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Nylons and Pantyhose, Oh My

Those Soft and Silky Play Things

By Brandi PaynePublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Steve was your ordinary guy, or so it seemed. He led a solitary life and didn’t have many friends. His day started with a cup of coffee and a bagel and then off to work for eight hours. When he came home from work, he showered and then made him some dinner. It was after dinner when the fun began for Steve.

He had this fetish that no one knew about and it was his most sacred secret. He would wash his dishes from his dinner and then he would watch about an hour of television. Once television was over, he would go into his bedroom and into one of his dresser drawers and pull out a little bag.

He would take this bag over to his bedside and place it on his night stand. After his shower, he always wore just his fluffy white robe and sometimes boxers. He would get into his bed and get comfortable. Then, after he was comfortable, he would reach over and grab the bag he placed on his night stand.

This one particular evening he decided to not wear anything under his robe, so he sat there with his penis laying in his lap. With the bag in his lap, he would just stare at it for a minute and then you could see his penis start to wake up. It would jump a little and then start to swell.

Steve would stare at this bag for an average of ten to fifteen minutes each time he sat with his bag. He knew what was inside and how much it meant to him. He finally opened the bag and reached inside. As his hand disappeared into the bag, his penis jumped a few more times until he pulled his secret out of the bag.

Steve pulled out a few pair of nylons and pantyhose to play with. By the time he got to set them down in his lap, his penis was very much erect. His penis was average size but held a huge helmet head. He took those nylons and pantyhose and wrapped them around his penis. It felt so good to him the he laid his head back closing his eyes and moaning softly.

These were his prize possessions and he loved every time he got to play with them. He would pick one up and slide it over his face smelling them and feeling the softness against his skin. He would play with them like snakes wrapping them all around his erect shaft and tickling his helmet with them.

Some of them had dried white stains on them from the last few times he played with them. They turned him on so much the he hardly ever had to touch his penis for him to have an orgasm. He would reach down and use one of them to stroke his penis with.

Steve would be considered a pervert by most women’s standards, but he didn’t care. They were his nylons and only he played with them. Whenever he had company over, they never knew about his fetish because he would never pull them out, but when he was indulging in sexual pleasure with a woman, he thought about his pantyhose and that would give him an intense orgasm and the women never knew any different.

So, he sat there playing with his nylons and pantyhose caressing his penis with them and watching how the nylons would soak up his pre-juice from the top of the helmet. It turned him on so much that he kept fondling his testicles and penis with those nylons that he finally ejaculated in them.

He watched as his sticky semen would burst from his penis and onto those nylons. He kept masturbating until every bit of his juice was out and his testicles tight to his body. One he was done squirting juice, he would just place those nylons and pantyhose dripping with his sticky cream back down on his lap and relax feeling the pleasure they just gave him before putting them away in the bag and back into his drawer.

Do you like nylons and pantyhose? I bet you play with them too and watching your penis getting very hard for them. Watching your white, sticky cream shoot into them and making a mess, but oh the pleasure of playing with them.


About the Creator

Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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