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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross 10 months ago in erotic
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Chapter Four

Chapter Four

Eleven years later

Bridgett’s arms were secured to a hook above her head, and her golden naked body was on full and glorious display for Marcus as he circled her stroking, pinching, and spanking at his whim. She loved these times when she could fully let go of everything. There was no need for her to put on her masks that branded her the leader, the dominate one. With just Marcus present she could be his sub and let him take her wherever he chose, it was heaven and hell wrapped in one. The years fell away, and it was like it was in the beginning. Marcus hadn’t known what he was back then, and Bridgett was so new and terrified after what had happened in her village that all she wanted was to feel safe and taken care of. Marcus had done that for her, taking her from that tavern and setting her up with him in his manor home. It was during this time that Marcus had taught Bridgett about submission and dominance, and though she may submit to Marcus whole heartily and there were times she needed it, she did prefer to dominate hence the ball gag he had secured at her mouth to prevent her from issuing commands of her own and forcing her to obey. She shuttered has he ran his hand up her back and gripped her hair in a vice like hold forcing her head back.

“You’re so sweet when you submit to me love.” Marcus whispered in her ear before biting down hard on the lobe.

“Now be a good girl and stay like this for me.” His left hand spanked her hip before he released her hair with his right.

He watched Bridgett’s whole-body lift with a sigh as she closed her eyes and waited, keeping her head back as instructed. Marcus took a step back and just stared.

Sometimes he couldn’t believe this strong gorgeous woman allowed him to dominate her like he enjoyed doing, but even though they had drifted apart over the years, they always managed to find each other again. Marcus remembered when he had found her all those years ago. He had been sitting in the back of the tavern watching people come and go, enjoying a pint and a meal out of the house when she came in. He could see from her demeanor that she didn’t know how to sell the services she was out to sell, weather it was an attempt for protection or just a need for a few coins, but each man she approached shrugged her off and sent her on her way. When she finally made her way to his table after finding no luck with the rest of the tavern, he pushed the chair opposite him out with a foot inviting her to sit. They had talked long into the night and when he had finally risen to leave, he accepted her awkward enticement for company and took her home, and that as they say was that in a nutshell. And here they were today many years later training subs together.

He placed his hands at her hips and gripping them gently before sliding his hand up her body, dipping in at her waist then flaring out over her ribs, and then push her breasts together and squeezing tightly drawing a low moan for her lips. He bent his head down and circled her left nipple with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth and biting down while his fingers pinched her right nipple rolling it not so gently between his thumb and fore finger. Causing her to cry out and jerk against her bonds. Marcus chuckled as he moved his mouth to her other breast and sucked it into his mouth, getting a low moan again when he bit down and pinched the other. He had learned over the years that Bridgett loved to receive pain as well as inflict it, and he felt privileged that she allowed him to see this side of her when, so few others did, but then again, he had trained her, and she always had been a good little sub for him. He suckled at her breasts a little bit longer then moved away to get something off the table a few feet away. When he came back to her, he had a pair of metal clamps in his hands, he pinched and played with her nipples again before fitting the clamps in place. He felt her shutter as he ran his hands up and down her torso, she was breath taking, perched on the edge almost ready to take that fall into blissful release. He slid his fingers down between her thighs to find her wet and ready, he stroked her folds with a light touch that had her thrusting her hips forward to try and find that firmer touch.

He chuckled softly and reached up with his other hand to remove the ball gag. “Now be a good girl and stay quite.” He dropped the gag and slid his hand down the center of her body flicking at the clamps on her nipples as he went.

“Marcus…….” Bridgett breathed.

“Fuck me now.” She demanded.

“None of that now love; it’s my turn to take control.” He tugged a little harder on the clamp at her right nipple.

“Marcus make me come.” She whimpered when he pulled his fingers away, then moan when he slipped them into her mouth.

“Tsk, I’m in control and I told you to keep this pretty little mouth closed. You going to receive ten paddles for each command you issue, you’re up to twenty now do you want to add more? Or are you going to be a good girl.” He whispered this in her ear and smiled when she began to shake with need. Pulling his fingers free, he stepped back and waited a beat.

She opened her beautiful green eyes and stared at him partly unseeing her need so great.

“Marcus.” She said on a deep breath.

Marcus lifted an eyebrow silently daring her.

Bridgett quirked her lips in that way she had. “Marcus, I want you to shove three of your fingers into my pussy and fuck me till I scream.”

“Oh, you do try my patience love, and I think that little smirk gets its own ten, so forty swats it is.” He reached up and unhooked her arms, and then walked her over to the spanking bench removing the nipple clamps making a soothing noise when she whimpered before strapping her down and replacing the gag at her mouth.

Bridgett sensed Marcus standing beside her before he slid his hands from her shoulders to her ass gripping both cheeks and parting them to allow the cool air in the room to tease her too hot throbbing pussy then releasing her ass, he smacked both cheeks at once hard enough to move the bench forward about an inch drawing a scream from her lips around the gag. Would he count that as one…? or two? He had hit both cheeks dead center, and her ass now hummed from the impact, causing her pussy to plus even more clenching at nothing looking for relief.

A knock sounded on the door before Marcus could do any more causing Bridgett to lift her head from the bench and look at him over her shoulder.

“Stay here love.” He said this with a wink as he went to the bathroom to get a towel; securing it around his hips he went to open the door.

“Yes.” He said when he saw Charlie their butler at the door.

“I beg your pardon Sir, but there is a woman here asking for the mistress, and we can’t find her.” Charlie said.

“Show her to the drawing room, and I will find the Mistress.”

“Yes Sire.” Charlie bowed slightly and left without another word.

Marcus shut the door and walked back to Bridgett removing his towel as he went. “Well, it looks like we’re going to have to cut our fun short. There is a woman here looking to speak with you.”

His hand stroked up her back to gather in her hair and force her head up. “I should leave you in this state of need to suffer for your impish behavior, but I can be a selfish man and I have been waiting to come inside your hot core.” With that said he positioned his cock and thrust into her fast and hard. Her desperate gasp around the gag turned into a low moan and her panting came in time with each hard thrust, he kept up a brutal pace until he felt her tense and then thrash against her bounds screaming her release, and he then let go thrusting once more then stilling before he jerked and came in her hot tight pulsing core. When he came down, he took a deep breath and went to work releasing her from her bindings, when he removed the gag, he gave her a deep gentle kiss wrapping her in his arms for a few minutes.

“Time to go back to reality I guess.” Bridgett said with a sigh against his chest before biting down then pulling away to get dresses. “What did Charlie say?” She asked as she slipped her dress over her head.

“Only that there was a woman asking to speak with you.” Marcus said stepping behind her to zip her dress up then gripping her hair in a tight fist pulling her head back.

“My impish little girl doesn’t think this will make me forget that you have forty blows coming to that beautiful ass of your.” He released her hair going to get dressed himself.

“Well, we best go see what’s what.” She shivered slightly at the threat, but in arousal more than anything, and headed for the door trusting him to follow when he was dressed.

Anyone who looked at Bridgett would see a woman that looked to be in her late twenties to early thirties, with golden skin and piercing green eyes that seemed to be able to find your deepest darks secrets and fears. She had learned to be a confident woman over the years, and a large part of that was with Marcus’s help he had showed her how to take control through dominance as well as submission and it had truly set her free to be the woman she wanted to be. But all that control almost shattered when she got her first look at the woman standing in the drawing room wringing her hand nervously.

No one but the male sub staring maliciously at Marcus when he walked into the room after the Mistress noticed the female sub in the corner staring deadly daggers at the stranger standing before the mistress.


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Marie Ross is a new author just starting out, living in Washington. Stay up to date by fallowing me on Facebook. Looking for the missing chapters of Mistress Manor? you can find them on Amazon, it is free through kindle unlimited

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