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Only Fans & Sex Work

by Erin King 2 months ago in humanity
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Why many influencers give out the wrong message

Only Fans & Sex Work
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I have nothing againist any woman who decides to do a only fans. Some may be students at university or college who do online sex work because their jobs in retail and other industries may be time consuming and may do sex work that they can work their own hours , be their own boss. They may try and keep their hustle secret from their parents due to the fear of embarassment and discomfort.

They do sex work because they do not want to ask their parents for money because they know it will lead to family arguements especially if you are a uni student.The 2nd reason that some people may do sex work is the high living costs such as living in a home or apartment , and you struggle to pay off bills or your mortage on a single income. But this is a risk if you are working in a professional career for example a nurse , and you were doing sex work at the same time. You could be fired from your job after people tell your employer about your racy side hustle

People set up a only fans account after they loose their reputation after appearing on reality tv such as MAFS (Married At First Sight), they cannot have a professional career for a few reasons depending on the person and they find a way to make a income.Influencers find only fans to be safe and it helps them interact in a safe way with their fans. I think it's safer to do sex work on only fans instead of working in a brothel or a gentleman's club because of the risk of being assaulted , raped or drugged if there is no security around or the security team does not do their jobs properly.

In the porn industry the men become very controlling of women and what they do in the porn industry.I have seen videos on porn hub and websites , that men do take control of women. So only fans is more of safe space for women because they have more choice and control of their content and you can take legal action against people for revenge porn and who have access to your content without paying for a subscription. It could be someone who has already subscribed to your pages and spread the image around.

Only fans can have some creepy men and stalkers. It's very easy to block any users that cross boundaries with you compared to a man harassing a sex worker at a gentleman's club.I have watched the top subscribed youtube influencers tell people how to make thousands of dollars on only fans and show the positive aspect of it. They do not keep it real. Social media can be a good place for advice but it can have its downfalls because it's very easy to give misinformation.

I have watched a young lady's video and the youtuber's name is Katerina Kladis. She is a bit younger than me. She has over 1,000 subscribers on youtube. She made video about the questions she always get asked about the only fans platform. She was more realistic in her advice. She did not seem arrogant , she cared for people who were keen to start a only fans but disliked the way influencers online gave misinformation.

She said in her video that she does not want people to think only fans is a quick buck because if they choose to do only fans it can pose negative outcomes. Katerina advised girls to have a long think if they really want to do only fans or if they are really wanting to make a quick buck , because their is many ways they can make a quick buck.Only fans causes a lot of mixed opinions with many people.

The creators may get hate from family , friends , acquaintances and people you do not know on social media.You may loose some friendships, parents or grandparents cut you off in the family circle.People will laugh and make fun of you behind your back. She gave a rhetorical question to the viewers. " is the money i'm receiving is worth the hate I get " . This rhetorical question may interpret the 2 faced nature of the subscribers.She told the viewers especially girls to make their own decison.

They could even ban you from coming to family events due to embarassment .Some parents may react to the news in a bad manner and may be shocked after finding out how you make your money out of sex work.A few parents may be understanding for your reasons for doing it , but most may not agree but still love you as your child.

Parents especially fathers may be worried about their daughter interacting with creepy men on only fans.Paying & asking their adult child for bizzare requests such as feet photos and dick ratings. Sometimes you do not know the subscriber's username unless they have their face as their proflie pic.Some may not have a username that matches their name or have a profile photo but in most cases it could be both. A dad would be mortified if his mates subscribe to your page or your mum will be mortified aswell if her male friends from high school or from work , subscribe to your page.

Katerina also said you may receive a few thousand in the first few weeks but the followers will lose interest and may subscribe once to your page once. You need to keep up with content to make sure your subscribers are interested in the page and keep your income going. She advised girls to set their boundaries before posting any content and do not be pushed by men to do things they do not want to post or send. You need to realize what you are okay with.Men like to see more of women and their private parts instead of women posing in lingerie.

You can make money without showing your face. Some women choose to do this because they do not want to be judged and disowned by their familes and feel more comfortable making an income. But men may not want this and they may pay you a lot of money to show your face to them. Men love beautiful faces and they have bizzare fetishes. But only fans is not a actual way to find a girlfriend as a man but you can ask for sex advice. However if you are in a relationship a wife or a girlfriend may be mad at you for subscribing and talking to women on only fans instead of paying attention to them. These men may be unhappy in their relationships and may find a platform to have someone to vent out with about their relationship problems.

There is another negative aspect about only fans and that is a target of illegal photo leaks from locked subscribed pages that you have to pay to access naughty footage via a paywall.Reality stars are more likely to be targeted because many people can judge them based on tv footage and they may not like them because they are nasty to other people on a TV show. Recently last month , Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O had a radio interview with Dom and Ella from this years season of MAFS. I had no idea how they accessed Olivia and Jackson's lewd sex act on only fans. I have no idea if someone sent them the footage or the co workers accessed the platform themselves. Dom and Ella were shocked. Why would they get a opinion from Ella and Dom over the lewd footage because Dom and Olivia do not like each other since they met on MAFS and they continued their feud on social media after the show

Olivia was so humilated after the radio footage was aired and Jackson was embarassed people sent the radio footage to his mum , and his employer. However he lost his job but understood the employer's perspective. It was not okay for Kyle and Jackie O to air the radio footage even though it's not right to make fun of someone doing only fans because you do not like them on MAFS. Ella Ding is not friends with Olivia but she said it should not happen to anyone.


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