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Neighbor Strikes again

How wonderful

By DSPublished 3 days ago 7 min read
Neighbor Strikes again
Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

My name is Jeff; I live in a crazy carefree neighborhood. My neighbor's house is so close to mine I can turn on her facet from my window. It's crazy. The bathrooms are facing one another and both have a big walk through glass sliding door as the exit for the back door in the bathroom.

I have been on third shift forever so I get home around 7 in the morning and go in at eleven at night for six days a week. My only day off is Sunday night. Working this schedule is great when the weather is warm.

My neighbor is a single mother of three teen girls. She must be a voyeur at heart because every morning I get home her bathroom door is wide open and she is standing in the doorway completely naked and doing something like brushing her teeth or drying off with her hot body dripping with water. Her cute rounded breasts always perky and her nips are always hard as can be.

I get home and head straight to the bathroom and strip on my way through the house. By the time I hit the bathroom I am completely naked and start pissing in the john which is in the view of the door. I spin around and notice my neighbor who I hope is just showing off. Her leg is spread open and she is rubbing her nubbin in the doorway. I mean she is really getting into this and my wife has already left for work along with all the kids are at school because she takes everyone to school. My daughter and the girls next door are all part of the same high school and do a ton of stuff together.

I open the door on my side and reach my finger through and start fingering her to help her get off quicker and she opens her eyes and starts moaning. She moans really loud and her pussy gushes with her juices.

She reaches over and starts rubbing my rod and has me extremely hard. She continues as she steps in closer and starts licking my nipples and nibbling on them. Her pace quickens and her grip tightens on my hard stiff tool. She wets her hand from the pre-cum leaking out of my tool and starts sliding all around my tool making her hand feel as if I was entering her pussy. She kept this pace up and had me Cumming all over her titties in mere minutes.

Without a word she steps back and climbs into her shower and starts getting showered up for her job.

She done it again, she got off and got me off without any true sex happening. I went ahead and got my shower and climbed into bed. I had forgotten and left the bathroom door open.

About one o'clock I feel my tool being sucked. I was wakened and so hard it was great. She (my neighbor) was sucking my tool so expertly. She took her time and had me close so many times and she always held me back.

It was nearly three when I noticed the time and her eyes just lit up.

She stood up and gave me a long hard sloppy kiss and started off through the bathroom because my wife and all the kids were all crashing through our front door. Here I am all hard as a rock lying in bed and next all I here is four teenage girls bouncing through the house and heading through to the bathroom. All I could do was act like I was asleep and I got an erection while sleeping.

My wife came through first and noticed my hard tool so she covered it with a pillow and told the girls it was safe to come through. I heard them all giggle as they passed and went to the bathroom.

That worked for all of them but my neighbors oldest. She was eighteen as of a whole month ago and thought she was a woman of the world and had always tried to model her mother’s behavior. I heard her stomp past but on her return trip she removed the pillow and attacked my hard tool with her mouth.

Before I could figure out and get awake enough to see who it was I was exploding a very hot load into jenny's mouth. Her mother had me so excited that it only took a little bit to finish me off.

It had surprised her too and she slurped it all down and replaced the pillow. She kissed me a sloppy kiss as she left the room. I was sitting up in bed finally fully awake now that I just exploded a load so huge that I was still feeling it through my body. My leg was still quivering as I could feel my rod still oozing my juices out.

My wife came in and noticed I was up and came over and removed the pillow and noticed I was leaking and never said a word. She simply lowered her head onto my tool as she explained the girls are outside and practicing for the tryouts next week.

My wife had touched my very sensitive head and had me hard once again and started riding me with her love muffin as she grabbed a handful of chest hair as she pounded me so hard. She was moaning in a heartbeat and got me so wet, like a floodgate had opened up.

After she had pounded herself into climaxing really hard she just sit on top of me and started talking. She started talking and said Jenny told me what she did. She said it was wonderful; she has never taken a guy’s load before and was surprised you came so quickly. She was 18 now and asked me if we could teach her stuff because her mom has hinted that she needed to be able to please a man to make it in the world. I told her we would have to ask you and her mom even though she was 18 but was still under her roof.

I answered still groggy from all the wild sex this morning and hardly any sleep. That was Jenny who was in here a minute ago? I stated and asked all surprised, she was wonderful and it is great she told you so that we can all be up front about everything. Her mother gave me head for about two solid hours before you got home that is why I exploded into her hot mouth so quick. She stuck again, keeping me on edge and not finishing the job.

My wife laughing said yes she told me after I got here that is why I came in to see where you were before the girls came through to use the bathroom. She had already told me she wanted to see if we would help her oldest get through this phase of her wildness without having a child. She had made that mistake and did not want to see her daughters to repeat it and have to take a job and support a family without a husband.

It seems the women of my neighborhood have been more sharing is caring than I thought. My wife had already taken care of all the planning and made sure we all got along and took care of one another. She knew the neighbor was seducing me every morning and although never had me penetrate her she was always happy and it allowed her to concentrate on bringing up her daughters in a safe space without a new fellow always crashing through. It was a great arrangement and it seems my wife was woman enough to facilitate all of these small favors to take care of everyone in our home and next-door.

My wife spoke up again and confessed that she could not keep up with the amount of sex I wanted so she had shared this with our neighbor over a drink one day and they had worked out all of this. Her body was still the hottest of all of them and she told me we could do whatever I wanted to do. She was very happy and enjoyed to see me happy and satisfied because I worked so hard.

We had a few things to work out but it looked like it would be a great summer. Jenny really enjoyed being able to come over and have fun with me whenever I was free. She was so horny all of the time. We made sure to use protection and to have safe sex when it wasn't available. My wife loved having the help calming my beast down under and our neighbor came out of her shell and started screwing me every morning so that I was never on edge again. She was grateful that we were taking such care of her daughter and she repaid it with all of herself for me.

My wife never got jealous and my daughter enjoyed having Jenny around because they were both graduating together this year anyway. My wife had already talked with my daughter and explained what was going on and she was extremely happy of the arrangement. Jenny always did like dad anyway, even while growing up she always sneaked peaks at his tool and I caught her a few times trying to give head to a banana to see if she could fit dad's tool cause it looked so huge to her.

Now the girls graduated and both got jobs to start the adult life and I am so proud of both my daughter and Jenny. Jenny still comes over when she feels the need to be horny and her mom always treats me well and puts me to bed every morning. My wife always gets me up in the afternoon when she comes home and she takes her turn and everyone is ever so happy. My wife explained that this year it was the twin’s birthday for 18 and that they were even hornier than Jenny even thought about being. She told me that on their birthday they were going to sleep over here and we would continue helping Maggie bring up her family safely and childless until the girls want to have kids and find the right man. But that is another story that is yet to come.


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