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Online sex work options: Cam Modeling

by Plus size & sexy 2 months ago in industry
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Part 2 of breaking down the details of all your options regarding online sex work: Cam Modeling

Online sex work options: Cam Modeling
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In my last post we discussed subscription platforms. We learned their pros/cons and just some general information about them. Many of you who read it may have felt that subscription platforms was not the best option, or maybe if you are like me you just want to use multiple platforms. Today we will be talking about another great option, Cam modeling.

As mentioned in my first post, Cam modeling is a form of online sex work in which the sex worker broadcasts from a live webcam, typically on a site like MyFreeCams. It is entirely up to the worker what she does during this time on cam. Some people just relax and hang out on cam, sometimes in revealing clothes. Some people like to get super naughty and show off their body, or touch themselves while their fans watch. There are even some cam models who just eat. The only things that truly matter when it comes to how your time on cam is spent is that you are following the sites rules and that you are staying consistent once you find what works for you.
Sites that do cam modeling tend to offer other things as well, such as; private messaging, one on one video calls, photo/video sales, etc. What you are able to do on these sites vary depending on which site it is you are using.

My personal experience with cam modeling is that it can be a fun and decently laid back form of online sex work, but you also have to be a very engaging, capturing, or entertaining person to make good money for this option. It is probably one of the types of sex work I enjoy most, however it is definitely the one I struggle the most with when it comes to making money.

Pros: What are the benefits of using Cam Modeling websites as an online sex worker?

- It definitely can be one of the more laid back forms of sex work. It is not uncommon for people who are cam models to just hang out, play games, or brush their hair while on cam.

- It is the easiest option for filtering out time wasters while still making money. Most cam sites will allow you to block specific types of viewers, such as ones who don't have accounts or do not often tip models.

- Taxes are easy, just like with subscription platforms. Cam sites get together your tax information for you (aside from any deductions you may need to account for) and your main responsibility is just getting it filed. It requires a lot less digging, math, and income tracking on your part.

- Advertising off the platform is not nessecary. You have a million clients who could easily find you, without you needing to advertise to or search for them. Most people using these platforms know what the site is for and will search for their specific types and find you all on their own.

- It is easier to maintain privacy and safety when using cam sites. Most cam sites have features that allow you to block users from specific states/cities, and also help hide your location from anyone who may try to access it. They even have their own private chat rooms for if you want to do paid private calls, but do not want to give out contact information.

- There is usually a decent community within these sites, which can help you grow. I'm not saying everyone is sweet and friendly, but typically models will have each other's backs. It's also fairly common for newer models to browse through seasoned cam models live streams to learn.

Cons: What are the negatives of using Cam modeling websites as as online sex worker?

- It can be a little harder to keep your identity private. You always use a stage name and never give out real personal information, however many cam sites require that your face be on cam, without masks or any facial coverings. This can be anxiety raising for someone who fears someone they know in person finding their account and having a negative reaction.

-A lot of people tend to get a free show. Most customers in your chat room will tip, but not all of them. Some just hang out until someone pays you enough that they get to watch you do what they want. With most other options only paying customers would have access to your content.

-It is not as flexible. With a lot of online sex work options you are able to work from anywhere, even walking through a grocery store. That isn't the case for cam modeling obviously, as you can't just be broadcasting to a porn site from anywhere. You will have to be in privacy, with access to a computer and camera, and free of any chaos that could interrupt.

-Cam sites tend to have some super strict rules. They of course have the basics of nothing illegal, nothing dangerous, but they also tend to have additional rules in place as precautionary measures. A few of the rules I can think of off the top of my head are: No one should be even heard speaking on your broadcast that is not a verified member of the site, you cannot be away from cam for extended periods of time with your cam running, you can not sleep on camera

-You don't usually have immediate access to your money on cam sites. Typically they work much like a typical job when it comes to receiving your pay. They usually have options of direct deposit or checks, received on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Also they tend to require a certain amount be earned before you are able to receive your pay.

-Customers have so many models to choose from, it can be a little harder to draw attention to or keep attention on your cams. Customers are able to search all of their desires on a search bar, so if another model has a slightly more appealing hair color than you, despite otherwise being totally on par with you, a customer may choose them over you. It's a constant fight for attention basically.

- You have to be able to afford a decent set up. It doesn't have to be professional quality by any means, but no one wants to pay to watch a broadcast that is blurry, glitchy, or has a super low quality camera. The basic needs are good internet connection, a decent camera, and a well functioning laptop. It is best to also have good lighting.

-The way they handle monetary transactions between customers can cause a lot of confusion and frustration. Instead of taking a percentage of your pay, cam sites tend to sell tokens to their customers and the customers use those tokens to pay you. The issue with this is typically the customer paid nearly double for the tokens what you will be receiving for them. Therefore it can be difficult to agree on a price point because what is $20 to you, could be as much as $40 to them.

What are some websites I could use to Cam model?

-MyFreeCams: Myfreecams is by far my absolute favorite cam site. They have a good client base, a good variety of options to earn money (live broadcast, cam to cam, selling photos, etc), and their models tend to get some cool benefits. I have received free VIP tickets to a suicide girls burlesque show through them, plus a bunch of free MFC merchandise. MFC also seems to be one of the websites that do a better job at protecting you and your personal information. MFC only allows female identifying models (cis or trans) to model on their website.

-Chaturbate: I have not had much experience with chaturbate. I have heard absolutely wonderful things about the platform, however. The biggest positive I have heard is that they are extremely inclusive to all genders and relationship types. They also tend to be a lot more open with kink. If I am remembering correctly chaturbate is one of the few sites that do not require you show your face on camera. The issue I personally have had with using this website is that when I tried to sign up my application was denied due to "looking too young" despite having proof of my age, and knowing people who looked younger than I do that have accounts. I'm guessing it was a system glitch, but I never took the time to appeal it.

-Cam Soda: I have heard good things about this site. It is also one of the cam sites that has existed the longest. This means that it most likely has a very large population of customers and probably has been able to grow a lot overtime. All genders are welcome, however they use terms that are not the most positive/inclusive.

-Pornhub: Pornhub is mostly known for their videos, however they actually have an entire section of their website dedicated to cam modeling as well. Set up can be a little difficult, but it seems to run well otherwise. One of the biggest benefits of this website is probably how well known of a site it is. All genders and relationship types are welcome, however pornhub does certainly have a history of using derogatory/incorrect terms for all types of people.

There are several other websites that you can use, including but not limited to LiveJasmin, StripChat, and Cams. I do not know enough about these sites to feel comfortable commenting on them, however there are lots of writers who have shared their own experiences with them.

How do I know if cam modeling is right for me?

When it comes to choosing the best option for you, the most important thing is to go through the pros/cons and decide if those are things you will be okay with. I have found that the most successful people on cam sites are people who are sociable, engaging, interesting, and unique. It is also best to be able to handle customer service well. You don't have to suck it up and take all their crap, but you have to be able to handle it in a way that will not be off putting to those in the chat room you want to remain there. Another huge factor is knowing if you would do well with this option is knowing what kind of time/energy you have. You need to be able to stay on a schedule with cam sites. It doesn't matter what hours, but it matters that you are consistent. Regular clients are going to be your biggest source of income, so they need to know when and where they can find you. If they aren't able to know when you will be online, they will probably just search out others that are more predictable.

If you feel like you learned something from this post, and would like to continue learning, make sure you subscribe so that you get to see the information I have, as soon as I am able to share it.


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