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Possessive Love

From the Novel When Are You?

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Drake's lips are now down to her neck. Her arms are still raised above her head with her shirt covering her eyes.

She patiently waited for him to pay attention to her exposed breasts. Her nipples are very attentive now and she can feel Drake's hands are circling them now.

Finally, he started kissing her breasts one after the other. Celine feels the anticipation is building inside her. But Drake is moving slowly and passionately. When he finally let go of her arms and took off her shirt from her eyes.

"I want more…" Celine couldn't help but tell him how much she wanted more.

"Are you sure about this, Celine? There's no turning back once we do this!" Drake reminded her.

But her desire is stronger now than her reasoning. Her hormones seem to have blocked her brain for her to think about the consequences. All she knows is that she wants Drake to continue whatever is doing until it's over.

"We don't have to turn back from anything!" She replied after taking off all her clothes.

She's now completely naked for Drake to see. He looks like he's very pleased with what he's seeing. Then he started attacking her breast again. This time, he started to nurse on both of her nipples. He pushed her breast together so that he can both pay attention to them.

"Ohhh...bite that…" Celine can't believe that she's instructing him.

Drake didn't wait for another second and bit her engorged nipples lightly. This is how she likes it, she wants to have rough sex. Although her previous boyfriend is so wholesome to try it with her. She wants her breasts to get bitten.

After a few moments, Drake can't take the heat anymore. He stopped what he's doing to her and started stripping off his clothes. The sight of Drake's naked body made her wet. He has a toned body and strong arms.

But what made her want him more is his hardness. It looks like it can satisfy anyone and she's glad that Drake will be putting it inside her soon. He shoved the stuff on the table and carried her there. She never imagined that Drake is very strong.

"Open up for me, baby!" Drake said once she's already sitting on the table.

She hesitated at first but followed Drake's instruction. It feels awkward for him to see what's in between her legs. But he wants to see more so he helps her to open up some more. He looked at it admiringly and went down to his knees.

"I want to taste it first! This is mine from now on, is that understood?!" He informed her.

"Yes, it's all yours!" She agreed and moaned loudly when he dived into her.

Celine is so turned on by how possessive Drake is as a lover. She's been dreaming of that for a long time. He's also very passionate and he wants to do it very slowly. When he's done tasting her, he gets up and she sees how hard he already is.

"On your knees!" He ordered her and she immediately obliged.

Celine knows what she has to do. She holds him in both hands. It is her turn to taste him now and when she did, she heard him moan. That encourages her to keep doing what she's doing. She liked how he tasted and she thought that she could do this every day.

"'re good at this! Enough for now or I might be done right away." Drake stopped her.

She stopped since she doesn't want that either. They still have a long way to go. She can feel her need for him. But she doesn't have to say anything. The moment that she stopped, Drake guided her to go down on all fours.

"That's it! You're very sexy, baby!" Drake said and kissed her lips.

After that, Drake didn't waste any more time. He slowly went inside of her that almost made her scream in pleasure. She can feel every inch of him stretching her. He started slowly moving back and forth inside of her. It made their desire to build up some more.

"I want it harder, Drake!" She courageously requested.

Drake didn't have to reply in words anymore, he did it with his actions. That made her moan louder as if she wanted to scream with pleasure. He can make her feel like a total slut when they are making love.

After a few moments and a couple of hard thrusts, Celine can't take it anymore. She can feel that she's about to lose it but she wants more at the same time. But she can no longer hold herself longer.

"Drake, I'm coming….oh my...yes!" She verbally just told him what she feels.

She felt two explosions inside of her just happened. One from her and the other one from Drake. He collapsed at her and she, on the floor. They stayed in that position for a few moments without saying anything. Just enjoying the pleasure they both shared.

They went back to the main house but they are not planning to sleep just yet. After making love for the first time, they can't get enough of each other. So they made love in the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room until they finally got to their bedroom.

They are now laying down on the bed to rest. Maybe sleep after another round according to Drake. He seems to have a high drive because he never did it for a long time. It's also a tragic love story and Celine understands why he didn't talk about it.

"I will make you forget him, Celine!" He told her while she's laying on his arm.

"Let's not talk about him!" She replied.

"I told you earlier if we do it, there's no turning back. You're mine now, Celine!" Drake informed her.

"Are you always this possessive?" She teased him.

"Only to the one I love!" Drake replied and rolled her down to the bed to make love again.

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