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My landlady almost killed me with sex.

My landlady exchanged house rent for sex.

By 18 plus homePublished about a month ago 4 min read

This story you’re about to read is not fiction; it’s a true-life story that was shared anonymously with us, and we’ve chosen to share this message with everyone.

While the content of the story may be unsettling to some, it serves as a powerful testament to the experiences faced by individuals who choose to remain anonymous.

We believe in providing a platform for diverse narratives, even those that may evoke strong emotions or discomfort. It is a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique, and sharing these stories fosters understanding and empathy within our community.

Now, read the story exactly the way it was shared with us:

“Hey, 18 plus home. I’ve been having an extremely crazy sexual affair with my landlady. It’s so crazy how a woman of her age loves sex so much. I’ve been living in my compound for over three years now; my house is the only self-contained unit. The rest are two-bedroom and three-bedroom flats each, and then a one-bedroom flat as well.

My landlady lives in the other part of the compound, there’s a middle gate that separates her side from the tenants. Hers is a well-furnished 5-bedroom bungalow.

Our affair started about a year ago. My landlady is in her early forties; she has good money and she’s still the kind of woman that likes to feel young and flex and do all the things younger ladies do. She and her husband are on the verge of a divorce because her husband likes younger ladies, and he has other properties, so he gave her my compound and some cars and other properties like that.

One time, I couldn’t pay up my rent, so I went to her to explain my predicament. She just laughed at me and asked me if money is the only way people pay bills. I asked her if there’s any other way; she said yes, of course, that I can satisfy her other needs.

She said I can prove to her that I’m a man and give her myself. She said it’s been long she had sex because of the issues she’s having with her husband. She said she just needs me to be her bedwarmer and that I won’t worry about anything else in life. It sounded nice to me; I agreed.

She took good care of me, but it was becoming more than I could handle. She’s a nymphomaniac. She’s sweet and hot, oh, matured juice, but I was losing blood, feeling faint at times because of excess intimate activities. I had to be eating fruit salad, fruit mix, and drinking malt and milk. She has two kids, 5 and 8 years old; immediately she drops them off at school and comes back home, it’s so so sex till afternoon when they come back.

When I knew that this was a serious affair, a female friend came visiting, and my landlady saw her. Later that evening, she called me in and scolded me seriously; she warned me not to even think of having another girl in my life.

She asked me if she’s not enough for me or if she’s not sweet. Omo! Serious warnings like this. She said I’ll regret it if she ever finds out that I have another girl. After scolding me, she said make I remove cloth. I couldn’t even tell my close guys about it.

She told me it has to be a secret affair; honestly, I was drained. It became tiring, and I was looking for a way out. There’s no person that loves sex more than a 40+ yrs old lady that doesn’t work or do anything else, rather than sit at home all day craving for sex.

She owns some shops as well, so the only time I rest is when she goes out to check on the shops and probably visit one or two friends. After a year or so, I noticed she didn’t call me all the time anymore; it reduced to twice a week at midnight.

So I discovered she was dating one man like that, and he was always visiting her, so maybe that’s why she reduced the way she needed my services.

She also employed a nanny as well, and I’m also guessing she’s intimate with the estate security guy because she’s buying him stuff as well, so like this we are three that are servicing this woman. Such high libido for a woman in her forties, well thank God for my life.”

I am dumbfounded about this story 🤐 . Do you have anything to say about this? I will be waiting for your comments.

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I am BlessedOV, the owner of 18plushome. 18plushome is a community where individuals share real-life sex stories with us. Our stories/confessions are not fiction; they are true stories/confessions shared anonymously by our followers.

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