Puppy Mask 2: A New Acquisition

by Rhea Corvos 9 months ago in fetishes

Another would-be dog falls into Anne's hypnotic trance!

Puppy Mask 2: A New Acquisition

If you're new to this series, remember to start with the first installment, Puppy Mask!

Something was just too, too weird about that costume contest. Dana seethed over her pumpkin spice latte, wondering what she’d done wrong. Or what she hadn’t done right. She was a model, for fuck’s sake! She knew she was the sexiest woman in the square, and before that goth chick and her so-called puppy had come on the scene, she was sure she’d win. Her and her little angel getup had one councilman actually salivating. Dana had even shaken her little tush, hamming it up with a wink as she stepped off the stage in a flurry of feathers from her enormous wings. And then that vamp had come on with her friend. Or whatever. And Dana had gotten second place.

That gave Dana pause. What had the puppy been about? This was a single-entrant contest. The puppy had definitely been another woman. Had they broken the rules by coming on together?

Pulling out her phone, Dana did a quick search for the costume contest rules. A copy from four years ago confirmed her suspicions. The goth chick had broken the rules. Dana felt a surge of hope. If she could disqualify the goth chick and her dog, she could be the one eating free this year!

The chick’s name was Anne. A news piece about the contest said she had a studio down the street. Dana nearly knocked her chair over in her haste. She didn’t know why, but it seemed important to confront Anne before bringing the cheating to the city. As she powered down the street toward the offices, she opened her video recording app and turned it on. Everyone would see Anne confess to her!

The studio was located in a large brick building with a bunch of other artists, all gone for the weekend. For a minute, Dana was afraid she’d miss Anne completely, but there she was, sitting in her studio, working on a piece of leather. A woman sat on the ground next to her wearing a dog mask. The same one? What was their deal? Anne looked up as Dana approached. She smiled.

“I wondered when you’d get here,” she said.

“You cheated,” Dana hissed. “You entered with a second person.”

“Callie,” Anne said to the woman on the floor, “Are you a person?”

“I’m a puppy, Mistress,” answered the woman in a flat, distant voice. Anne turned back to Dana, smiling as if to say, see?

What the actual fuck was this? Dana pointed a trembling finger at Anne. “You cheated and you know it. I’m going to bring this evidence to the council and you’re going to lose that prize!”

“I don’t care about the prize,” Anne replied casually. “I never did.”

“Then why did you even enter?”

“I wanted to win.”

“Then you care about the prize!”

“No.” Anne sighed. “Listen. I’ll give you the prize. The year of free eats. Is that what you want?”

Dana should have been happy, but she wasn’t. Somehow, it wasn’t enough. “I’d take it, but it’s still not fair that you won,” she said.

Anne sighed. “OK. I’m just trying to sell masks here. I thought it could be good publicity, so I entered.”

“Did it... work?”

“Eh.” Anne waggled her hand, making a face. “People don’t like the fit. Here, try it on. You’ll see what I mean.” She handed the mask over. Dana took it reluctantly.

It was just a black dog mask, exactly like the one Anne's... friend... was wearing. How bad could it be if that chick never took it off? With one last glance at Anne, Dana fitted the mask to her face.

Actually, it was quite comfortable. Better yet, there was some kind of video playing in the eyes. Dana could see that it was just starting. The intro was a spiral, endlessly spinning down, down, down, as she watched the center whirl.

“The spiral is the best part,” Anne said. “I love to watch it. It’s very relaxing, very soothing to watch the spiral. I love to just look and listen to what Anne is saying, letting it fill my mind as the spiral empties it. I love to watch the spiral and listen to Anne’s voice.”

Dana sighed, feeling content. The spiral was very nice to watch, and now strong leatherworker’s hands were buckling the mask onto her head. That was good. She wanted to keep watching the spiral.

“As you watch, you forget why you came. I will tell you why you came, and that’s very good because you believe everything I say to you. Don’t you?”

“Yes.” The sound came from Dana, but she was barely aware of saying it. The spiral was everything. It was impossible to think anymore, her empty mind capable only of following Anne’s instructions.

“Good girl. You came because you want to be my puppy from now on. You love it when I call you good. It’s good to be a good puppy, good to listen and obey and call me Mistress. Speak, puppy.”

“Yes, Mistress. Oh!” Dana felt a surge of pleasure between her legs, followed by the bloom of erotic warmth spreading to every corner of her body. Her nipples and clit tingled.

“Good puppy.” Another surge of lust and pleasure. Dana whimpered. “A good puppy like you always wants to obey.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Dana whispered. Her fingers were wandering down to her crotch already, playing with it over her pants.

“What a good puppy you are! The more I tell you that you’re good, the more sexual pleasure you’ll experience. You can masturbate just as much as you want, but you can only come if you’re a very, very good girl.”

“Yes!” Dana’s hand was actually in her pants now, pushing past her thong and into her cunt. She rolled her finger around her clit, desperately rubbing it faster and faster as the erotic force of her obedience drove her helplessly to desperation.

“You’re good if you kneel before me.”

Dana knelt, quivering with ecstasy.

“You’re good if you take your clothes off for me.”

Getting her shirt off over the mask was hard, but Dana must always watch the spirals. She could not image ever not seeing the spirals again. Her other clothes fell away from her and were gone forever. She was naked on the cold floor, shivering with desire, knowing once again that she was very, very good and jilling off faster than ever.

“If you’re very, very good, I’ll pat your head,” Anne told her. “That’s how you’ll know that you’re allowed to come. And you want to come, don’t you, Dana?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“And you’ll always be my good puppy, won’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

“You’ll never resist or try to escape?”

“Never, Mistress!”

“Good, good puppy.”

Suddenly, wonderfully, Anne felt the touch of Anne’s hand on her head. Pat pat. Her orgasm was so powerful that she screamed, falling to the floor, still rubbing herself as hard as she could but losing control of her body by the minute. When she was spent at last, she lay there, empty-minded, staring eternally at the spirals. She barely even noticed when Anne stood her up, dressed her, and led her home.

Anne sighed happily. It had been a long day, but a productive one. She had even gotten a new dog. In the corner, Dana and Callie sat next to each other at the puppy table where they got their dinners, staring forward in their twin masks, unmoving. It warmed Anne’s heart to know that their minds were blank, but their pussies were buzzing.

“You’re both feeling a little sexier now,” she told them, “but you’re still completely unable to move.”

Both puppies remained stone-still. Only the hardening of their naked nipples told Anne that they were enjoying their obedience as much as she was.

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