My Mandi-lay!

He hits all the right spots every time!

My Mandi-lay!
An extension of my "Dirty Confessions" blog post!

In my "Dirty Confessions" blog post, I asked everyone that dared to have the balls to write me a dirty confession. Anyone that did this was thoroughly warned that if they wrote to me, their email could possibly be turned into a story. As I stated previously, I won't go word for word but like I always say, I will turn a dollar out of fifteen cents. A dash of your truth mixed in with my insane, active yet sexually perverse mentality and you just never know what splashes on the canvas.

I have to say that this was the only brave soul that took me up on my offer but oh what an email it was. Not only did I enjoy reading it, I enjoyed dressing it up for all of you. Let's dive right on in because this is a hot one!

"I own a 12" dark chocolate dildo with 2.2" girth, a flexible shaft and a suction cup base; we've been together for years and I call him "Mandi-lay" because after he gives me good Mandingo like strokes and once I cum I have to lay down. Mandi-lay was a gift from my first girlfriend's husband. Her husband knew we were having sex, he condoned it because I would always send her back to him soaking and he would reap the benefits of that. Our first 'date' with Mandi-lay she couldn't take it, she complained it was too big for her but not me honey. My gushy swallowed that thing whole, I never felt anything like it; it was made life like with veins and everything, I enjoyed it from day one. When I took it home to have some self play, I amazed myself as it brought me to heights of making loud I wasn't alone but yet I was....when I pulled Mandi-lay out of my gushy the glistening from my juices all over it almost blinded me.

The first man I ever told about Mandi-lay couldn't understand our relationship or why I loved him. He would say things like "It's almost like you're cheating on me with it, you talk about it like it's a real person! You've never even let me see it!" That was a big mistake. Here I was thinking if I let him see it, he'll let it go but no. I pulled it out, fucked myself into an oblivion in front of him and rendered him flaccid every time he was around me because he claimed he couldn't keep up with the competition. I tried to convince him otherwise because I did enjoy our love making but for whatever reason, he couldn't get over the fact that Mandi-lay made me cum like he never could. After that, I decided it was best to not share my relationship with Mandi-lay with anyone of male friends/boyfriends; my occasional girlfriends loved Mandi-lay and although very few of them could take it like I could, all of them loved how it made me feel.

When I was with my girls, it was a win win every time. I had to keep an eye on the girlfriends that took it like I could because I didn't want Mandi-lay to come up missing. One sweet pussy bitch...and when I say sweet pussy I do mean sweet because she tasted like strawberries...she ate them all the time and oh boy I enjoyed every lick of her tasty twat. She tried to kidnap Mandi-lay while I was in a drunk/high haze one night and I sobered up quick & rescued my dick before it disappeared for good. The next day I sent her links to dildo selling sites with a caption that read GET YOUR OWN; after she got them she called me and asked 'is it that serious?' YES BITCH! I like you, your pussy is my favorite pussy but I will never let you have my Mandi-lay. He's mine, all mine and no one else can have him but me.

You're probably reading this and saying 'damn, she's pretty serious with a dildo' but like I said, we've been together for years and he hits all the right spots every time. My current boyfriend is very understanding of my relationship with Mandi-lay even though they 'met' accidentally. Like I said before, I only shared knowledge of Mandi-lay with my girlfriends. One night, he was hanging out with his boys and I was home drinking Bailey's & Kahlua & smoking a fat doobie when all of a sudden I got horny as fuck. I grabbed Mandi-lay, stroked myself to sleep and forgot to put it away. He showed up in the middle of the night with liquor on his breath and a stiff dick & found me knocked out in bed with Mandi-lay securely hitched in the folds of my love box. He pulled it out quickly and replaced it with his hard wood and began questioning me. Fact is, his dick was quite close to the size of Mandi-lay so I answered every question with truth and accuracy. Once he was satisfied that I answered all of his questions, he didn't mind that Mandi-lay was around; I even played with Mandi-lay in front of him and he loved every minute of it...mostly because his own dick came in right after and finished me off proper like.

It feels good to have a man that is not intimidated by a piece of plastic...although it's an impressive piece of plastic...still plastic and can still handle this pussy with ease. I still haven't gotten around to telling him that I have a huge crush on this Latina chick I met the other day; I want to lick her sweet mango and in my mind, I've fantasized that she can take all of Mandi-lay....I want to see her pussy swallow it like boyfriend knows about my girl appetite and I did promise him that if I 'got with' someone I would tell him first and technically fantasizing is not actually doing anything so there's nothing to tell yet. I do want her though and if I ever get to talk to her and she shows interest, only then I will have to confess before I indulge.

There you have it Kai Storm, my dirty confession!"

OH YEA! THIS ONE HIT THE SPOT! Checkout Kai Storm Books here or here, follow my blog posts & drop me a line at [email protected]!

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