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Onlyfans Caption Ideas: 15 Best Onlyfans Picture and Videos Caption Ideas

What are some of the best OnlyFans captions ideas for OnlyFans creators?

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Onlyfans captions ideas for photos and videos / Picture created by author for his blog:

If you, as an OnlyFans creator, upload your pictures or videos to OnlyFans or market it on other platforms, better OnlyFans captions could be really helpful for getting more engagement. In this article, we discussed some of the coolest Onlyfans videos and picture caption ideas.

It is no surprise that the platform, Onlyfans, created for content creators from all different kinds of niches to share their exclusive content is now popular only for adult content creators.

The competition on Onlyfans is ever-growing, and you will need to work hard to be successful.

One of the best ways by which you can make your content including images and videos stand out is to provide a caption. In this article, I will give you some ideas of captions that you need to place in order for your content to stand out.

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Things to keep in mind for effective captions?

Before we get into giving caption ideas, the following are the things that you will need to look at to ensure that whatever the caption you produce, is worth it.

These things are:

  • Less is more: No one is out there looking to read an essay. Keep it as minimal as possible.
  • To the point: If you are putting a picture of feet and writing something about airplanes, do you think it will work? No. So remaining to the point is important.
  • Use FOMO: Fear of Missing Out is perhaps one of the best ways to drive sales. Use FOMO but not always.
  • Give something new always: keep your audience engaged and keep giving something new to them because otherwise, if you repeat, you will start to bore people. Make sure you play around with all the media choices that Onlyfans give you.
  • Be honest: remember when someone said, “honesty is the best policy,” so remaining honest is only going to build trust between you and your followers. The more honest you are about your content, be it the videos or images, the higher the chances are your followers will grow loyal to you!

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15 Best Onlyfans pictures and videos caption ideas:

The following are the 15 best Onlyfans pictures and captions ideas that you can use or take inspiration from. These include the following:

1. Captions for feet models:

  • If anything, I am excited and so are my feet.
  • The prettiest problem out there is my feet.
  • Just another day and my two feet
  • Aren’t they just lovely?
  • Don’t you just wish you were there?
  • People really hate me for no reason!!
  • Got a fresh pedicure. Wanna see?
  • Relax, you can place custom orders for more.
  • Don’t you think they need some care and nurturing?
  • What do you like about them?

2. Onlyfans Captions for single women:

  • Just another dreamer girl out there.
  • Skies are not the limit for me.
  • 90% happy
  • Strong mindset and strong aurora!
  • Love comes to you naturally.
  • Life is simpler when you have all the beds for yourself!!

3. Captions for Yoga instructors:

  • Season 12 Episode 1
  • 50 shades of Yoga training
  • Be peaceful
  • Brightest soul of sunshine
  • Different breed.
  • Mindful NOT mind full
  • Come, let your body thank you!

4. Caption ideas for couples:

  • One of a kind!
  • Sweet like honey
  • Fine asses
  • The best couple you ever had?
  • Real-life kings and queens
  • We meet again
  • We’re made for one another.
  • The world revolves around us.
  • There is a reason for everything!

Some alternatives for Onlyfans creators

Following are some of the creators for Onlyfans creators:


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Fanvue is a social media platform for adult as well as non-adult content creators. As an Onlyfans creator, you can make money on Fanvue in different ways like selling your subscriptions, selling your PPVs, custom requests, getting tips from your fans, and having a discover page where new users can find your intro videos and subscribe to your page. Fanvue charges a 15% commission on the first 12 months and after that, you will be charged a 20% commission.

5. Caption ideas for role player adult content creators:

  • Call it what you want!
  • Not a care in the world.
  • Unconditional!
  • One step closer.
  • A dreamer out there.
  • Skies are blue, love is colourful

6. Caption ideas for BDSM dominatrixes:

  • Pain is temporary, submission is forever.
  • Your bank account is mine
  • You have my permission!
  • Everyone’s blind, only I can show you the path!
  • Try me.
  • Test me.
  • Do you have a death wish?

Caption for cuckold couples:

  • Sharing is caring.
  • Just needed a break, so-called a guy!
  • Sharing my bed, twice a day.
  • With pain comes truth.
  • Acceptability makes you feel awesome.
  • We will meet again with him!
  • Bliss.
  • One step closer.
  • I like to watch.

8. Caption ideas for Hot moms!

  • I know everything!
  • Real-life queen!
  • Limited edition for limited people
  • Still young, and still reckless
  • She ain’t me though
  • Bad Lil vibe
  • Fine ass
  • Still a Lil brat
  • I can do badly on my own.
  • Real hot girl shit out there.
  • Sweet like honest, looking at your money.

9. Captions for lesbians:

  • Real-life queens.
  • Pure temptation
  • Real-life barbies
  • The world is gay!
  • Classy.
  • Living our life, how about you?

10. Captions for leg models:

  • Just waxed.
  • Aren’t they shiny?
  • It looks like I could kill.
  • Good woman for his soul.
  • Good reps.
  • 99 problems but no hair.

11. Captions for beach models:

  • Never bitter, always better.
  • Maybe we all love sand.
  • Want to share my coconut?
  • Hope she doesn’t like me.
  • Do all things with love.
  • Can I surf you as well?

12. Captions for girlfriend experience:

  • Make me yours for one night.
  • I’m sure she’s jealous of me.
  • Am I on her radar?
  • Do I look like I can kill?
  • Show me the door inwards.
  • Can you keep up, Mr?
  • Forget her, remember me.

13. Captions for people with Fetish:

  • Be lowkey and let them wonder.
  • Escape of the ordinary.
  • One day one thing at a time
  • Be you, do you, for you.
  • Know your worth.
  • Long weekend fun.
  • Do ya think?
  • Been about you!
  • Keep it simple.
  • Keep exploring what’s out there.
  • Die-hard!!!
  • Time to crank up!!
  • My inner cycle.

14. Captions for incest-play lovers :

  • Brothers and sisters forever.
  • Long live with my step-mom
  • There is beauty within the family
  • Thank you, mom!
  • Vibes don’t lie.
  • You don’t know what’s in there.
  • Blowing kisses like crazy.
  • I’m in a mood.
  • Meet me on the weekend.
  • Vibes.
  • Die for me!!!
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