I found I was enjoying myself so I put on a bit of a show for him. I looked up into his eyes and I licked him like he was a lollipop. I kissed around the sensitive rim of the head of his cock. I cupped and tickled his balls. I sucked him as deep into my throat as I could and I moaned and flicked my hair as I did it.

Dave clearly enjoyed himself too. He quickly started groaning and talking dirty to me, telling me I was a slut and a whore and how he’d always known I was like this. In normal circumstances I’d have been offended, but it turned me on even more and I sucked his cock like a porn star.

Dave got louder and his noises became more urgent as I sucked him. He started bucking his hips and then he took hold of my head and he started fucking my mouth. I loved it. I flicked my tongue back and forth over the underside of his cock as it moved back and forth and he started thrashing and moaning like he was close to losing control.

I could hear Dave’s climax coming. I felt his body tensing and usually this was the moment I pulled my mouth away. I’d really got into my role though and I kept licking his prick. I let him come in my mouth.

Dave came so hard I nearly choked on the first spurt of his salty come. I managed to keep my composure though, and I let him fill my mouth, and I swallowed as much as I could. I couldn’t keep all of it in me though and I giggled as it dribbled over my chin and Dave looked at me as if I was the most wonderful, but also the most wicked thing he’d ever seen.

I got to my feet and Dave pulled his trousers up and he handed me nearly half the tips. He said it would look suspicious if he gave me all of the money, but that I’d earned as much as he could give me. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I walked out of the bar on unsteady legs. I walked all the way home and I couldn’t believe what I’d done. I'd been awful, but it had been so hot.

It became a regular thing the rest of the time I worked in that bar. Two or three times a week I’d wait till everyone else had left, and then I’d suck Dave’s cock in his office for a bigger cut of the tips. We even developed an unofficial scale. If I swallowed I got half the tips, but if I let him come over my tits I got more, and if he came over my face he’d give a little extra from the actual takings.

I should probably feel bad about what I did, but I don’t, I enjoyed it. And trust me, I earned that extra money.

Mars Benway
Mars Benway
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