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Mistress Manor

by Marie Ross 8 months ago in erotic

Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Grace shivered coming once more from her memories, she never knew if that last part was something her mind had made up or if it has really happened, and in the two years she had been there she had never seen anything more than Mistress and sub between them.

After that night though they had both trained her over the next three weeks, and now two years later she was the highest bid on sub the Mistress had, doing most anything that was asked of her.

That of course was before she had been chosen as the Mistress’s pet, being the only one of the subs allowed to wear the wine-red sheer silk that draped her body. Stepping back now she stared at herself in the full-length mirror. The silk flowed down her torso in two panels that barely covered her full breasts, and accenting the dusky nipples and their rings beneath, attaching to the skirt at her hip bones. The skirt was made up of two panels’ front and back that connected at the hips with a silver chain that left the fabric gapping about two inches. Then finishing the whole effect was a silver chain that went from the two panels and linked together to run down her bare back holding the dress on her body. She loved the feel of the cool silk against her heated skin and shivered at the thought of Marcus or the Mistress removing it to play with the body it covered.

Marcus stood in the corner of the gaming room talking to their long-time butler that over saw the club as well as the house about the numbers for the night. From here he was able to keep an eye on all eight gaming tables they had running as well as the bar and its two dozen tables. When he scanned the room, Marcus saw the newer subs in their pale colored gowns or pants wandering in and out of the tables serving drinks or taking orders, smiling, and flirting with patrons that had been coming to the manor club since he and Bridgett had opened it six months into their training of the subs.

Marcus watched an older white-haired patron that had been coming since the beginning skim his hand up the back of a young sub’s thigh under her barely there pale lavender gown to knead her round firm ass as she leaned over to serve his drink. The sub smiled at him letting him pet her for a bit more before moving on to other tables.

“Sire as I was saying the numbers are looking good tonight, there are plenty of guests indulging in the alcohol, and the house is up and looking to turn a good profit tonight.” Charlie said after having to clear his throat to get Marcus’s attention.

“Thank you, Charlie, be sure to touch base with the Mistress at the end of the night.” With that said Marcus patted the man on the back and left the room trusting him to keep an eye on thing.

Marcus walked out of the room heading to his chamber to change before seeking out Grace.

When the knock sounded on her door she turned absently and went to answer it well looking at her back in the mirror as she went, getting a full view with her hair piled up as it was.

She smiled has she pulled the door open and found Marcus standing on the other side. “Hello…”

She didn’t get the rest of the greeting out before Marcus closed a hand around her throat and took her mouth in a hungry kiss, backing her up and slamming the door shut again.

Marcus reached behind her with his free hand and broke the connection on the chain that held her dress in place causing it to fall to the floor and left her naked before him. He continued to kiss her until he felt her calves bump the bed in the middle of the room, where he broke the kiss and turned her to face the bed forcing her chest to the sheets. As he stepped back, he raked his blunt fingernails down her back ending with a swat to her round ass, before walking to her drawers to pull out a length of silk rope.

“Knees on the bed pet.” He said walking back to her.

When she obeyed, he took her wrists and bound them behind her back forcing her shoulders and cheek into the mattress.

“Spread your thighs wider pet.” He smiled when she complied. Then stepped back and stared.

She really was breath taking, he thought. Her milky white skin was flawless in its beauty, and when you add in the jet back hair and striking purple eyes you couldn’t help but want to take control and lose yourself in her fiery heat. Walking back to the drawer he pulled two more items from it, and then returned to her.

He placed the items on the bed opposite to the side her face was turned. Sliding his hands up her thighs he kneaded and plumped her flesh working his way to her ass spending some time kneading it before pulling away, and then smacking both hands down on both checks ripping a scream from her lips before stroking and kneading again. Moving on he slipped a hand between her smooth hairless folds that were slick and dripping with need.

“Oh, surely we can do better than that pet.” He chuckled behind her, getting a moan in response.

“What was that?” He pulled back and smacked her ass again.

“Yes Master.” She whimpered against the bed.

“Better.” He soothed the assaulted flesh.

Picking up one of the items on the bed beside her, he rubbed it through her wet folds coating it in her juices and then sliding it up to her tight back entrance then back down again before pushing it into her tight puckered ass then squeezing her cheeks when the plug settled nice and snug.

The anal plug that Marcus pushed into her ass was large and caused her to wiggle a bit to adjust to it. She loved it when any of the Doms used her ass, that tight full feeling that squeezes all the more when a thick cock was thrusting into her pussy, causing her to beg for release only to get denied and spanked creating a whole new set of sensations.

Marcus had been soothing her ass feeling it wiggle as she got use to the assault to her system. Judging it time he stepped back picking up the paddle and striking it across the jewel shining at the entrance of her upturned ass once, twice, and three times listening to her cries of need and desire, feeling his growing need as his cock thickened and twitched in his lose silk pants. He soothed the red marks before sinking his teeth into the fleshy curve of her left hip. Hearing her moan and feeling her push into his mouth causing him to bite harder sent a thrill through him. He stood then dropping the paddle and pushing down his pants before gripping her hair pulling her upper body off the bed as he thrust into her tight wet fiery channel and took her hard and fast.

Grace absorbed the feelings slamming into her system and let them flow through her like lava burning a fiery trail. The tightness of the plug, the steel like grip in her hair, and the hard thrusts of Marcus’s hips drawing panting whimpers from her lips as she tried to hold back the building orgasm. It was heaven and hell all wrapped in a satiny vortex of need, pleasure, and pain.

Marcus thrust again and again, as he felt his climax nearing, he gritted his teeth and dug his fingers into Grace’s hips and hair. Just. A. Few. More. And then.

“Cum now.” He growled fiercely, sliding his hand at her hip down to circle her clit, taking her over that blinding edge of release.

Grace screamed as her orgasm took her over, blindly she peeked and fell into the abyss. She came back as he lowered her to the bed gently removing the plug, and releasing her wrist, rubbing life back into them and gently working her shoulders as he curled her against him to drift.

“Why do you play a sub… When you’re so clearly meant to dominate?” Grace mumbled as she drifted down.

Marcus laughed softly again her temple. “You have no idea Gracie my pet.” He whispered.

“Sleep now.” He kissed her and hugged her close.

Marcus lay there staring at the ceiling long after he felt Grace relax into sleep. Stroking her back he let his mind wander. In all the years he and Bridgett had been together, apart, or training subs together he had never met a sub quite like Grace. She reminded him of the Mistress when he had first found her. She was everything a Dom could ask for in a submissive, though she had a mind of her own and challenged just enough to toe the line of punishment, and it was that that reminded him of the Mistress when she was younger. Grace still kept secrets that no one could seem to pull out of her, and she didn’t seem to want to dominate like the Mistress did she was truly a masterpiece. True he did have his own dark corners that he kept from all but the Mistress, but for some reason he had this pressing desire to unlock all that this woman held inside.

He looked down at her when she stirred against him then settled again. He continued to stare focusing on the blooming hickey on her hips; it was a deep purplish blue against her pale skin forming into a flower of sorts. He loved seeing the marks he left on her, on any of the subs he took even the Mistress; they were like little signs that said for this amount of time they belonged to him. And at least to himself he could admit that it was getting harder to watch as Grace was sold to different Doms each time an auction was held, even though she wasn’t on the block much since Bridgett had made her a prized pet.

His mind went back to the time six months ago when he had asked Bridgett if he could have Grace has his own. Oh boy had she beat him something fierce, he had been so black and blue he had been confined to his chamber for three weeks while he healed, but the way the Mistress had fucked him after the beating …It had seemed like she had been consumed by a jealous rage that he had never seen in her. It made him wonder what had happened to her during their time apart. They had let each other go, because they needed to find out who they were apart, and in those years, Bridgett had grown and thrived, but something had happened to her that she wouldn’t talk about. But there would come a time that he would pull the truth out of her, it was what he did after all.

Though their private relationship was vastly different than the one they presented to the subs they housed and trained, they were partners and had agreed long ago that whatever they did they did it together. But this time it was different. Grace was what made it different. Sighing he hugged her closer and drifted off himself.


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