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The Neighbor


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The Neighbor
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My name is Jerry. I have the greatest story ever. Yesterday a new neighbor moved in and she was an older gal. Her frame was athletic and sported some huge knockers. They were in shape though, not hanging low.

She had a younger couple which I found out was her daughter and husband. They were moving in with her. Even though at the time he seemed to be helping out I found out later they were separated and he was moving her from their apartment in the city.

She looked like her mom but in a younger version, probably 22 or so.

We set up the pool and started filling it as I helped haul in the beds and set them up. All went well and it was evening now only a few hours till sunset.

The soon to be ex waved his good-byes and went on his way with the truck and trailer. I headed home too and grabbed a shower; I forgot to latch up the side door and left a trail of clothes to the bathroom.

I had been in only for a few minutes when all of a sudden the shower curtain was flung open. I was completely soaped up and my tool was extremely hard and soapy.

It was the daughter of the new neighbor and she had taken off all her clothes to reveal a very exciting string bikini. She artfully spun me around and cleaned the soap from every part. She started going down on me and had me near to explode when she came up off of my rod. She kissed me and told me that Mama and I will be expecting you back as soon as you clean up for dinner and to thank you properly for helping us move in.

With that Sheila kissed me hard and with tongue and squeezed my tool as she stepped out and I heard the screen door slam behind her.

I got ready and headed over, the Mom, Sara said she had ordered some Casey pizzas and was going to change.

The Pizza was at the door and I answered and brought it in to the kitchen table. I called everyone in and oh boy.

The Mom, was in a very tight pair of swim=Bikini bottoms that looked six sizes too small. Her top was covered in a small tube top that barely covered her and was about to explode when she moved. She grabbed some plates from the overhead cabinet and I could see everything the way she handed the plates over. Her daughter was still in the hot string bikini from earlier and her straps were untied so it was resting on her bottoms as her breasts hung free and swayed with every movement.

We had a good supper and the girls asked me to swim with them in the pool because it was nearly full from all day filling. I mentioned that I did not bring my swimsuit and the mom simply took off her top and bottoms and said “You won’t need those anyway. She came over and stripped me down and took my cock into her supple lips and slowly gave me an elegant head job. It was one of the longest ones I had enjoyed and I was ready to paint her insides with my love goo.

Her daughter stripped off her bikini and jumped in the pool which was just outside the kitchen.

Her mom felt me throbbing and finished me off. I let loose a huge never ending load into her mouth and she swallowed down every bit of it. She wasted no time as she sucked and milked every bit from me she was walking to the pool. She climbed in not missing a beat and had me extremely hard again. Her daughter stood up and spun around.

She had me buried deep into her very warm small love canal in a heartbeat. I was busy banging and being banged as I shook over and into the pool. I could hear moans and screams of ecstacy coming from the daughter as her stokes were meeting mine and we would slap so hard. My head was so deep I could feel her bottom of her tiny love cave and she finally stopped with my tool deep inside her. Just holding that position I blew a load directly into her little love cave after she drenched me with her love juices and grabbed me with her vagina walls. She milked me for all I had and it made me feel wonderful.

After a bit she finally pulled away and came up beside me and grabbed my tool and lovingly stroked it ever so gently to get me semi hard once again. We made out and necked and her mom came up and started joining in on the action. Her mom grabbed my rod and lovingly rubbed it on her nubbin till she came all over it. I grabbed mom up and put her on my shoulders so I could eat her very sweet pussy while it was still creaming.

The daughter lovingly wrapped her legs around my mid-section and had my rod buried deep in her love nest. They each took their time Cumming again and again all over my face and my tool.

I traded places with the women and ate the daughter out so long. Her nubbin was so swelled that I burst it I think. She let out a bellow from her belly that the dead could hear.

With both women finally satisfied we relaxed a bit in the cold water and got to know one another. I found out that mom was always part of the deal and if the ex-didn’t want the mom it was off. It was definitely off, because he refused the mom on several occasions claiming he had a headache and that it wasn't right, blah, blah. They had been testing me out tonight to see if I could keep up with the two of them. Recently they came into enough money to keep not only themselves but a nice chunk to bankroll some fun side stuff too. Mom's husband had passed away early which was the daughter’s dad and he left them well healed. His wish was for them to be happy and they both swore they would not be tied down with one man who would not take them both equally. I assume I passed, because I slept over in their big king sized bed and ended being the main course for most of the night between the two of them.

The had ordered a breakfast pizza that I did not know about the next morning and I walked in just as Suzie the delivery girl was there. I had on nothing and the girls looked at Suzie’s response. They noticed Suzie wanted some kind of tip for her early morning delivery and I was it. I made love to Suzie right there on the kitchen table and I came so hard that I nearly soiled the pizzas on the counter. The girls cleaned up Suzie and paid her.

They came back in and we had a long breakfast and right on queue the daughter had me hard and in her love cave while I was still eating a slice of the pizza.

We ended up breaking the chair from the way we was pounding but the daughter kept going and climaxed all over my rod. The mom not missing a beat climbed right on after her daughter and rode me to her and mine climax deep inside of her. She sat there for a bit and poured us some coke from the order and handed me another slice.

She sat for a bit and we finally got up off the floor and went into the living room. Still all pretty naked except the women had flimsy robes on. My tool being sopping wet from them two's love caves pouring all over me made a funny noise as we walked into the living room.

I slowly sat between the two and worked on eating one while slowly riding the other into bliss. I alternated as each one would climax at different times. This continued most of the morning when all of a sudden the door opened up. In came a very young version of mom. She looked 21 at least and her clothes were off in a heartbeat as she shut the door and noticed me between mom and sis.

Sis introduced us and this was Dani, she was the youngest sister of a whopping 21 years old and was going to staying with us too.

Dani came over, very naked and sat me back on the couch pulling me off of mom and out of sis so she could see me. Dani took a quick look and buried me deep into her love forest and into her cave as she slid down ever so slowly. She was taking every inch in and having fun doing so.

Dani was so tight that I was ready to climax with just a few strokes in. She sensed this and slowed down her roll and simply kept me on bottom as she talked and caught up with mom and sis. She lit up a smoke she had grabbed off the table and lit me one too.

We sat there entertained as she smoked and chatted. Her nipples were so pointed that they were weapons of serious sharpness. I nibbled on them and necked with her between puffs. This seemed to settle her down and she was busy rubbing her nubbin as we were necking. She made herself climax with me deep inside of her. I could feel her walls pulsing and the flow of juices coating me. It was very steamy, very hot and pushed me over the edge not even knowing it. I exploded inside of her. Dani Smiled as she noticed me climaxing too.

Dani had everyone clean up and get ready. We went to a local bar and had a celebration as it was her 21 birthday today. The barkeep knew me. She was in her 50's and we had a few turns around the bedroom when I was younger. We were the only ones there so we turned up the jukebox and started tying one on.

Dani got totally wild and pulled me out in the booth and gave me a wonderful blowjob. As she finished me off she swung me around and mounted me and just totally screwed me while sitting in the booth. The barkeep came over and filled our drinks and gave me a long passionate kiss after she seen Dani going to town on my rod.

She went and hung the closed sign up and we had one hell of a party at the bar that night. Dani got her fill and passed out in the booth. Sis and Mom both stripped me and brought me to the bar maid and let her have her way with me as I ate the two of them out.

It was getting late after we all had tied on quite a wall banger and we found our clothes and said goodnight to the bar maid and headed home for the evening.

We all passed out and woke later playing with each other as we all strived for water and aspirin from the headaches.

Dani woke first and was lying on my bottom halve just sucking on me like a big lollipop. Her mouth taking in my head and her tongue just flipping all around it. It felt so good. I was hard in no time and everyone noticed and took turns pounding on me with their dripping wet pussies. They loved having me between their walls and could not get enough.

Dani managed to go first and swung around so I could eat her off the rest of the time as she watched the other two pound me into the bed frame. They were still partially drunk and could not feel a thing.

I managed to come a few times through the night and Dani was always able to bring me back to life after each time. Her cute hot tight young body just did something to me.

The next morning came and the girls finally awoke and noticed I was in the middle of everything and my poor rod had some sore spots and needed some tender care. They gently got me all patched up and stuck me between all three as they all gave me a beautiful head job. I came so hard, I thought I hit the ceiling with it.

We all got cleaned up and I went home to grab some clean clothes and Dani followed me. She was great and loved being at my side. Her frame was tiny compared to everyone else's. I stripped down and went to put on some new underwear when Dani had to give me head and make me come before I put them on. It took nearly two hours but I was finally dressed and Dani had her one on one time with me.

I got back over and the girls had already moved me in with them. I was to be their very willing boy toy and I could have everyone I wanted and as often as I wanted as often as I visited everyone.

What a great way to live. Too bad our countries can't do this huh.


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