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MILFs Seduce Young Man Near the Pool, Sex Follows

Age Gap Erotica

By Ted's TalesPublished about a month ago 6 min read

During summer days, I often sunbathe in my backyard with my besties, who are also in their late 30’s and married, like me. Detractors would say we are lazy and pampered Stepford Wife women, who shop and sit around all day.

And, technically, they’d be right…

During the day, we love to sit by the pool in our bikinis, and talk. Our routine of gossiping and drinking is always the same, except for Tuesdays, when the lawn is mowed. Even then, we usually just talk over the buzz of the lawnmower, while ignoring the hapless schmuck who’s operating it.

We are pampered bitches, after all!

Regardless, that day was different, since it wasn’t a pudgy immigrant operating the riding lawn mower. Instead, it was a shirtless hunk, who looked to be in college. In unison, my girlfriends and I turned to face him, our sunglasses and our overgrown silicone-filled breasts pointed in his direction.

“Hello??” I spoke to him over the noise of the mower, “Are you the new lawnmower guy?”

The young man explained he was temporarily working, and that Josue would be back next week.

As he explained all of this, my eyes couldn’t help but notice his muscular chest beneath the flimsy shirt he wore. His calves and thighs were also well sculpted. As he explained, our eyes fixated on him, like a pride of horny middle-aged lionesses.

Perhaps it was the way he looked at us, or the mellow tone he used when talking to us. He didn’t seem overwhelmed by a group of housewives staring at him.

No, he seemed to be in heaven!

Our small talk ended, and he turned to return to his lawnmower, his sexy ass taunting us.

“Sweetie! Can you come back here, please?”

He did so.

“Would you be a dear?” I asked, “and spread this sunscreen on my back?”

“Sure,” he replied, my slut-ass friends watching us with rapt attention.

With the sunscreen lotion in his hand, he made contact with my back. His fingers felt so good on my back, my tits pancaked against the slats of the chaise lounge chair.

“Mmmm, yes!” I squealed, my voice whiny.

My girlfriends snickered at me, yet I ignored them. Once my back was covered in lotion, one of the ladies decided to be a joker. “Maybe you should put some sunscreen on her ass, too!”

This quip elicited hyena-like laughs from my friends, my eyes rolling behind my sunglasses. However, he had no problem with it, as my bikini bottoms were soon brought down to my upper hamstrings. I purred once more upon feeling his hands on my buttocks, my pussy soaked.

“This feels so good,” I moaned. He responded in kind, placing a kiss on my shoulder, sending more tremors through me.

The kiss brought about hollering and cheering from the cum guzzlers around me.

“Will you sluts shut the fuck up?!?”

Giggling, they apparently thought I was joking, even though I was dead serious. The indolent sluts were obviously enjoying the show too, their eyes glued to the view between my legs.

“If you want,” he said, “I can rub some sunscreen between your legs.”

“Can you?”

This yielded more giggling and hooting from my girlfriends. My thoughts temporarily distracted from love as I pictured myself running them over with the riding mower.

That should shut them the hell up!

I was brought out from my macabre thoughts when his fingers slid between my legs.

“You can probably fit your fist in there!”


“Mmmm, yes, this feels amazing,” I whined, yelping when a finger was shoved up my ass.

“Someone should see if a baseball bat can fit up there, hehehe!”

Tossing my sunglasses off, I glared at the group, then screamed, “WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP?!?”

They did so, and the romance soon resumed.

I’ve heard that for girls who like anal, there’s no such thing as too much. I’m one of those. I really, really love it. I won’t go into why, but trust me, I do. When his finger entered my ass, I shuddered with delight, my mind cloudy.

The loud female laughter continued, and my eyes began to water.

“Oh fuck…oh, oh my god…”

I was close to cumming. So…very close…

After I came, I decided to reciprocate on him, much to the delight of the assembled hussies around me.

Reaching out, I grabbed his zipper. Quickly I undid his pants and pulled them down. I gave an involuntary gasp as I saw what they had concealed. His penis was long and thick, similar to what one might see in a porno flick. I used a hand to guide his throbbing member towards me. My fingers traced the length of his shaft, feeling the slickness of precum oozing from the tip.

With a flick of my tongue, I tasted him, savoring the tang of sweat and desire on my lips. His eyes bore into mine with unspoken longing as I cupped his heavy balls in my other hand, weighing them in my palm. I couldn’t resist any longer and took him into my mouth, feeling him fill every inch as he pushed deeper, hitting the back of my throat. His hands tangled in my messy locks, pulling me closer as I gagged and gasped for air, reveling in the intensity of our shared passion.

I fought against the reflex, concentrating on relaxing my throat muscles to accommodate his size. My saliva oozed along the sides of his shaft and my head bobbed, helped by his hands in my hair. My finger slipped down between his buttocks, and sought out his rectum. I pushed one in, and he moaned loudly.

“That’s one crazy bitch,” a friend quipped, my mind focused on pleasuring him.

His penis stiffened and twitched in my mouth, the ladies cheering and goading him.

“Cum in her mouth! Cum in her mouth! Cum in her mouth!”

I waved them off, but they kept chanting.

He was near orgasm and we all knew it. His orgasm was explosive. Cum flew from his manhood as I groaned, struggling to swallow his salty seed. He filled my mouth till it gurgled from the corners. His hands in my hair pulled me tighter against him as he emptied every last drop of his passion into my wet mouth. The taste of his cum and my mouth was too much for the girls; they orgasmed while they watched my head bob up and down on his massive tool.

The second they went silent, I knew what I had to do before his climax was over.

I stood up, his cum dribbling from my lips. I wiped it clean with my finger and licked it seductively, winking at the girls.

“That’s one cock sucking whore,” a friend quipped.

I bent over and gave my lover a deep kiss, my body flush against his. He tasted his own cum on my tongue, and his erection rose again as I ground my buttocks against it. He kissed me deeply as I groaned, feeling his penis push against my bikini bottoms. It was so hard, its head swollen and red. Apparently, he was ready for more, his fingers looping into my bottoms to yank them down. After I sidestepped out of them, him and I were naked in the grass, his manhood already erect. He grabbed my hand, lifting me up as I gasped. His penis was pressed between us, and he led me to a nearby chair. He bent me over it and pushed my body down against it.

And with that, he shoved his cock inside my wet pussy. My hands clenched the cushion of the chair as he penetrated me, his strong hands grabbing the flesh of my buttocks. I pushed back, impaling myself on his rock-hard cock. He clutched me tightly, my ass stinging as he spanked me.

My body begged for more as he drove himself deeper inside. I looked back and smiled at him. In return, he grabbed my hair with one hand and thrust his cock deep, the pain of my scalp mixing with the pleasure of the thrusts.

His fingers squeezed and pulled at my flesh.

Once the spanking stopped, he grabbed my waist, fucking me deep. He grunted, his hips slamming into my ass. I felt his erection pulse inside of me as my wetness coated his cock.

I clawed at the chair, my body shuddering in release. “I’m cumming,” I moaned. He pushed his cock harder into me, his fingernails digging into my flesh.

“You’re so tight…I’m cumming!”

And with that, his warm load filled me up, my girlfriends’ bikini bottoms around their ankles, their fingers at different stages of working themselves to their own orgasms…


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