Music to Get You in the Mood

Choose the right music to get you in the mood for a night, and a song, you will never forget.

Music to Get You in the Mood

Do you ever have your music on and start playing out the movie of your life, in your head, to the soundtrack of your Spotify playlist? Of course you do. I refuse to believe I'm the only person that does this. Music, to me, is imperative at each and every point in my life. Sad songs for sad days, songs that make you feel like you've had an amazing life even when you haven't done shit, songs that make working out less horrific, and of course, songs to get you in the mood.

I worked as a dancer while I was at university, so I was in the business of making music sexual. My pieces were chosen with care and choreographed to perfection to make sure every beat oozed sex. This music had to sell a fantasy, a desire, entertain the sex drive, and make me look good.

What Makes Music Sexy

As a rule, slower music tends to be sexier. It's hard to be enticing when you're grinding at 190 bpm. I love a strong, driving bass line, something that feels like the song has a heartbeat. Something that you can really get into the rhythm and throw your hair around and crawl across the stage with your back arched like the unattainable sex kitten that you are before pulling off your G string and taking that £20 note in your teeth. I mean… anyway… well, you get the picture.

So, not everyone reading this article is a stripper, but I’m willing to bet that everyone reading this article enjoys sex. I have compiled a few of my favorite songs, albums, and artists that really get me in the mood for all kinds of sexual occasions. I’m genre-hopping all over the place, so I have something to please everyone here.

One of my top three favorite bands of all time. Chino Moreno is possibly the owner of the sexiest voice on the planet. His breathy, orgasmic vocals and abstract, sexually charged lyrics, over the top of heavy, bass driven metal are both amazing to listen to and downright sexy. I stripped to so many Deftones tracks at one point in my dancer years that the owner of the club I worked in (who, incidentally, hated me because I refused to get a spray tan, and hated my music because it wasn’t Black Eyed Peas) told me that if I played one more Deftones track, she would fire me. But customers loved it. The songs are so incredibly sexual, it’s hard not to lose yourself in them completely. I would recommend "Digital Bath" and "Change (In The House Of Flies)" for all your most intense sexual fantasies to be played out to. In the movie Queen Of The Damned, the latter is the soundtrack to the Vampire Queen and her King making love in a bath full of rose petals and biting each other 'til they bleed. This might not be for everyone, but I’m twisted and that got me all sorts of wet. For me, those songs are the most intimate and intense love songs, if you want incredible, passionate sex then goddamit, listen to Deftones.

Obviously. The king of sex. Also in my top three favorite artists of all time. What can be said about Prince that hasn’t already been said? It’s almost as if he intentionally wrote the stripper's back catalogue. I have danced all over the world and pretty much every single stripper you will ever meet has a Prince song SOMEWHERE in her repertoire. I actually took my stripper name from a Prince song, "Darling Nikki", the story of a filthy little nymphomaniac, how apt. My favorite song to dance to, however, had to be "Cream." I actually get chills just thinking about that song. Prince was so insanely sexy in everything he did, the way he carried himself, his facial expressions, lyrics, vocals. And talented, let’s never forget the talent that seemingly oozed from every pore of his perfect form. There is a moment at the beginning of the music video for "Cream" where he gently pulls the hair of two gorgeous females on either side of him, in time with the music, and it is the ultimate panty dropping moment for me. Prince is the music for fucking. Dirty, fun, fucking. Go throw on some Prince, and thank God above that you were blessed to be on earth at the same time as the Purple one.

Yes, I’m throwing an entire genre into the mix, largely because I couldn’t pick just one artist and also because a lot of dubstep isn’t really sexy, it’s more aggressive (which I love, don’t get me wrong, just not to make love to). Slow and more melodic dubstep is some of the sexiest music to appear in the last decade. A heavy and slow bass line, just the way I like it. Dubstep is the kind of thing you put on when you’ve been out all night and you’re back home with your girl/guy (or maybe they are only yours for that one night) and you’re a little tipsy and it’s late and dark and you just want sex. Dubstep can cover everything from raw, manic sexual energy to slow heartbeat driven romantic tunes.

Much like Deftones, Lana Del Rey is sexy because of her vocals and lyrics. She sings about sex, she swears, she’s a bad bitch, but she does it all in an angelic and poetic way, with a breathy, deep, soulful voice over the top of slow "trip hop" or "dream pop." I actually haven’t ever stripped to Lana and probably wouldn’t, it’s little too slow and dreamy for stripping. This is the music for lovers. This is what you put on when you’re on holiday with your other half, and the sun is setting and your balcony doors are open with a view of the ocean, and the sheets are fresh and white, and you just want to touch and make out.

You know what, this song deserves a mention all by itself. The first time I heard this song I watched an incredibly hot girl wearing a gas mask pole dance to it. I was SO obsessed with the song but had no idea what it was, because I had been in a club I hadn’t been able to catch any of the lyrics, the sheer frustration of not knowing what this song was followed me for about six months, until one fateful day in 2012 when I was on set, about to shoot my first ever boy/girl sex scene. The photographer was a friend of mine and knew I was nervous, I always loosen up more when there is music on, it lets me get into a rhythm and my posing turns into a dance of sorts. He pulled out his laptop and put on "Sail." That was it. As soon as I knew what the song was it was MY song, my soundtrack. I listened to it constantly. I have used it for feature dancing, to seduce someone, and I also wrote my own very similar version of it for my feature movie Samantha Bentley is Filthy in 2013, for the club scene where I play none other than a stripper! This is probably one of the sexiest songs of all time. I never actually heard anything else AwolNation did, but that’s probably for the best because this one solitary trip hop anthem has made them legendary in my eyes, forever.

Obviously there are hundreds and thousands of sexy songs, artists, and genres but those are a few of my favorites. But I’m not done yet, luckily for you guys I didn’t see much point in just WRITING about music to get down and dirty to, so here is a 25 minute mini mix of some of the sexiest hip hop, trip hop, trap, and dub around at the moment. Grab your girl. Grab your guy. Turn it up and take your clothes off.

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