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Period Trackers and why we've become insistent on using them

by Kaitlynn Esquibel 2 months ago in how to
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How to track your period the old fashion way

Period Trackers and why we've become insistent on using them
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With the sad and frustrating overturning of Roe v. Wade, many friends and family I have seen are struggling with wanting to keep their period apps but don't want their data sold to the Government. Majority also have no idea how to calculate their cycle so they rely heavily on these apps to tell them when to expect Aunt Flo. In reality I have never known these apps or trusted them much in the first place. From shortly after starting my first period my mother taught me the good old fashioned way on how to track my period and ovulation. I also consulted with my Gyno when I was older and she confirmed the way I was doing it and said "While the apps are nice to have when you don't have the time they also aren't the most accurate". So I'm going to share with you all some tips on how to track your period in some easy steps and it also helps with tracking your ovulation too for all those out there who want to start a family or just simply want to know when they are ovulating.

Step 1: Find a calendar or planner you plan to regularly use to track your period. I color code my calendar in my room and use a different color the week I'm on my period that way I can always look back and know 100% when my last period was.

Step 2: When was your last period? If you know the last day great! If not no worries just pay extra attention your next period when your last day is.

Step 3: From the last day of your cycle you are going to count 28 days. For example if your last day of your cycle was July 25th then you would count from the 25th to August 22nd. By this logic your next cycle should start on August 22nd.

Disclaimer: bodies are weird and so are cycles while 28 days is the standard for when your next period should appear you might realize after you get comfortable tracking your period it might be 20 days after your last cycle. That's okay Personally I think mine is 24 days. I still count the 28 days and give myself 5 days before that start day so I know roughly when it's going to come.

Step 4: You did it! Now you know how to track your period so if you want to delete that app and not feel bad about it.

On to ovulation this one is pretty straightforward and even your OBGYN could even offer more information than I as I am not a medical professional by any means. From what I have learned is that as we are most fertile the week before and the week after our cycles. That is why our uterus get's mad at us for a week because we didn't want it to house a child. All jokes aside if you really want to pin point the exact day(s) you are most likely to conceive then I suggest talking to a doctor and even then they have over the counter ovulation tests. Do what you think is best for you.

These are just some tips and tricks I've picked up over the years and honestly those apps can only work so well and when it doesn't work that well we are left asking ourselves sometimes difficult questions. Hopefully you find these tips helpful that way you are prepared for everything that life has to throw at you. Do you have any tips you want to share/include comment below!

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