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She came for her service (NYSC), but i serviced her

A girl who came to serve her country, had sex with a stranger

By 18 plus homePublished 3 months ago 3 min read

This story revolves around a guy who had sex with a female NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) member stationed in Abuja, Nigeria, during her one-year service.

For those who don’t know what’s NYSC: The NYSC is a Nigerian government program, requiring graduates to participate for one year to contribute to nation-building. It serves as a form of national service for university and polytechnic graduates.

The story you’re about to read is not fiction; it was shared anonymously with us, and we’ve chosen to share this message with everyone.

While the content of the confession may be unsettling to some, it serves as a powerful testament to the experiences faced by individuals who choose to remain anonymous.

We believe in providing a platform for diverse narratives, even those that may evoke strong emotions or discomfort. It is a reminder that everyone’s journey is unique, and sharing these stories fosters understanding and empathy within our community.

Now, read the story exactly as it was shared with us:

"I was given a task that I always go to Abuja to do every four months; each time I go to Abuja, I would stay at my cousin’s place because he has a spare room and lives alone. So on one of my trips to Abuja, he told me that he had given the spare room to a NYSC girl, that he’s helping her until she secures her own place, that someone close referred her to him for the help. He said if I don’t mind sharing the bed with her, then I can come. I got to his place, I saw the girl and we greeted. We were always out drinking while she was always home doing the chores and cooking.

Day 1: I slept facing the opposite direction like a gentleman; I didn’t do any rubbish because we didn’t have any connection just yet.

Day 2: I did the same thing because we were not speaking much, though my cousin was teasing me about marrying her, but I didn’t know how to start up the whole stuff. I helped her with some things she needed to do for her work.

Day 3: My cousin had some business deals he needed to close with his clients so he left us both at home. She made me breakfast, came over to me, and we started gisting. I surely made her laugh till her defense mechanism was broken.

So that night, as we slept after gisting, and as time ticked, I was wondering if this girl would call me a jerk for not doing anything, so I made my move. I stretched my hands and held her breast; she didn’t talk, and I drove my hands deep under her top, reached for her nipples, and started fondling them.

She was trembling, so I finally got up to face her properly and brought out her breasts for serious sucking. As I was sucking, she was rubbing my dick, and I was getting hard, as hard as wood, with all the veins coming out. I pulled her shorts and her panties off at the same time and gave her serious head. Her clit was big, and her vagina was so wet.

After serious romancing, I decided to probe in. I drove my shaft into her and slowly increased my thrust with every stroke. She spread her legs wide, pulling the bed sheets with so much pleasure. After a while, I told her to get up and set in a doggy-style position. I ploughed and pounded her with so much energy; she was biting the pillow and squeezing the sheets.

Not long, she jerked forward and pulled with a force of squirt gushing out and soaking the bed. I said to myself, “aha, we’ve got a squitter here,” so I went for the overdrive and the kill, I wanted to see her body dehydrate from squirting so I kept pounding and pounding and pounding, her eyes were rolling backward from exhaustion and much squirt.

I don’t usually cum quick, so I made sure I gave her my all. By the time I was done, the bed was so soaked with her cum. I later came, and we both laughed, and then we both slept off. Then I left Abuja on the fourth day, and we talked from time to time. She confessed that she had never had it like that before. She even begs me till this day to visit one more time for more bouts, but distance between us made us stray apart."

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I am BlessedOV, the owner of 18plushome. 18plushome is a community where individuals share real-life sex stories with us. Our stories/confessions are not fiction; they are true stories/confessions shared anonymously by our followers.

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