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Masked Mistress Chapter 5


By N MPublished 7 years ago 4 min read

I woke up feeling refreshed, I must have dosed off around 10pm, pretty early for me. I rolled onto my side to check my phone only to be stopped by a hard chest. Oh no, I must have fallen asleep next to him.

He woke up soon after I did and looked as confused as I did.

"Ehm, sorry, I didn't realise, did I crush you? I have a problem with laying on top of people when I sleep next to them," he rushed out.

"No, I'm fine, sorry I crashed in your room," I said still sleepy—still need my coffee.

Today was Wednesday, which is the day I work. Luckily I don't have a lot of classes today.

I went for my usually pre-work shower routine—shaved everywhere, moisturised, face mask, and plucked eyebrows. Today I wanted to wear a dress, the weather was unusually warm.

Going for a white skater dress paired with my brown broag shoes and a little mascara as well as placing my hair into a messy bun, I grabbed my glasses and contact lenses. I packed my evening bag for work and set off for Uni.

Today I was fortunate enough to not see Sam. That being sarcastic.

I don't know why I had this overwhelming feeling to see him, I live with him for goodness sake. I thought you were supposed to thrive off the time apart from your roommate. Maybe it's just too early to say.

"Did you hear about the new teacher? She's going to be teaching us theory," Pat asked. Pat was one of my many friends at uni, meaning she was one of three. I try not to make many friends, especially here, as I want to focus on my studies rather than wasting my time—but Pat was different, she was like me, she works her way through Uni to pay off her fees, she also gives Uni her all. She is a hard worker and doesn't act like the many slobbish selfish and stuck up bitches in here who are able to afford this place because "Daddy can pay everything for me."

I hate those people, they always sneer at me and Pat because we are not millionaires. We are normal people who actually work, but I suppose that plays in our favour—the lecturers like us more.

"What new teacher?" I asked with a slight shudder down my spine.

"I don't know, she just arrived. We all got an email about it this morning," she said laughing.

I grabbed my phone surprising myself to have actually missed an email when I was distracted by the familiar she-witched voice...

"Well. Well. Well. Isn't this a surprise Katy? Seeing these two peasants roaming in OUR corridor." That voice, that fucking voice, belonging to the she-bitch herself, Maddison.

"Oh hello Madison, I didn't know they allowed dogs on school grounds, You must be the guide dog for that little blind bitch right there.... Or are you the blind bitch?" I said mockingly, tilting my head to one side and pointing at Katy.

A hand grabbed me by the throat and I could feel my body slam against the adjacent lockers. Pain shot me in the back and my eyes felt as though they were about to bulge out of their sockets.

"What the fuck is your problem, don't you dare touch me or ill..." I screamed.

"Or you'll what? Go to Daddy I mean... the principle?" She said smirking.

This. Cannot. Happen. Her Dad the Principle?

"Yeah, so you better watch your back! Or me and Daddy are going to have a little chat about your reason to be here!" She growled at me.

She walked away laughing with side hoe and I could feel the tears building in my eyes. I collapsed to the floor and stared at it, knowing all my hard work could be taken away with a simple "Please Daddy" overwhelms me and I feel myself beginning to fall into the emptiness of my inner self of which I cannot escape.

I am awoken from my inner self-destruction by Pat.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. They can't do anything to you, you're too smart to let go," she said reassuringly whilst picking me up from my warm spot.

We walked to our Theory Class, well I trailed, feeling sorry for myself and sat at our usual spot.

Opening my laptop I looked at my emails.

"Ohhh yeah, new teacher," I said to myself curiously looking for the information.

Dear Students.

Due to some unforeseen circumstances with Mr. Borris, we have had to hire a new faculty member.

Please be respectful to your new lecturer, Mrs Stephens.

As I read Mrs Stephens I could feel myself become pale, my anxieties took over and when I was debating whether or not to bail class I looked up to see none other than Mr. Stephen's wife.


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