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Adventures of lissa

The neighbor

By DSPublished 3 days ago 12 min read
Adventures of lissa
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Hello everyone, my name is Lissa and I have a wonderful tale. In case my neighbors find this everyone's names have been changed and a few things embellished for the story.

I am a young woman in my late twenties. I have long blonde hair and a killer rack. My bra's just cost so much I usually don't wear one. My nipples are huge when aroused and poke right out of my shirts and I truly love the way they feel pressed against my shirts. Anyway, I was lucky and married young and have a great husband who takes care of my needs as far as home, food etc. I very rarely do get to see him though because his work takes him away from home.

On his last visit home he had just closed a deal with a company that had ties to our local metro. It sells questionable stock but it is in high demand and as part of that deal he got me a VIP card that entitles me to very low discounted prices.

The company has a lot of firsts and could be walking the letter of the law just a bit close. But at the prices I received I did not care.

My husband noticed that my robust love making with his return would need addressing as I never let him leave for the first week home. I kept him in bed and usually wore him out each time that he was so tired he knew I had a ton of energy. We had two great kids a boy and a girl both just coming into their teens and he had arranged for them to attend school abroad with a great staff and wonderful schools where they will have great chances to have a wonderful life.

He let me know that he would be off again and that he wanted me to be happy and fulfilled when he returned home the next time. He brought in a big trunk of stuff he brought home with him and opened the lid.

Inside the trunk was a ton of adult toys and wonderful lingerie. It all looked expensive and was brand new. The chest full of stuff would have sold for a ton of money just for the lace items alone. He hands me a card for the local dispensary that delivers and tells me to ask for Cara, she will take care of our account and see we always have what we need. He then says, "That I was to find and employ someone to fulfill me personally so that my needs are completely taken care of. He said that it would be fine and that he loved me very much but the doctor had warned him that I needed to slow down my lifestyle and to treat my body with more respect and to cool it with the parties or it would be my last ones."

I sat and thought about what he said after I kissed him good-bye. So I did not want just another person performing a job to satisfy their mean old boss. Besides now with the way things are you cannot just place an ad for that job. I thought I would try and find a great lover and then help him out from time to time and treat it like an affair. I never thought it would be so hot but I was creaming in my panties just thinking of having sex with someone different than my husband. He had taken my cherry and I have been faithful to him throughout our whole marriage. He was older yes by a few years but it has always been great.

I sat all night thinking and decided I would sleep on it and get an early start tomorrow. I usually run in the morning and have a route through the neighborhood that brings me home after two miles.

Next morning arrived and I donned my running gear, making sure to have on my reflective vest that showed off my great body. My skin tight gear held everything so close you could see every inch of my body and its shape just from watching me from afar.

I got nearly a half mile down the road and found an older gentleman opening his trunk and getting a spare out of his trunk. He had a flat tire and had it mostly changed, just finishing it up. I said hello and stopped beside him to see if he needed any help and he just shook his head that he didn't. I noticed that he was shaking and sweating profusely while he finished up the car so I stayed a while longer.

He put the flat tire into the trunk and started putting up his other tools. He was still shaky and I helped him get everything gathered and he thanked me. He had such a grateful tone and was much older than even my husband. I asked him why he was up so early and he said he was up so early to try and make some extra money to help pay his bills by driving for a few of the phone apps. I asked how much he usually made and he explained it all and what his plans were when he reached his goal which was quite beautiful ideas and he was very humble about it all. He thanked me again and off he went. I finished my run and I changed my route to swing back by the man’s house. He was there and was bringing in some groceries. So I helped him bring them in and helped put them up. He said that they were an order that the people gifted him so that was his tip and he was happy to receive it. I noted that he only had a single box of Ramen noodles on the shelf and a couple bottles of water in the fridge.

Not wanting to embarrass the gentleman whose name was Larry. I invited him to dinner and told him that I make a mean TV dinner. And that my husband was going to be gone for a few more weeks on his newest trip for work and I hate eating alone.

He accepted and my plan started unfolding in front of me.

The night had come and I dressed in my cutest mini skirt and even put on a push up bra with a V-neck tee shirt which showed off my chest just great. I answered the door and had Larry in the house and he had brought a bottle of wine with him as to have with dinner.

Dinner went great; we had banquet chicken and a few sides. We were chatting over dinner and I filled Larry in on my situation and I started clearing the table and stopped next to his chair. I spent a minute in thought and I spun around Larry's chair and fell to my knees. I pulled out his tool and had the head in my mouth before he could say no.

I slowly stroked him with my hands and sucked him like a lollypop, up and down his tool. He was smaller than my husband but he was harder than I had ever seen my husband. I pulled his pants off, still sucking him down and playing with his balls the whole time. I had him completely naked and he had stripped off my shirt and bra. I had his breathing deep and all of a sudden he let out a strong bellow from his gut and I felt such a strong flow of what seemed never ending juices fill my mouth. I swallowed everything down. It was extremely sweet and I milked every bit out of him I could.

He reached out and pulled me up and hugged my beautiful body and sucked on each nipple as he lifted me up and sat me on the table in front of him. He spread my legs and lifted my mini skirt to show off my now glistening love cave. His lips slowly kissed my inside of my legs till he reached my love box and he pressed a single finger in and up and pressed on my g-spot that he started rubbing. His lips enclosed my clitty and nibbled on my love nubbin and his tongue went to work.

I lay back as he masterfully ate my love canal off to multiple orgasms that would not stop. His long tongue slipped into my love channel and I flooded his face and mouth with my juices, I almost drowned him when I came the first time. My body was so turned on and so relaxed that I had never felt that way ever. I ran my hands through his long grey hair and rubbed his bald head as he made me feel like a schoolgirl again.

He took my hand and then scooped me off the kitchen table and carried me to the bedroom just off the kitchen. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was my daughters and he laid me on it and continued plying his craft of softly caressing my body and eating me out until I finally felt his member slide into my very slick love canal.

He slowly stroked up and down, deep and deeper with every stroke. He had my legs so far up and back that he was in so deep that I could feel his every move. He would hold me there and take small breaks and make out with me as his tool was so deep inside me. He had my whole body quivering. This older gentleman had me moaning so loud and my body was responding so well that all I could do was to squeeze his tool with my love muscles and feel even more of him as I creamed all over the place.

He started back and this time he was quicker and pounded me so that our bodies were so juicy from sweat we were squishing each time our bodies met. He was so close I watched his tool enter and thrust with every movement. After a long while he slid out his tool and slipped it into my mouth from his same position and finished his slow and steady strokes in my mouth. It was only a few seconds and he let out a low groan and I felt his tool throb and fill my mouth as his juices flowed into my throat. I swallowed him down and drained him dry as he finished he lay his head on my chest and let my legs down as he was breathing so hard. He laid his head next to my nipples and sucked on each of them and sometimes both together as he lay there.

I felt so satisfied that I just lay there too. We must of fell asleep because it was near morning when I felt the best surprise ever as my new lover was back eating my love canal and sucking on my love nubbin. I was so aroused to be waked up like this as I never had been awaked by someone eating my pussy and I was climaxing as I awoke. It was a wonderful feeling and I just reached down and pulled him up beside me and started kissing his lips that were covered in my juices.

I hugged him and grabbed him by the hand and walked to the master bedroom and to the big tub and started the water. I sat Larry down and climbed in with him. I started cleaning him up and to my surprise he rose to meet the challenge. I gave him a nice cowgirl ride in the tub and it felt so wonderful to have someone inside me and to wake up too. It had been so long ago that I had this.

I got on insta-cart and ordered some great bakery stuff for breakfast and by the time we had cleaned up and got dressed my order had arrived. I sat up breakfast and we had a great chat.

Larry had been divorced for many years now and just gave up on finding a new mate. He had three kids fully grown and they usually visit during the holidays. His ex-still comes over from time to time and have fun together. He spends most days trying to make extra money for all the house bills.

I walked Larry home and I stole all of his bills from the Kitchen and put them in my purse. I figured I would surprise him and catch everything back up so that his retirement check could handle it again. He thanked me for dinner and made sure that I was ok with what happened and asked if there was anything else that I wanted to do, like fantasy or trips etc.

I shook my head no and kissed him so passionately it would curl your toes. I walked home with a great smile from ear to ear as I called around and had my bank take down the information and to catch up all these bills for me. My husband called me after he got the notice of the withdrawals and asked if all was ok. I simply told him I am doing what he asked and yes that I was very happy.

The next morning Larry was out getting ready to go out when I came by and he waved me over. He still did not know what I did so I played along.

I went over and he asked if I would like to ride along and keep him company today and I told him that would be great. I asked him for some sweat clothes to cover up my slick running suit and he had some lying around. We went all over and at the noon bell he pulled over and grabbed some pizza cups from one of the local vendors and said lunch is served. We sat and lunch as we waited for another order and we stayed out till dinner time and he asked me over for dinner.

He stopped at the local store and grabbed some ingredients from the local store. He made me some kind of pasta using rotini and it tasted so great. He showed me the ingredients which was so simple, they were cooked rotini and browned hamburger mixed with spaghetti sauce and a cup of shredded cheese all mixed together like a big pot. He had toasted some regular bread with garlic and butter for a complete meal.

We had a great dinner and he walked me home and kissed me good night and he returned to go home. I grabbed his hand and walked him to the master bedroom where I sat him down and I turned on some music and gave him a great show while I stripped and put on some of that lacey lingerie. I lay him back and take advantage of him and use and abuse him all night long. He enjoyed every minute and ended up staying the night again.

The next day he awoke and had me spread eagle while he softly stroked in and out of me with his nice tool. He was slowly penetrating and stroking me ever so softly that I was Cumming so hard when I awoke that he accidently came inside me.

I explained to him that there were no worries as I had been fixed up and my tubes were tied already. The look on his face was one of joy as he kissed me on the lips and pressed deeper inside of me as his tool started to shrink.

Larry found out a few days later what I had did and came by to thank me and to tell me that I did not have to do that. I simply smiled and pulled him close for a great big hug and he understood that I enjoyed his company while her husband was away.

My husband has been back several times now and we still make love in a comfortable way but I am able to let him do what he needs to do without feeling neglected. He and Larry have become great friends and we all have had the best threesomes I could ever want.

My husband has seen clear to hire me another woman to help me care for and learn from for the house work and cooking. I and Larry found out she was really there more for the threesome fun and made sure she was available and learned why I chose Larry. She is a much younger female and learned so much in her short years, that Larry just gets stiff every-time he is near her. That is another story though and I hope you enjoyed my tale.


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